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Eternal Thief

Chapter 5 - Eternal Thief System

After 12 hours of deep slumber, Ace open his heavy eyelid with some difficulty. He was still in a stupor because of yesterday"s incident. However, the next moment, the pain faded.

When that pain was finally gone, Ace strangely feel refreshed for some unknown reason.

Ace remembers what has happened yesterday when a sudden pain attacked him and he fainted after that.

"That was strange. Did I get Punished by Heaven for blaspheming it?" Ace whiffled his head as he smiles wryly, "Maybe it was from the stress after all I didn"t sleep for three days."

Ace quickly get rid of that ridiculous notion because if Heaven was so openhanded to even punish him, then this world didn"t have any evil.

While assuming about what has occurred, Ace caught the sight of his sleeping little sister, that was sound asleep in his embrace. Yet, her body was still icy cold. Ace"s expression instantly darkened when he thought about One Ruby Coin he needed to earn as soon as possible for that pill.

(1 Ruby Coin = 100 Gold Coins)

Ace was about to get ready to go out into the city and find some task with high pay. He has some idea where he should go to earn one ruby coin.

"I have to go outside the city for hunting!" mumble Ace to himself.

Ace was just about to get up from the rug when he hear a familiar yet unfamiliar icy voice in his head.

"[Installation Complete!]"

Ace was frightened and nearly jumped when out of nowhere he heard the sweet yet crisp voice of a lady.

He hurriedly looks around himself but no one was there except Alina. Ace holds her firmly and keeps searching his surrounding vigilantly as if he was facing an enemy. But no matter how much he looks no one was there.

Ace abruptly remembers the voice he hears was the same voice he heard before he loses consciousness. "What is this voice and where is it coming from?"

"Am I haunted by a Ghost?!" when he thought of a Ghost he became pale with fright.

Ace has heard plenty of stories about ghosts and evil spirits from the restaurant owner where he works. That old restaurant owner always tells his grandson stories about ghosts, like once a ghost possessed a kid, and then eats his soul. Ace always heard these kinds of stories with great interest and now he was extremely afraid of ghosts and evil spirits.

He was going to chant some prayers that he once heard from the Old Restaurant Owner when the emotionless voice buzzed in his head again.

"[Congratulation, the Eternal Thief System selects you as a Host!]"

"What in the hell??!" He was going to swear out loud but force stop himself because he was holding Alina in his one arm and he didn"t want to shake her.

Ace immediately starts chanting the old owner"s prayers in his head like crazy, "o gidieli dkkdiek dkiel" Even he didn"t know what these words meant, but he heard the old restaurant owner say when you see a ghost just chant them and the ghost will be gone forever.

In ten seconds, Ace didn"t hear the voice, and he thought that the restaurant owner"s chants were working. He becomes a little smug and was just about to celebrate his grand victory against the lady ghost when the lady"s voice sounded again in his head.

"[Host current Privilege is at Level 0. The details about "Level 0 Privilege" are about to transfer into host brain!]"

"[Transfer Begin! Please brace yourself host.]"

This time the voice didn"t sound emotionless as before. It sounds like it"s chuckling at Ace"s simplicity.

Ace was scared out of his wits after hearing this "ghost lady voice" again and was just about to run from the hut with Alina in arms when abruptly he felt something drill into his brain.

Ace instantly hold his head because of extreme pain but he didn"t scream because Alina was still close to him. Even in this extreme pain, he was still thinking about his little sister"s well-being. Ace"s teeth were clenched tightly. This pain was just like yesterday"s, but this time, it wasn"t intolerable.

After ten-second, the pain subjugated and was finally gone. Ace regains his senses again. He didn"t care about anything right now, because this was his only chance to escape. He stands up with some difficulty but his expression was determined. He would take his little sister out of this "ghost house" to safety, no matter what.

Ace"s heavy steps halted when he feels something foreign in his brain and the moment his focus was shifted on that foreign part, it converts into strange memories. These strange memories became Ace"s.

Ace was very confused about this sudden turn of events. "Didn"t ghost supposed to eat souls and possess the bodies?"

Those foreign memories settled, and now he can appraise them.

Ace didn"t know why he tapped into those memories, but a voice deep inside kept telling him to see what it was and when he did. Ace was startled at first, but the next moment he becomes astonished, and his astonishment turns into hysteria.

Ace was so shocked that he nearly forgets about his worries and his ill Little Sister who was still in his embrace. After some time, he regains his sense. Ace glance around his surrounding fiercely as if he was confirming something. After making sure that there was no one in or outside the hut, he finally relaxed a little.

After fully calm down, his emotions set down beside his sister. But no matter what he does, he can"t calm down his wildly pounding heart that was beating like a crazy drum.

Ace didn"t dare to believe in those absurd memories, but deep down he wanted to confirm and truly wish that all of it was true. That"s why he first check his surroundings, because if these memories were real then he didn"t dare to imagine what would he do.

Ace takes a deep breath and said in a low voice, "Status!"

The moment he said that world something unimaginable happens, a transparent black block begins to forms in front of Ace"s eyes. When it was completely formed it was black but there was silver strange markings imprint on it and on top of that black transparent block was engrave dark blue markings that were glowing in golden color. The black block is called a "Panel".

These markings were a language that was foreign to this world and it"s called the "Ancient Language of Gods".

Now, only Ace can read it or understand it in this entire world because he learns it with his Level 0 privileges memories. He can even speak it as if he has been learning it from birth.

After seeing the status thing was real, Ace starts felt extreme happiness and immense relief. If it wasn"t for his sister and worried about his surrounding areas, he would"ve laughed like a maniac.

He calms down. But there were tears of happiness in his eyes as he read status.


[Eternal Thief System]

[Main Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human {No Bloodline}]

[Heaven: 1st Heaven Mortal Sky Heaven]

[Cultivation Level of 1st Heaven (Martial Cultivation): Mortal]

[EXP: 0/50]

(EXP= Experience Points)

[Soul Cultivation: Mortal]

[SP: 0/20]

(SP= Soul Points)

[Thief Points (TP): 15]

[Current Mission: 0]


When Ace sees his status, it stunned him because there were so many details. Then he looked at the top right corner of the main panel. There was a silver symbol that was. glowing. It looks like a cape. It was his status panel symbol.

Then his focus turned to the 3rd column of his status and was extremely confused by the word "1st Heaven".

"Was there more heavens?" He wondered. "The name of the first heaven is Mortal sky heaven."

Ace couldn"t help but think that he was just a frog in the well. He never even went outside of the River flower City and now he suddenly learns the Grand name of Heaven itself. It was a very special feeling.

As he was looking at his other status columns, he saw his Cultivation Status and smile bitterly. He was just a mortal.

When he saw Experience Points and Soul Points, he was confused,

"What are these for?" Ace transmitted his voice in his mind. This a method to communicate with the system treasure he found in memories.

"[EXP and SP are amounts of Qi required for the host to reach the next level of cultivation.]"

Ace wasn"t afraid of this icy voice anymore because he was the master of this treasure called System. However, what kind of treasure it was he does not know. But this system even knows about heaven"s name. "This system treasure is not from this world" This was his conclusion.

"How do I collect this EXP and SP then?"

System answer again but different this time,

"[Host has to find out by himself.]"

Ace was dumbfounded by the answer. He asks a different question this time after some thinking, "Then what are Thief Points (TP)?"

This was the only status that was not 0 for the start and he even had 15 of them. He was thrilled about this, but there was a "thief" word there in it and he felt uneasy for some reason.

"[Host can earn Thief Points (TP) after every successful Honorable Thievery. Thief Points are the currency of System.]"

"What do mean by Stealing or Thievery? Do you want me to become a Thief and since when did robing someone become Honorable? Do you break yourself?" Ace was bewildered.

He was just 12 years old, but he never did anything immoral like stealing. Even if he was poor, he will never do this kind of thing. Now, this "Treasure" telling him to steal and it even dares to say it"s "Honorable", he nearly went frantic.

"[Host carefully read the name of System.]" It said, giving no further explanation.

Now that Ace was calm down, he Focuses on the top of the Transparent black Panel. On there were written only words In Dark Blue Color with a golden glow, "Eternal Thief System". Those words were extremely dominated and there was some kind of power hidden in them.

When Ace read the full name of this System Treasure, there was also "Thief" in there, he rubs his eyes and saw it again making sure he didn"t make any mistake but no matter how many times he saw it there was still "Thief" there.

Ace"s happiness at obtaining a supreme treasure was instantly gone in smoke. Because he knew he was in some kind of trouble....!

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