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The people of Shanyang Village agreed to let them report this matter to the officials because all the men who had eaten human flesh had been bitten by the venomous snakes. Even if they were unwilling, there was nothing they could do. The injured people wanted to stay in Hu Family Village to be treated by the doctor. Old Madam Wang said directly, “Get to the dam outside. Don’t dirty my house!”

After that, Village Chief Hu called the village chief of Shanyang Village to his house to discuss the matters of the two villages.

Village Chief Hu also said, “Doctor Hu charges for his services. You can only stay in our village for three days at most. In three days, everyone will pay 100 coins. If you don’t pay, get lost!

In addition, the people from our village were injured by you. The medical fee is a sum of money. You have to pay compensation for delaying their work as well.

I won’t seek out any specific person for the money. I’ll only collect it as a whole from your village. If you can’t give it to me, I’ll inform the officials about this together.”

The eyebrows of the village chief of Shanyang Village trembled. “Hu Changzhu, don’t go too far!”

“Too far? I’m afraid you don’t want to hear anything worse.” Village Chief Hu felt disgusted when he saw the people of Shanyang Village. If possible, he wanted to let them all die.

Letting them stay in the world was a disaster.

“Do you want our village to become completely hostile? Don’t forget, there are still people from your village in our village!” The village head of Shanyang Village gritted his teeth.

“If not for that, do you think I would let you sit here and talk to me? I’m only going to ask once. Are you going to give us the compensation or not? If not, get lost immediately!” Village Chief Hu was also angry. If not for his identity as the village chief, he would have long gone over to slap him.

What the hell was this?

When he saw this group of people, he only found them to be disgusting.

In the end, the village head of Shanyang Village agreed to a series of unfair requests. After owing a huge debt, he sent the people to the dam.

Doctor Hu was the only proper doctor in the surrounding villages. When he was young, he had at least worked in a pharmacy for a few years. The other villages were filled with incompetent doctors. There was no point in looking for them to treat small illnesses, and for serious illnesses, they were useless.

Doctor Hu was a benevolent doctor. Although he really hated these people, he still treated them seriously.

Doctor Hu vaguely knew that those who were poisoned had basically eaten human flesh, so he subconsciously ignored them.

Most of those who were poisoned could not be saved. Their mouths and eyes were either crooked or their lower limbs were paralyzed.

Three more people died from the poison and were carried away by the people from Shanyang Village.

On the other side, there was a group of people at the entrance of Old man Wang’s house, helping to clean up the courtyard.

Now, the courtyard was filled with blood and the remains of snakes.

Looking at the remains of the snakes on the ground, a villager said, “Those snakes that aren’t venomous can be eaten.”

It would be a pity to lose so much snake meat.

However, Old Madam Wang said, “It’s better to bury them. They came here to protect us. They might even be Bodhisattva’s mounts. It’s better to bury them early.”

This was different from the python. The python was here to harm them, but these snakes were here to help them.

They had helped and lost their lives, but you want to take their corpse for food.

Could they swallow this food?

Everyone thought about it and felt that it made sense.

They found a hillside and got the men to dig a huge pit and bury the dead snakes.

There were also a few injured snakes. Little Ah Yu took out some spirit water from her spatial pocket when the adults were not paying attention and fed a few drops to each snake.

After the snakes drank the water and rested for a while, they raised their heads and shook them at Little Ah Yu before turning around and returning to the mountain.

The little lamb leaned over and licked the hand that Ah Yu had used to feed the spirit water to the snakes.

Ah Yu fed it another spoonful. The lamb was so happy that it snuggled her a few times.

[Aren’t you afraid?]

Meatball was actually a little afraid of snakes, especially when they were together in a large group. It was a little testing.

Little Ah Yu shook her head. “No, they’re good snakes.”

They protected Grandma and everyone else.

These snakes were much better than those detestable baddies. She was not afraid!

Meatball did not understand the feelings between humans, but it did not need to understand them too much.

It carefully sensed it and realized that the amount of love energy that Ah Yu had consumed previously had actually returned and even soared!

Not only did it make up for the previous expenses, there was even a surplus. Not only did the Myriad Spirit Water fill two stone bowls, but it also began to flow out.

[Eh, this is continuous energy. It’s still becoming stronger.]

It finally saw an obvious change!

Meatball was a little excited. It hurriedly flew down and dug a hole beside the Myriad Spirit Water, wanting to guide the Myriad Spirit Water into the soil to nurture the Myriad Spirit Soil.

It would be better to plant precious plants in this soil in the future.

Little Ah Yu’s intelligence was about to recover to the age of four years old. She could understand most of the things in the village, and her use of language was smoother.

She saw that Grandma was sorting out the soybeans and asking Second Aunt to grind them into soy milk. Ah Yu thought that Grandma wanted her to drink more soy milk.

She said, “Grandma, there’s so much. I can’t finish it.”

She had always thought that soy milk was for children to drink and grow taller.

Old Madam Wang said, “This is for everyone. Also, your third aunt is injured and needs to eat something good to nourish her body.”

Madam Zhang’s back was injured and she was still lying in the house.

There were only a few catties of python meat and about a hundred catties of food left at home. The villagers had specially left them behind.

There were 18 people in the family, and they really could not eat this amount of food for long.

Old Madam Wang thought that since there was nothing good at home, she could only take out some soybeans and make soy milk to nourish them.

“And Auntie and the rest are also bleeding. We don’t have anything else, so only this can be used.” Old Madam Wang tilted her head and said to Little Ah Yu, “They were injured to protect you. You have to thank them too.”


Those people had come to help the Wang Family when they heard that Little Ah Yu had been captured and eaten. They were injured because of this, so the Wang Family naturally would not forget them.

When Little Ah Yu heard this, she ran back to the kitchen and picked up a large wooden ladle. She poured in the Myriad Spirit Water in the spatial pocket and filled it up.

When Meatball, who was digging the canal, saw this, it did not complain.

With enough love energy, this amount of spirit water could be saved up in half a day. There was no need to feel heartache.

Little Ah Yu carried the wooden ladle and carefully walked out of the kitchen before walking towards the millstone.

The wooden ladle was even bigger than her head, and it was especially difficult for her to carry it.

“Grandma!” Little Ah Yu could not hold the ladle anymore and hurriedly shouted.

When Old Madam Wang saw this, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She walked over and took the wooden ladle. “Ah Yu, why are you getting so much water?”

“Put it in soy milk for everyone to drink,” Little Ah Yu said seriously. “After drinking it, they won’t hurt anymore.”

This was water raised by the elf. It was very useful.

Old Madam Wang chuckled and said, “Alright, I’ll put it in the soy milk.”


She did not believe Little Ah Yu’s words at all, but grinding soy milk required water to begin with. The water that was ground out was also boiled and drunk directly. In any case, it was clean, so she poured it in.

“Grandma, wait!” Wang Wulang, who was helping pick up the firewood, happened to see this and immediately shouted, “I want to take a sip!”

With that, he threw away the firewood in his hand and hurriedly ran to Old Madam Wang. Before she finished pouring, he took a big gulp.

“I want to drink too, I want to drink too!” Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang also saw this and came over to take a big sip.

In the end, half of the water in the wooden ladle was poured into the soy milk. The remaining half was drunk by the boys.

Old Madam Wang said angrily, “If you want to drink, go in and get it yourself. Why are you snatching this?”

“Grandma, you don’t know, but the water that Ah Yu has served is especially sweet and delicious!” Wang Wulang could not bear to wipe the water from his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and licked it. “It’s really sweet!”

The other boys nodded repeatedly. It was much better than soy milk!

However, after drinking it previously, they had diarrhea, but it did not stop them from feeling that it was super delicious.

Perhaps it was because of psychological reasons, but they felt that after drinking the water, they could run faster.

It was not so easy to tire out.

“Shut up!” Old Madam Wang chased them away like she was chasing away flies. “Hurry up and get to work. Don’t be lazy.”

Little Ah Yu raised her hand. “Grandma, I can work too. I’m not lazy!”

“Alright, alright, alright. Our Ah Yu is not lazy. She’s the most diligent.” Old Madam Wang smiled.

Looking at Ah Yu, she no longer felt troubled.

At the same time, Wang Chuanman and his brother, who were going to the county city to report, met an acquaintance.

Zhang Zhan sat on the carriage, followed by a mighty team.

There were also many armed officials standing left and right with nervous expressions. They escorted hand carts filled with goods on the ground that had not completely thawed.

From afar, he lifted the curtain and suddenly saw two people walking on the path not far away.

“Wang brothers, where are you going?”

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