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Eternal Thief

Chapter 595 Host Has Taken A Step Into…

Ace's eyes were closed as he felt the newly merged Heavenly Thief Sense. Besides some minor changes, it was still like the soul sense.

But he could feel something had definitely changed as he could feel a calling of sorts from a specific direction which should be his fortune sense, but unlike before, it was somewhat apparent but not much.

Lastly, he tried to activate the heavenly sense ability with the martial Qi to 'see' his surroundings, and he was shocked.

Because unlike before, when heavenly sense would cover his soul sense instantly, this time, he could feel it tightly wrapped around his body like a layer of skin as he could feel his body condition.

He even peered through deep into his physique and could finally see his dark meridians connected with his martial space and true soul, which looked like blazing black suns.

It was Ace first time seeing such a phenomenon of his body, and he finally understood just how marvelous the new Heavenly Thief Sense was!

Ace then tried to make that tightly wrapped sense on his body expand, and with thought, it suddenly started to expand at an alarming speed, instantly covering the one-mile radius.

Ace could now 'see' far more than before; even the naked eye pale in comparison, and even the underground was no longer any different from a clear sky to Ace.

Ace then tried to control it on one spot, and after some difficulty, he finally succeeded. Then he tried switching to his soul Qi, and he was even more ecstatic as the Qi changed without much effort while the ability remained completely stable.

"This is no longer Heavenly Sense. Let's call it Dark Spy!" Ace's mumbled as he deactivated the Dark Spy, it wasn't dispersed like always, but it retracted into his body and vanished!

Ace cocked an eyebrow since he couldn't remember heavenly sense having such an effect, or it was because he could control it.

Whichever the case was, he was content since, according to the System, now his Heavenly Thief Sense would be increased together with his both cultivations, not with just soul cultivation anymore.

Lastly, he claimed the Apparition Wind Walk, an exclusive soul movement art that used the element of Soul Wind and can be used in fighting and escaping.

The Misperception Sky Steps Art was based on his martial Qi and lightning element, and these two movement arts were quite helpful in different ways.

Furthermore, he had neglected the Heavenly Wind Soul element for too long, and it was probably time to pay attention to it as well.

His epiphany had given him many inspirations, and he was now confident about surviving the demon continent as long as 7th or 8th realm cultivators won't target him.

However, the System wasn't done yet, because another notification rang,


[Congratulation, Host, for creating a ??? by using the Black Blade Swords!]

[Warning: The Black Blade Swords can no longer be upgraded with item upgrade tokens and ???!]

[Host has taken a step into the uncharted territory of Darkness!]



1. Thief Title: (???) has been unlocked]

[(???) Title Effect: ???]

2. Advance Mission Complete Token: 1

[Use: Advance Mission Complete Token can complete any mission with a Satisfactory Evaluation Rank.]

[Warning (1): There is a 90% chance of gaining a Death Penalty in the very next Mission after a Mission Complete Token was used!]

[Warning (2): Only Three Mission Complete Tokens can be used continuously to complete Three Mission in a row before the Host has to complete the 4th Mission to use a Mission Complete Token again!]


Ace was baffled when he saw the ambiguous words of the System, especially when so many (???) were involved. He even got a title with (???). It was his first time seeing it.

Furthermore, that line about entering uncharted territory was quite spooky on its own.

Although he knows he might have created something extraordinary, he never thought it was impressive enough to make the System speak up and release this subtle reward.

However, when he saw the Mission Complete Token, his eyes brightened, but it was only when he saw the warnings which made his expression darkened. So, he decided to save it and wouldn't use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

He then inquired about those (???) and the title, and he received a reply that he hadn't in a while.

"[Please upgrade your authority level!]"

He could give up after hearing this reply.

'Well, it didn't matter as long as it won't endanger my life. Besides, I still have a long way to go before I can use those sword cores properly. By System's words, I won't be getting a new pair of swords either.' He smiled wryly.

Lastly, Ace opened his status panel to see what he had gained from epiphany and his new cultivation realm EXP and SP caps. What he saw made him inhale sharply.


[Status Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human]

[Bloodline: Sealed]

[First Heaven: Mortal Sky Heaven]


[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea Core [Stage-1]]

[EXP: 0/1,000,000]

? [Soul Cultivation: Heavenly Red Wind Soul Core [Stage-1]]

[SP: 0/1,000,000]

[Elemental Orb: 0/1]


[Skills: 10]

-Heartless Stealth (Art):

Breathless Stealth: Perfection

Pulseless Stealth: Perfection

Heartless Stealth: Perfection


-Misperception Sky Steps (Art):

Camouflage Steps: Perfection

Lightning Steps: Perfection

Misperception Steps: Perfection

Sky Steps: NONE


-Soul Shattering Eyes: [Perfection]


-Soul Piercing Bullets: [Perfection]


-Soul Guardian Barrier (Art):

[Soul Barrier: Perfection

Soul Guardian: High]


-Pick Pocket: [Perfection]


-Lock Eraser King Technique:

Lock Eraser Master: Perfectionist

Lock Eraser Grandmaster: Perfectionist

Lock Eraser King: None


-Thievish Soul Cord Control (Secret Soul Skill): Middle


-Thief's Vision (Art):

Initial Thief's Vision: Early

Intermediate Thief's Vision: NONE

Advance Thief's Vision: NONE


-Apparition Wind Walk (Art): 9 levels

Current level: NONE


[Cultivation Technique: 5]

-Heaven Stealer Technique: Volume 1


-Dual Shadow Swords: Complete!


-Heavenly Rune Crafter Foundational Manual: Complete!


-Soul Words [Despair Manual]:

1. Deep Despair Soul Words: 10.09%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]

2. Extreme Despair Soul Words: 0.0%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]

3. Deadly Despair Soul Words: 0.0%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]


-Heaven's Stealer Dismantler Manual [First Vol]

Three Heaven's Stealer Dismantler Principles:

1. Treasure Dismantler Principles: Grade-2 Treasure Dismantler

2. Alchemy Dismantler Principles: Grade-2 Alchemy Dismantler

3. Runic Dismantler Principles: Grade-3 Runic Dismantler


[Law(s): 5]

-Despair (Initial): 10.09%

-Shadow (Initial): 10.01%

-Sword (Initial): 15.09%

-Psyche (Minor): 3.05%

-Lightning (Minor): 7.09%


[Eternal Provenance Treasure: 1/2]

-Name: Eternal Thief Fate Compass

-Type: Soul (Fate)

-Current Grade: Grade-4 (Upgradable)

[Grade-5 at 5th Soul Cultivation Realm (Golden Soul Core)]

-Status: Incomplete (10% Complete)


1. Live Fate Map (Grade-4)

[NOTE: Next ability(s) unlocked at 20% Treasure Completion]

-Completion Scheme: 1 (Available)


[Thief Point(s): 53,880,000]


[Mission(s): 1]

[Side Mission(s): 0]


Ace was content when he saw all three laws break into the initial levels of comprehension, especially the [Sword] law. He had really gained a deep understanding of the sword law in his epiphany.

While he also discovered something unusual, which was after his Law of [Shadow] and [Despair] crossed the 10% threshold, he could feel 'intent' from them like the Sword Intent.

Furthermore, because of the Sky Sword Manual, he knew Sword Law could be fused by any element, which is the true nature of Element Sword Intent.

He guessed that as long as someone comprehends a law up to 10%, they can awake the intent of Law like a Law Intent, just like the Sword Intent.

The only reason he had never heard about a Law Intent was probably no one had ever awakened it, or the information might be top secret.

The Sword Intent was simply the most common Law since it was only a weapon law, not a law of element, which was far more complex.

Ace can now fuse both Shadow and Despair Intent with his Sword Intent or even use them separately, akin to having two-element sword intents where the Despair Sword Intent was far more powerful than the Shadow Sword Intent.

However, Ace knew it wasn't the limit of a Law Intent. He had this nagging feeling that it was just the most basic method of using law intents, but alas, he had no more epiphany pills, so he could only give up on exploring the mysteries of laws.

But if those Quasi Law Awareness Realm knew that Ace has three types of law intent and already stumbled on the concept of Law Intents. They will vomit blood in anger since it will make their entire life worth meaningless in front of this young man's six months epiphany!

Because the secret to entering the 8th realm was hidden within Law Intents, Ace had no idea about it!

After Ace was done mulling, he finally sent his consciousness into the thief's house, where Noa and Freya were waiting for some answers.

He knew the matter of Heavenly Punishment had to remain hidden under the Goddess Trial sham, or if they knew they were going against Heaven itself, this might affect their mindset.

At least it was not the right time to disclose his status as the Eternal Enemy of Heaven!

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