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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 17: Fu Erxing made up the knife again and again

Chapter 17 Fu Erxing makes up the knife again and again

It is not her credit to be able to get so many things.

What does it have to do with my sister-in-law?

Don't always put a high hat on her daughter.

Good luck!

Enough talk!

The broom star is almost the same.

The whole family was full of joy, Liu Guimei's words seemed to quench everyone's enthusiasm like a pot of cold water.

Old lady Fu gave her a sideways look.

She doesn't speak and no one thinks she is dumb.

Immediately afterwards, Mrs. Fu made a sharp blow with a knife.

Shut your mouth if you can't speak.

Double high pressure, Liu Guimei was instantly as quiet as a chicken, bowing her head and not daring to speak.

I don't feel that I said something wrong.

Not as ignorant as Liu Guimei, Jiang Xinghua looked forward to it: "Maybe what he said is true."

She thinks that Fu Xing'er is the treasure of the family, and good things have been going on since she was born.

Look at the fact that she picked up pigeons for nothing and sold them for money, and was thanked for saving people... It was never done before.

As my mother-in-law said, my sister-in-law is the luck of the family, and we must treat her better in the future so that the family can prosper.

Seeing that the clothes on Fu Xing'er's body were patched and crude, Jiang Xinghua suggested: "Mother, there are some pieces of cloth in the things that Wang Yuanwai sent just now. The color is bright and the fabric is very good. It is breathable and comfortable. How about today?" Tonight I will make some new clothes for my sister-in-law."

My sister-in-law looks so good-looking, and she is also the only girl in the family, so she has to dress up beautifully.

"Yes, yes, yes, the grandson's wife is right, our family Fubao must dress well, so we can't wrong her." Mrs. Fu was the first to agree.

Mother Fu resolutely agreed, "Okay, you can make arrangements for Daxing's daughter-in-law. Make a few more for your sister-in-law."

"When I finish my work, the buddy will start to do it, and I will change my sister-in-law's new clothes tomorrow."

If you can't give birth to a daughter to dress up, then treat your sister-in-law as your own daughter.

Daxing's daughter-in-law is more thoughtful than her mother.

Liu Guimei stomped her feet in anger.

This sister-in-law is a sycophant.

She still wants to secretly make some clothes for herself with those few pieces of cloth.

I haven’t bought any clothes for hundreds of years. I exchange these two sets of rags every day, and I’m so poor.

This is all right, don't even think about it.

Make her busy.

He spurned Jiang Xinghua fiercely in his heart.

She can't wear it, but her son can always wear it.

"Mother, Xiao Ma is a playful kid, and he would tear up his clothes every now and then, why don't you make him two too."

If you have a girl, there is no reason why you will never have a grandson.

You can't just turn your mind to one side.

Never thought that the first person to tear her down would be her own man.

Fu Erxing sat on the bed and looked at his sister, his handsome face was so soft that he almost drowned, wishing to give her the best of everything in the house.

"It would be a pity for a boy to wear new clothes, and he would have to tear them up after a while. It's better to make them look better for my sister."

Is this what your father said?

Liu Guimei clutched her heart, feeling fiercely hurt by her man's anger.

She was unwilling to give up on this, and fought to the end: "But Xiao Ma must dress decently when going to school now, so as to make a good impression on Mr. Ren."

"It's not like you don't know our son. He is disobedient in class all day long and always makes small moves. There is no image at all."

He still knows what kind of urine his son is.

Liu Guimei will not only feel pain in her heart and liver, but her whole body will hurt from anger.

"It won't be good to dress then, don't waste the fabric." Fu Erxing said again, disliked his son so much that he couldn't dislike it any more.

My younger sister is still handsome, so I have to dress her up the most beautifully.

Liu Guimei was too angry to say a word.

(end of this chapter)

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