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Myriad Spirit Water

Ah Yu did not know that the ordinary steamed buns that even dogs did not eat in her original place were top-notch rare items that this family could not take out. In the spatial pocket, the little meatball also went a little crazy at her request.

[It’s over, it’s over. How can there be such a poor place!]

They were so poor that it was difficult for them to even support themselves, let alone an additional little girl.

After pulling through a period of major sickness and running a high fever, Ah Yu’s mind did not seem to be as dull as before.

Ah Yu felt that these people in front of her could not give her steamed buns to eat.

She swallowed and secretly covered her stomach with her other hand. Then, she said, “Ah Yu is not hungry anymore.”

Liu Shi’s eyes instantly turned red. However, her family was indeed too poor. How could they make steamed buns?

“There are no buns. I’ll make some soup for you. Is egg soup okay?”

Liu Shi had just had a miscarriage. The family pitied her and made her a bowl of egg soup every two days to nourish her body.

There were not many eggs left.

The third daughter-in-law also lowered her head and wiped her tears.

If not for the fact that they had eaten the last chicken a few days ago, the child would have been able to eat a mouthful of meat now.

Madam Feng’s culinary skills were good. Seeing that her mother-in-law did not object, she immediately left the house to cook a bowl of egg soup.

Fifteen minutes later, Madam Feng returned with the egg soup. Everyone watched as Ah Yu drank it slowly.

A single egg was cooked into a big bowl of soup.

There was no oil or sugar in it. It was just plain boiled egg soup.

Ah Yu was small-sized and held up the bowl carefully to her face, taking small sips of the soup. After taking two small sips, she looked up and said, “I’m full…”

She tried her best to hold the bowl and raised it in front of her. “You guys drink.”

Before the adults could speak, Wang Wulang patted his shriveled stomach and said, “Sister, we’ve long finished eating and are full. You drink more. Grow taller and faster!”

Little Ah Yu looked at her brother and then at the people in the room. She did not move.

Old Madam Wang sighed and said, “Child, drink it.”

Liu Shi also nodded.

She picked up the bowl again and finished it carefully.

For the first time in her life, she felt full. She held her stomach in surprise.

When no one was paying attention, she poked her stomach with her finger. It was a little bloated.

It was a very unfamiliar and warm feeling.

“Everyone, disperse. Aren’t you going to do your tasks? Have you finished shoveling the snow? Have you finished sweeping the ground?” Old Madam Wang was sobbing in her heart. She didn’t blame anyone and just chased everyone out.

After everyone left, Old Madam Wang turned to Little Ah Yu and said, “You have to lie down more. You haven’t recovered from your illness yet. Don’t catch a cold.”

In fact, the house was not very warm. The blanket had been used for more than ten years and was already hard. It could only block some wind, so how could it be warm?

Even if there was a layer of cotton, it was not enough.

But it was better than being in the snow.

Little Ah Yu tried her best to listen to the old lady’s words. Then, she briefly understood in her mind and nodded obediently.

The ladies said that she was stupid, but she was not stupid. She just liked to think slowly.

“Good child, your name is Ah Yu, right?”

When Little Ah Yu heard her name, her eyes widened a little before she nodded.

Old Madam Wang’s lips curled into a kind smile. “In the future, I’ll be your Grandma, okay?”

What was a Grandma?

Little Ah Yu did not understand, but it did not stop her from feeling the other party’s kindness.

It was a feeling that made one want to be close to her.

Little Ah Yu nodded under the blanket. “Alright.”

Old Madam Wang left the house in satisfaction.

There was little to do in winter, and only shoveling snow was the most important thing.

She also wanted to help. Everyone would share the workload and save some energy.

Otherwise, it would be too tiring, and they had nothing to eat to replenish their strength.

Little Ah Yu was left lying in the room, staring blankly at the dark beams.

Grandma should be similar to Big Sister and Mother, right?

She seemed to have seen her Mother, but she did not see her Big Sister.

Big Sister…

But somehow, even if she could not see her Big Sister, she did not seem to feel very sad.

Seeing that Little Ah Yu was about to close her eyes again, the meatball in the spatial pocket became anxious.

[Hey, hey, hey, don’t sleep!]

Little Ah Yu forced her eyes open.

Was it the elf?

[Yes, yes, yes, it’s me. Come in quickly. I have something to tell you!]


But, Ah Yu was so sleepy.

[You won’t be sleepy if you come in. You just need to think of coming in and you can.]

[You won’t be cold or hungry here.]

[Just close your eyes, and then, you can think of a place…]

Meatball paced around anxiously.

This child was too young and her intelligence was suppressed. She could not understand words and it could only coax her.

Little Ah Yu subconsciously followed suit. Soon, she arrived at the wide and white place again.

This time, there were no more beds and clothes, nor were there any steamed buns. However, there were bowls of egg soup placed everywhere.

Meatball felt speechless. “When you can control your thoughts, these things will be easy to handle.”

Looking at Little Ah Yu again, the little meatball no longer bothered about this.

Instead, it extended its wings and let Little Ah Yu hold them. Then, it led her around the bowls of egg soup on the ground and arrived on a green surface.


A very cute little seedling had grown there. Beside the seedling were two bowls made of stone.

The big one was empty, and the small one was slowly bubbling with water.

[This is Myriad Spirit Water. It’s mainly used to repair vitality…] At this point, the meatball stopped.

Forget it, she didn’t understand. Why was he saying so much?

[Anyway, if someone likes you or loves you, this water will appear here—it’s delicious. Do you want to try it?]

Little Ah Yu touched her stomach and shook her head.

She was full and did not want to drink anymore.

Meatball: “…”

However, it still took out a spoon and scooped a small spoonful for Little Ah Yu to try.

Little Ah Yu stuck out her tongue and licked it gently.

It was sweet!

Little Ah Yu looked at the meatball with her eyes wide open. She wanted to exclaim again.

[This water is a little sweet in the beginning. The more you drink, the fainter the taste will be, and it will become barely noticeable…]

Little Ah Yu suddenly stopped. [Why aren’t you drinking anymore?]

After tasting a little, Little Ah Yu felt that her head was not so dizzy anymore.

She reached out and held the spoon as she looked at the meatball floating in the air.

“For Mother… and Grandma…” she scrunched her forehead and tried to remember. “And Big Brother.”

They had given her their soup, and she wanted to give them the sweet water.

Meatball: “…”

[Don’t take it out now. You’re lying on the bed. It’ll spill.]

Under Meatball’s instruction, Little Ah Yu returned to her room and slowly dressed herself.

Although she was very young, she could do many things. She could wear clothes, shoes, tie her hair, and even fold blankets, sweep the floor, and water flowers. She knew a lot!

After Little Ah Yu put on her clothes and climbed out of the blanket, the little meatball let her drink two spoonfuls of the Myriad Spirit Water.

After that, she felt that it was not so cold outside.

Meatball did not give her the spoon and said that she could not bring it out, so she searched the entire house for something that could hold water.

Finally, she had found it!

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