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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 13: Mom, I’m afraid we don’t have much time

Chapter 13 I'm afraid my mother will not have much time

Fu Xing'er was completely fooled.

Mrs. Fu was laughed out loud.

Fu's second child scratched his head, quite puzzled: "My wife, what are you laughing at? Isn't my daughter hungry?"

Mrs. Fu didn't want to dampen his enthusiasm, "Yes, yes, go to the kitchen and get some goat milk to feed."

My daughter should be almost hungry after taking such a long time to pee.

After warming the goat milk for a while, Fu Laoer insisted that he feed it himself.

From now on, he has to do everything about the daughter himself, and he must raise the daughter to be white and fat.

Mrs. Fu enjoy a leisurely time.

As long as a man is willing to do it, even if he does not do well, he must praise it, and his enthusiasm cannot be dampened.

Fu's second child hugged Fu Xing'er very stiffly, his whole body tensed.

Not as strong as a boy, but a girl is as soft as cotton, so you have to be careful.

Fu Xing'er who was held in his arms felt that the difference was not so big.

No, how can the cheating father have stiff limbs, unlike the soft ones held by my mother.

Holding her is like holding a priceless treasure.

He didn't even dare to catch his breath, and he could even clearly see a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead.

I was very nervous.

Well, who made her the only daughter in this family.

This treatment is not something ordinary people can enjoy.

Old man Fu scooped up a spoonful of goat milk and almost spilled it with shaking hands.

Mrs. Fu really couldn't stand it anymore, "Old man, relax. You will scare Fu Bao if you are so nervous."

Fu Xing'er blinked her big eyes again and again.

means that you can no longer agree.

Even her breathing couldn't help but quicken.

"Then I'll relax." Fu's second child took a deep breath, imitating the usual posture of Mrs. Fu holding and feeding her, gradually relaxing her limbs.

My wife can do it, so can he.

"Daughter, eat enough." He took a spoonful and put it near his mouth, with a loving tone.

The fatherly love on his face is overflowing.

Fu Xing'er sucked "bajibaji" cooperatively.

"Drink, drink, my daughter has drunk the milk I fed."

Fu's second child was agitated and let go.

Fu Xing'er slid down her lap with a splash.

What the hell!

Slide this is.

The lady Fu who was staring at her all the time was so frightened that she almost lost her mind, and rushed over, "Girl!"

Fu's second son had quick eyes and hands, bowed his hands tightly to protect his arms, and Mrs. Fu continued below.

Successfully caught, the couple breathed a sigh of relief.

Each person lost half of his life.

Fu Xing'er was so frightened that he burst into tears, "Woooooooo!"

It's too unreliable to cheat.

Don't feed him!

Little life was almost fed by him.

Mother Fu was so frightened that her face turned pale, and she quickly hugged her back, "It's your father's fault that Fu Bao doesn't cry, mother will scold him."

His sharp eyes almost stared old man Fu into a hornet's nest.

From now on, the daughter will never let him hug her, or even touch her.

Too unreliable.

At this moment, she was so frightened that her hands and feet softened, and her whole body felt cold.

Mrs. Fu picked her up and coaxed her, humming a tune.

Wrapped in a warm embrace, dispelling her fear little by little.

Fu Xing'er was crying, she was too sleepy.

fell asleep.

"Girl, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's my father's fault." Fu's second child was so scared that he was sweating and his heart almost stopped beating.

"You go over there and stand for me."

Mrs. Fu pointed to the wall over there and told him to stay aside.

Fu's second child dared not refuse to listen, and glanced at their mother and daughter from time to time from the corner of his eye.

Too angry.

The daughter he had finally obtained almost fell into his hands.

Being so frightened by old man Fu, Fu Xing'er couldn't sleep well.

As soon as I put it down, I convulsed again, startled and stunned.

Mother Fu had no choice but to pick her up again and walk around, patted her and hummed a lullaby, "It's okay, mother is by your side. Good boy, you are mother's little padded jacket..."

After a while, Fu Xing'er was no longer frightened and fell asleep.

When Mrs. Fu was done, Fu's second child was facing the wall, crying.

Guilt covered the entire atrium, and a dignified man cried uncontrollably.

He is not worthy of being the father of a daughter, and he can't do anything well.

He is sorry for his daughter!

"Don't cry, it will be embarrassing for the grandson and daughter-in-law to come in later, how can you be the majesty of the head of the family in the future." Mrs. Fu calmed down a lot, "wipe away the tears and turn around."

Returning his anger to his anger can't make him lose face.

Old man Fu turned around and buried his head very low.

No face to face his wife.

Living together for so many years, I have never seen the old man cry so much.

Angry and funny.

"My wife, I'm sorry for my daughter!"

Old man Fu raised his head, his eyes uncontrollably fell on Fu Xing'er on the bed, and guilt was added in his eyes.

Tears fell again.

The corners of Mrs. Fu's lips twitched.

Crying like a pussy.

I have never seen it before.

"Wipe it quickly, I'm ashamed to death." Mrs. Fu threw a handkerchief to him, and Fu's second wiped it.

Just as he was about to walk over to Mrs. Lai Fu and gave Mrs. Lai Fu a look, he paused: "For a while now, you just need to be honest and stay by."

She dared not let him take care of her anymore.

I would rather work harder than to be so scared by him.

Fu Laoer nodded heavily, not only his wife was worried about him, but he was also worried about himself.

He stood there with his neck stretched out like a giraffe, Mrs. Fu just found it funny: "Come closer, otherwise you won't be able to see it."

Fu's second son sat down in a dizzy manner.

Seeing the tear-stained daughter's face and her eyes swollen from crying, she felt very uncomfortable.

After a while, Jiang Xinghua brought afternoon snacks again, "Mother, have a bowl of bone porridge."

Before confinement, the mother-in-law prepared at least five meals for them every day.

"By the way, have you sent it to your grandma?"

Daxing's grandma is very energetic today. She had no appetite before, so Mrs. Fu asked Jiang Xinghua to prepare an extra serving in the future.

It is said that if there is not much food, I have to spare a portion for Mrs. Fu, and it doesn't matter if I eat less.

It's rare that Daxing's appetite has improved, and her health may recover after a while.

"Yes, yes, grandma just woke up with a particularly good appetite, and said that she would come to see my sister-in-law immediately after she finished eating."

People are in good spirits on happy occasions.

Look, this happy grandma has recovered more than half of her illness.

When Fu Er Er heard this, he couldn't help but sighed.

Depressed mood.

After the eldest daughter-in-law left, Mrs. Fu couldn't help asking: "No, old man, what's wrong with you? Mom has a good appetite now, shouldn't you be happy?"

He looked preoccupied instead.

Fu's second child's face was heavy, and his voice was a little choked up, "My wife, I'm afraid my mother won't have much time, maybe in these two days."

"Bah bah bah! Smelly old man, what nonsense are you talking about! Mother can eat, drink and sleep, so how could something happen." Mrs. Fu felt that he was confused.

How could anyone curse his mother like that.

She sees how good Daxing's grandma is today, many times better than usual.

"My wife, it's not like you don't know how your mother was before. This is her reflection."

Mrs. Fu was taken aback.

Lost in thought.

Having lived to this age, I have seen many people die.

It is said that before people leave, some people suddenly become able to eat and drink without eating or drinking, and when they are sick and cannot get out of bed, they can suddenly get out of bed and walk...

And Daxing her milk obviously fits these.

(end of this chapter)

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