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Snake’s Resentment

After the snow collapsed, other than Little Ah Yu’s little lamb, all the livestock in the village were wiped out, including Village Chief Hu’s donkey cart. Only the cart was left, and there were no more donkeys.

The little lamb always liked to follow Little Ah Yu around. Because it was too small and its color was as white as snow, everyone often ignored its existence.

They did not expect the lamb to be so brave at the critical moment.

These snakes were of different breeds. The big ones were about three feet long, and the small ones were half an arm long. Some of them were thick, some were thin, some were gray, and some were especially colorful.

The villagers who lived by the mountain were basically not afraid of snakes. However, they could not withstand hundreds of snakes at once. It looked like there was an endless stream of them!

“Ah!” “My leg—”

“Kill them quickly!”

“Ah—Mother, Mother—Save me!”

The men from Hu Village finally rushed over, but they saw a scene that made their scalps tingle—

The courtyard in front of Old man Wang’s house and the small ramp beside it were filled with people from Shanyang Village. Behind them, other men from Shanyang Village were running.

A group of snakes was chasing behind them and biting at their feet.

Some of the snakes had their heads flattened, some were cut off by the scythes, some were flung away, but most of them surrounded those people, wanting to take the opportunity to bite.

Some agile ones were already wrapped around the legs and arms of those people.

When the timid women of the Hu Family Village saw these snakes, they retreated to the men’s side in fear.

Village Chief Hu was old and only ran over after a while. He first saw that his villagers had been injured and said coldly, “Bring the injured to Doctor Hu’s house first!”

Those who weren’t injured either carried, or supported the casualties on their backs, and took them to Doctor Hu’s side.

The remaining people were still holding the weapons they had brought and did not know what to do.

They wanted to go up and stab the invaders, but seeing how badly they were bitten by the snakes, they could not bear to do it.

“Hiss—so many snakes. Where did they come from?” Village Chief Hu felt his teeth ache and did not want to look anymore.

“It, it seems to be—Ah Yu from Old man Wang’s family. No, it seems to be the lamb… but that’s also not right—” The person beside him could not explain.

Logically speaking, the weather was still cold and the snakes should not have come out.

However, when they thought about it, didn’t that incomparably huge python also appear when the weather was cold?

“Ah Yu—” Village Chief Hu looked at Little Ah Yu and called her softly.

Little Ah Yu was already like a little firecracker as she rushed in front of Old Madam Wang. She pulled her hand and looked at it repeatedly. She even checked Old Madam Wang’s clothes and pants to see if she was injured.

Old Madam Wang was originally extremely angry and was a little frightened when she saw the snakes. But now, she was only glad that these snakes had come.

She picked up Little Ah Yu. “Grandma is fine. Grandma is not injured.”

Little Ah Yu pouted. “Those big baddies!”

Her small hands clenched into fists, and she gritted her teeth tightly.

Those people were too horrible. Third Aunt was bleeding, and Big Brother had carried her to Doctor Hu.

“Ah Yu,” Village Chief Hu called out again.

Little Ah Yu turned around and replied, “Grandpa Village Chief.”

“Ah Yu, how did these snakes come about?”

Little Ah Yu let go of her hand and pinched the corner of her clothes. She didn’t know if she should tell Grandpa Village Chief.

[You can’t say it! You can’t say it! You’ll be treated as a monster and hung up and burned. You’ll never see your grandmother and mother again!]

Meatball was extremely nervous. These snakes were really just an accident!

When Ah Yu’s mother ran over in a panic, she accidentally stepped on a snake nest.

When it sensed that the snake was moving, it asked Ah Yu to save it. Other than the Myriad Spirit Water, the spatial pocket still had the Myriad Spirit Sacred Fruit that it had nurtured for a long time that could be used. It was the same kind of fruit that she had given to the old lady previously.

There were only about ten fruits in total. After eating and distributing some, there were only six left.

Meatball asked Ah Yu to throw one over to attract the snakes, but she directly grabbed all of them and threw them out. When the little lamb eating grass at the side saw this, it took five in one bite and swallowed them.

The remaining one was smashed into the snake pit, and the snakes immediately rioted.

The lamb that had eaten the Myriad Spirit Sacred Fruit also became irritable and spun crazily on the spot.

In the end, for some reason, the snakes listened to it.

The little lamb carried Ah Yu and ran back to the village like a wild horse. Not only was it fast, but after Ah Yu shouted that there were big baddies at home, it directly brought the snakes over and attacked the people of Shanyang Village.

Wang Wulang and Liu Shi could not react at all.

Ah Yu could not explain such a complicated matter at all. The villagers were stupid. What if they treated her as a monster?

“Ah Yu?” Seeing that Little Ah Yu did not answer, Village Chief Hu lowered his voice.

“I… I don’t know.” She really didn’t understand.

Wang Wulang wanted to speak, but Liu Shi patted his shoulder. He quickly closed his mouth, afraid that he would say something wrong.


“We were wrong—”

“Let us go—ah—”

“I don’t want to die yet. Mother, help!”

The shouts of the people from Shanyang Village grew louder and louder. Those snakes were not strong, and many of them were directly killed on the spot. However, some of the snakes had venom which paralyzed the people who were bitten.

People from Shanyang Village lay on the ground one after another. Even the village chief’s right leg and arm had been poisoned. Half of his body was numb, and he could only fall to the ground and pant heavily, unable to speak.


Everyone in Shanyang Village looked at Little Ah Yu.

It was this child. After she shouted, the snakes came.

Was she the one that’d brought the snakes?

She was a monster, right?! She knew how to control snakes. If she wasn’t a monster, what was she?

“Please—” A bitten man was lying on the mud. His body was mixed with mud and blood. He was in a sorry state. He could not feel his legs and could only crawl on the ground with difficulty.

He tried his best to raise his head and look at Little Ah Yu. His eyes were red and tears welled up in his eyes. “Please let us go. Our Ergou can’t… can’t live without a father… he can’t…”

He had never eaten a child before, and he did not want to. But if he did not come, his own son, Ergou, would be sacrificed.

Ergou was only three years old and did not know anything. If he could not return, they would definitely eat him!

He could not die here!

“I beg you…” The man looked at Little Ah Yu.

Little Ah Yu had never seen such a gaze before. She immediately trembled in fear.


Old Madam Wang instantly placed her hand in front of Ah Yu’s eyes and sneered at the man. “Do you know regret now? Why didn’t you repent earlier?! When you were dancing around with the old and weak, did you think that our family also had children to raise? We also have a home to return to!”

The others in Hu Family Village also reacted and spoke up to help.

“Now, you’re even forcing a child. Why? Do you think a child has the ability to treat you like this?”

“This is the retribution you reaped!”

“These man-eating beasts deserve it!”

When Village Chief Hu saw the miserable state of these people, he sighed in his heart and looked at Little Ah Yu again.

Little Ah Yu pursed her lips and looked at Old Madam Wang. Her tone was a little aggrieved. “Grandma, they bullied you.”

They bullied Grandma, her Brothers, and even made Third Aunt bleed.

She was really, really angry.

At this moment, another group of people arrived. They came from behind the villagers of Hu Village.

A young man supported an old man, who walked weakly.

It was the families of the people from Shanyang Village. They had rushed over to Hu Family Village.

These people had seen the situation with their men, children, and brothers from afar. They saw them being chased by a horde of snakes and descended into extremely miserable states.

“Husband!” A young woman saw her husband and screamed, wanting to rush over.

“Shut up!” The person beside her grabbed her and shoved her back.

The old man in front did not look at the people behind. Instead, he knelt heavily on the stone-filled path in front of the Hu Family villagers.

“Please, let them go! We’ve let you down. I, Wu Laosan, will apologize to you here!”

Without a word, the others knelt down in front of the Hu Family villagers.

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