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Eternal Thief

Chapter 592 I’ll See You Around!

At this moment, Ace suddenly felt death approaching when he saw those three thunder pillars over a hundred meters in size.

'Fuck, stubbornness!' Ace cursed as his charred face was deadly pale, and the next moment, Page-09 appeared in his hand, and Ace covered his head with it.

Although he wanted to devour the heavenly thunder like the Page-09, and he even succeeded, the heavenly punishment speed far surpassed that of what his newly born sword core could devour.

Now that his Martial Thief Sword Core was completely condensed, he now only has to worry about his Soul Thief Sword Core.

Furthermore, his life was far more important than unsealing his bloodline, and the system had never told him to endure the entire heavenly punishment. One or two bolts might be sufficient… at least, he hoped.

The thunder pillars completely engulfed Ace, who was holding the Page-09 above his head like a small umbrella.

But Page-09 again surpassed Ace's expectation as a powerful suction force suddenly appeared, and the thunder pillars started to suck into Page-09 at an alarming pace.

Ace didn't even feel the heavenly punishment on his hands holding Page-09 as the page was greedily absorbing the heavenly lightning without wanting to leave even a speck of it.

Ace felt immense relief as his eyes shone deviously when there was only a single lightning pillar left, Ace waited until only a 10-meter bolt of it was gone, and at that moment, Page-09 vanished from his hand and the 10-meter descent on him!

However, Ace grit his teeth and endure while letting the heavenly lighting invade his martial space so the sword core can devour it.

It was far better than the last time since this heavenly thunder was on Ace's endurance level, and he also wanted to see just how much heavenly punishment the sword core could devour before getting full.

Lastly, it would also count as enduring the heavenly punishment.


A heart-wrenching thunder voice rang all over the black mountain range, startling all the terrifying existences residing there as they hid.

Even the three observers felt their minds collapsing as they saw a horrifying sight.

A one-mile-long dark gold thunder blade was slowly piercing the heavenly punishment clouds as its destructive aura could feel through hundreds of miles.

"I'm going to save him!" Noa shot as she wanted to run toward Ace's direction, but her legs were stuck in their place and refused to move forward.

Freya's face was deadly pale, "No one can save him but himself!"

On the other hand, Cyrus wasn't panicking despite his close connection with Ace because he could feel Ace was still fine, and there was no panic from his side.

Ace looked at the thunder blade descending with killing intent as he felt knee-crushing pressure, but he remained straight, "Not giving any chance, huh? Even law awareness realm cultivators might perish under this kind of Sword."

However, there wasn't fear in his voice as Page-09 appeared in his hand again. He had to admit without Page-09, he wasn't strong enough to handle this kind of attack even after creating the sword core.

The thunder blade shot down toward Ace with a flash, and it was one mile wide and three miles long!

Just like before, the thunder blade was blocked by the Page-09, and Ace remained unfazed, and this time Ace stowed away Page-09 when fifty meters of that thunder blade left.

When fifty meters long thunder blade, Ace's almost regretted his bold choice because, for the first time, he felt something other than thunder and despair from this heavenly thunder; it was sword intent!

But to his surprise, the sword core merely trembled under that thunder with murderous sword intent before it started to absorb it.

However, Ace was on the verge of collapsing as his charred body was filled with deep wounds, and there was still the soul-type heavenly punishment. The Soul Thief Sword Core restlessly absorbed his soul Qi, which wasn't fully condensed yet.

Ace had no choice but to buy some healing pills and Qi recovery pills from the system and eat them in mass.

But it was too slow, so he commanded, "System, release my unclaimed EXP and SP right now!"

He was saving those unclaimed rewards for his next realm, but now it seemed he had to use them to recover his Soul Qi and Martial Qi. It was much faster this way.

The system released all the unclaimed EXP and SP at this moment and turned into vast Soul Q and Marital Qi. Ace finally felt alive.

The fifty-meter lightning sword was also got fully absorbed by the sword core at this moment, and something unexpected occurred.

The black sword core suddenly started to vibrate violently as if something wanted to break free from within.

Ace felt his blood run cold because if this sword core exploded within his martial space, he'd be as good as dead when all that heavenly thunder escaped.

He felt he had overestimated the newly born sword core and overwhelmed it, and now he was going to die out of his own greed!

Because he made those sword cores with his shallow understanding of the law of [Despair] and the law of [Sword], and he made them so they could grow as long as they absorbed heavenly punishment, which was the essence of Black Lightning God Manual.

Because the Black Lightning God Manual was a cultivation method to absorb all kinds of lighting to make one's lightning more powerful, it was the true foundation of the Imperial Demon Family as well as Ace's sword cores' nature.

However, Ace's sword cores couldn't be called out once they were completely condensed, just like the Sky Sword. The only chance Ace had been before they could fully condense like the Soul Thief Sword Core.

He can still detonate it, and it would only give him some soul injuries.

But the Martial Thief Sword Core was complete, and it was like a time bomb now. If it explodes, Ace's entire martial space would be blasted apart, and he, himself, with it.

Moreover, his sword cores were condensed with two treasures that could withstand his heavenly Qi, then both heavenly Qis, and the heavenly thunder, so they were not like the normal sky sword's core anymore.

Ace's plan was to develop the sword cores first, and then he wanted to take his time cultivating them by comprehending the complete sky sword jade scroll or going beyond that, which was impossible with his current realm.

Ace suddenly felt his soul jolt at this moment as he looked warily up.

He saw an ethereal dark gold thunder pillar was about to decent.

'Soul Heavenly Punishment is about to start!' Ace felt the timing couldn't be more wrong.

But he knew he needed to endure this thunder pillar if he wanted to condense the soul thief sword core completely. However, he hesitated and almost took out the Page-09 to block it while dealing with the crisis of his marital space.

Suddenly, Ace stopped as his eyes winded because dark gold runes started to emerge on his sword core as they slowly covered his entire sword core.

'So, it wasn't going to detonate?' Ace was flabbergasted as he looked at those profound runes, which were clearly made with the heavenly thunder.

But he didn't have time to pay much attention since the soul thunderbolt was already upon him. He didn't detonate his soul thief sword core and became even more confident and let it fall over him.

Expect the deadly pain; everything goes smoothly as the soul sword core also greedily absorbs the heavenly soul thunder.

Moira also trembled as she observed the familiar heavenly punishment invading Ace's true soul. She was once been destroyed by this exact heavenly punishment which was millions of times more powerful than this one.

Still, the trauma and hate she had for heaven were all the same, and she watched Ace enduring the heavenly punishment and doing the impossible, devouring it!

As for Page-09 involvement, she only thought it was made by Ace.

After the first strike, Ace left in a terrible shape, but his starry eyes were as bright as ever as he faced the following three soul thunder pillars with the Page-09's help and absorbed the last bit of the soul thunder.

The last strike also came fast, and it was also a blade condensed with soul thunder which made Ace elated since he was afraid if he didn't absorb the same amount or kind of heavenly thunder, the soul sword core might not be as powerful as the marital sword core.

After enduring the terrifying sword intent, Ace finally felt relief as the short sword core started vibrating as ethereal runes began to condense on the Sword.


The angry heavenly clouds could only rumble as Ace again escaped death for the third time.

"Yeah, I'll see you around!" Ace sneered weakly.

He felt relief wash over him when the knee-breaking pressure suddenly lifted, and the punishment clouds dispersed just as fast as they came.

With a huge grin, his eyes went upward, and he fell backward unconsciously!

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