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338 Fireworks Reward

On the 30th of December, it started snowing heavily. The road leading to the village was filled with red lanterns. There were even bonfires lit by the roadside.

Children ran around in the snow.

The adults gathered around the bonfire in twos and threes and chatted happily.

In the center of the village was a row of building foundations. Beside them were piles of earthen bricks. A school would be built there.

Those who came to help had all returned home, saying that they would come back after the third day of the Lunar New Year.

On this day, the villagers ate late. The Wang Family even made three large tables of dishes.

There was a table for adults, a table for the children, and a table for the Qin family’s construction team.

Originally, there were only Chi Tu, Chi Ding, and Chi She. Old Madam Wang said to Little Ah Yu, “It’s New Year’s Eve today. Tell them not to squat outside. Let them come in and have a reunion meal. They’re pitiful. Even if they can’t return home, can’t they have a full meal?”

Hence, Little Ah Yu went everywhere and called those uncles over.

With every call, the eyes of the Wang family widened.

Where did these people come from?

Why did Ah Yu call someone out from behind the door?

They had been wandering around the door previously and had really not seen anyone there.

Why was there still someone in the kitchen?

When they were cooking, the kitchen was stuffy and cramped. But there were actually two people hiding in it?

What were they doing?

At the third table, there were more than 10 people sitting. Everyone was expressionless, just like Chi Tu.

Half of these people were sent by Qin Huai to protect Ah Yu, and the other half were sent by the Madam recently.

Because the Madam was coming in spring, they had to come over in advance to make arrangements and be responsible for her safety.

Everyone’s hearts were surging, but their faces were expressionless.

Someone asked Chi Tu with his eyes, “Why haven’t I heard you say that there’s actually such an expert who can see through our disguise in this remote village?”

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know.”


The corners of Chi Tu’s mouth curled up slightly, hiding his achievements.

At midnight, firecrackers were set off outside.

The children of the Wang family also hurriedly ran to the door to see Wang Chuanman light the big firecrackers he had brought back from outside.

There were even some fireworks.

With a bang, it exploded in the air, turning into a brilliant flower of light.

“Wow, so beautiful!” Little Ah Yu could not help but clap her hands.

[Kid, your Big Brother Ah You have received the letter you wrote.]

[The previous letter-writing mission has been completed. There are two mission rewards, choose one.]

Little Ah Yu was not listening at all.

[A beautiful dress and a big firework.]

[Since you like to be beautiful so much, I’ll choose the dress for you-]

At this moment, the sound of firecrackers outside stopped. Little Ah Yu heard it. “Fireworks, fireworks!”

She had many dresses, but there were no fireworks.

She definitely had to choose something she didn’t have!

The teacher had said that rare things were the most precious.

And rarity equaled to expensive.

After a while, Wang Chuanman, who was about to return to his room to sleep, was suddenly pulled back by Little Ah Yu.

“Father, help me light the fireworks!” Little Ah Yu pulled Wang Chuanman’s hand and walked out.

In a daze, Wang Chuanman followed Little Ah Yu to the courtyard and saw a large pile of fireworks.

Hence, he brought in some incense and helped to light it.

Bang! Fireworks rushed into the sky and exploded, turning into cute animal patterns.

They exploded dozens of times in a row.

Not only did it attract the attention of the Hu Family Village, but even the villages nearby could not help but look up.

“That’s the direction of Hu Family Village, right?”

“Hu Family Village is really generous. I heard that fireworks are very expensive!”

Seeing such fireworks, Wang Chuanman was shocked. “I’m afraid this was sent by Qin Huai. This kind of fireworks is not only expensive, but also very difficult to find.”

What exploded in the sky was not fireworks, but pure silver!

At this moment, Chi Tu and the others also looked at the fireworks and were shocked. They thought internally, “Could these be from Madam?”

To express her goodwill to the Young Master?

The people sent by the Madam also looked at the fireworks as they thought in their hearts, “Looks like the Young Master really likes this place.”

Otherwise, why would such expensive fireworks be sent over?


Could it be a warning to them?

But they had no intention of doing anything!

Only Little Ah Yu looked at the beautiful fireworks and said to Meatball in her heart, “Elf, the fireworks are very beautiful. Thank you.”

[Happy New Year, Ah Yu.]

“Happy New Year!”

At this moment, Qin Huai, who was far away in Wanning City, was also looking at the fireworks in front of him.

He thought to himself, “Ah Yu, Happy New Year.”

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