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Eternal Thief

Chapter 594 Heavenly Thief Sense

Ace felt unbelievable power surging in every muscle of his body as his mind was clearer than ever while his soul sense was even more refined and covered double the area.

'I break through!' Ace's lips curled upward before the Deft Thief Robes covered his pristine naked body.

"Alright, you can let me out." Ace coolly called as he knew who was encasing him right now, and they were constantly moving.

Noa and Freya were startled when they heard Ace's voice and looked at the cocoon they had been dragging for the past two days. While Cyrus directly chirps in joy.

Truth be told, they had thought that Ace would be out of commission for a long while since his condition could not be recovered in mere days. If not for Cyrus, they would've thought Ace was on the verge of dying and treated him.

Now, they no longer dare to guess.

They stopped at the entrance of a valley, and Noa retracted her soul Qi, revealing Ace.

Both women were baffled when they saw Ace in his deft thief robes while his peerless handsome face was revealed, and he was grinning at them. There wasn't any trace of injury.

Noa was even more uncertain since she didn't notice any change despite paying attention to Ace all this time, and her Qi should be able to detect any change but didn't.

Ace's figure suddenly flashed before he vanished from his lying position and appeared right in front of Freya, making her heart pound for some reason when she looked at his face.

She felt this inexplicit feeling welling up within her heart.

"You did well." Said Ace, gently sending a strange current to the witch's heart as a tingle of redness surfaced on her pale white skin.

However, before she could say anything, Cyrus's small body darted as it appeared over Ace's shoulder and jumped happily while he said, "I know even heaven's anger couldn't kill master!"

Ace cocked an eyebrow, 'Heaven's anger? It seemed Cyrus knew about the heavenly punishment.'

"You two, good job. Now you can go back and continue your cultivation. I'll be taking over from here on." Ace finally looked at the two women and nodded.

'He was talking with Cyrus!' Freya's eyes turned cold with a hint of jealousy, "First, tell us what was that?"

In contrast to Freya, Noa said, "Leader, don't you need to rest?"

Ace shook his head with a smile, "Don't worry, I'm more than fine now. You should go back. I'll explain it in the thief's house hall." He then held his hand toward Noa.

Noa's eyes shimmered in a peculiar light, and she placed her hand in Ace without asking more and let him pull her into the thief's house space.

Ace then looked toward Freya, who seemed to get angry after being ignored again.

But Ace did something which made Freya's heart suddenly skipped a beat. He suddenly moved his hand, placed his finger under her sharp jaw, and dreamily said, "Do you fall for me?"

Freya felt a compelling feeling from those dark blue starry eyes, and that mysterious feeling became more potent as her heart pounced like a raging river. She wanted to slap Ace's hand away, but she just couldn't, as she even enjoyed his touch.

However, at this moment, a mask appeared over Ace's face, and his eyes were suddenly enshrouded with dark lightning.

Freya felt the spell was broken and all those strange feelings were gone, almost…

She quickly used her movement skill and appeared a few meters away from Ace. She yelled with a hint of humiliation, "Y-you! What did you do?!"

She could still feel her heart pounding as her face beat red. She felt if she had stayed in that state, she would be forever spellbound by Ace.

Ace mischievously replied, "Oh, nothing, actually. I just wanted to see if you have a heart or not. It seemed you did have one, and I almost captured it, right?"

He would never tell her that he was testing the power of his natural charm, and it almost worked on Freya.

As for trying it on Noa, he simply didn't want to since Freya wasn't as warm to him as Noa. So, she was a perfect target.

Freya ground her teeth. Since she knew Ace had done something to her or she would never feel that way, she was too proud to believe it.

Cyrus looked at Freya curiously and then at Ace, he didn't understand what was happening, but he knew his sister Freya was being bullied.

After Ace, he was closest to Freya since she taught her many things, but he would always choose Ace over her no matter how close they were.

"Alright, it was a joke. You played it all the time. Don't tell me you can't take a loss. Let's go." Ace sneered without showing any remorse at all, and he again forwarded his hand toward her.

Freya didn't have words to retort because Ace was stating the fact, so she quickly calmed down, but the resentment in her eyes didn't lessen much.

Without saying anything, she took his hand while coldly looking at him, "You better be ready!"

Ace shrugged, with a chuckle, "Hah, I'm always ready." He then pulled her into the thief's house space.

"Alright, you go rest as well. I can sense you're still exhausted despite breaking into the peak of the River Core realm." Ace caressed Cyrus's tiny head with his finger before sending him back to the thief's space where Page-09.

Ace wasn't in a hurry to move or explain himself to the two members waiting in the thief's house. Because a panel was shining brightly in front of him, making his eyes glow with uncertainty.


[System detects Host has awakened all three senses, Soul Sense, Heavenly Sense, and Fortune Sense!]

[All the conditions have been met to awaken the [Heavenly Thief Sense]!]

[Do you want to merge the three innate senses into Heavenly Thief Sense?]

[Cost: 50 Million Thief Points]


"What is the Heavenly Thief Sense?" Ace questioned with uncertainty.

He was always curious about if he would awake a Martial Sense at River Core Realm like the other cultivators. But what he awakened was this Fortune Sense which was probably related to the Dark Qi Sea Core Realm.

However, he was used to his soul sense, and now that he tried to use this Fortune Sense, he felt nothing except this strange feeling that he should continue to go in the direction of the endless sea.

As for this Heavenly Thief Sense, he might lose his soul sense and heavenly sense the moment he merged them together, which would be a massive loss because these senses have been with him since the start of his cultivation journey.

Especially the active Soul Sense, which had saved him many times.

The System replied at this moment,

"[The Heavenly Thief Sense is an exclusive Innate Sense of a Heaven's Stealer which can only be created by merging Soul Sense, Heavenly Sense, and Fortune Sense. The Heavenly Thief Sense not only has the abilities of all three senses, but it can no longer be bound by just Heavenly Soul Qi, but it can be used with Heavenly Martial Qi as well.]

"[For example, Heavenly Thief Sense will be passively active like the soul sense, but it would no longer be detectable. Furthermore, unlike soul sense which could only detect soul-related danger or soul being, it would have the martial sense detection of martial beings as well.]

"[Like if an enemy didn't have a soul, your soul will never be able to detect it without using the Heavenly Sense ability, which could let you 'See' the surrounding area. In Mortal Sky Heaven, this type of opponent is non exist, but it couldn't be said for Heaven beyond.]

"[The Heavenly Thief Sense will also have the same 'Seeing' effect, but you will be able to fully control the area of range and even focus it on a sole target and can use it with both soul Qi and martial Qi.]

"[Although this would make it detectable, the other party will only think you were using either soul sense or marital sense, depending on the Qi you were using it with.]

"[Lastly, the Fortune Sense is also an active sensory ability like your soul sense, which can lead you toward treasures.]

"[Host can even take it as having the Live Fate Map always activate, but its effect is still pale in comparison to the Eternal Thief Fate Compass.]

"[Where's the Live Fate Map can directly indicate the treasure's location. The fortune sense could only give you vague direction. This is also Host's fortune to possess the Eternal Thief Fate Compass, which previous Heaven's Stealers never had.]"

Ace felt the System was praising him for the first time in all these years, and the voice sounded emotional to him. It had been quite a while since he had heard the System's emotional voice.

Nevertheless, he was still marveling at the Heavenly Thief Sense, which could only be described as overpowered!

With shimmering eyes, Ace commanded, "Alright, merge them into Heavenly Thief Sense!"

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