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Eternal Thief

Chapter 30 - Thievery!

Ace"s complexion was gloomy after seeing Rylan wearing the blue storage ring. He really wanted that ring but Ace"s reasons force him to stay calm.

All this communication with the system only takes a few seconds.

Now, Ace begins to think with lightning speed when he abruptly remembered something and become pale just by thinking about it.

He recalled Eva"s words, "When Rylan take this mask out of thin air, I was surprised by it!"

Ace didn"t pay much attention to it at that time, he simply thinks it could be a secret skill or something like that. Particularly now, the story was totally different because he knew about the existence of the storage ring!

"If Eva was right and he took out that mask out of thin air then didn"t it mean, what I"m looking for is also in that ring?" Ace reflected and comes to a scary conclusion. He takes a deep breath and calms his pounding heart.

If Ace"s guess was right then Rylan would most likely keep the most important things and treasures of the Grant family in that storage ring. And if he could steal that storage ring, that means his mission will be complete and he will be able to get out of here right now. Furthermore, he didn"t need to go to the main mansion of the Grant family to search for their treasury either.

Furthermore, what If he didn"t find that "thing" in the treasury of the Grant family?

At that time, he has to go after Rylan, and to find Rylan in his own house was not difficult but he has to go through all types of security and traps. However, right now he was just standing right in front of him.

Now, Ace was having an internal conflict and can"t make his final choice,

"If I strike now, I can leave the Grant family. But if I can"t find that "thing" in Rylan space ring Eva would be in trouble and if I can"t find that "thing" in the treasury either… I"m 90% sure that Rylan has that "thing" in that ring because no one wants to put this kind of precious stuff in the treasury that someone else can open. Sighs..." Ace sighed helplessly.

Although the next moment, Ace"s eyes begin to shine brightly and focus the soul sense solely on Rylan. He finally made a choice.

If Ace noticed even the slightest bit of change in Rylan"s soul wave he would strike without any hesitation!


On the stage, Felix has already standing in front of "White Cultivation Measuring Crystal" beside his father.

Rylan said in a commanding tone, "Start!"

Felix didn"t linger and put his hands on the crystal and pore the Qi. The crystal begins to shine brightly and a dim green color gate formed.

Third Gate of Qi Gate Realm!

The mob exclaimed in astonishment because it was very difficult to find someone of Felix"s age who opened the 3rd Gate in the lands of cities.

Moreover, everyone knows that only Asher has reached the 3rd stage of the Qi Gates realm at the age of 20 in the entire River-flower city and is recognized as the top genius of the entire city. But now there was another one emerge and he was even younger than Asher.

The most crucial point was both of them were Rylan"s Son and Grandson. Now, if Rylan reached the Qi Foundation Building realm in near future, and with talents like Rylan and Ashen at the mix, Grant"s family will definitely rise above the Layton Family.

"Nephew let see if you can still act arrogant in front of me when you"ll see me next time." Felix imagines while smiling after seeing everyone"s reaction.

His own nephew Asher always looks down on him because he was younger and weaker. Felix always wanted to suppress him and beat Asher into submission. Now he has shown more talent than his nephew and even surpassed him.

Now even his father who always praised his nephew has to acknowledge him.

Rylan was really amazed by this sudden pleasant surprise. He didn"t expect that his son has already surpassed his talented grandson who he was very fond of. He felt gratified and blessed by heaven at this moment.

A smile creeps out on his expressionless face for the first time as he thought "Two talents in a single generation, heh. No one can stop the rise of my Grant family now!"

The way Rylan looked at Felix also changed and his gaze becomes gentler. He gave Felix the same position as Asher in his heart.

"GOOD GOOD! You didn"t disappoint me, Your Father! And proved that my Grant family is a den of geniuses. Everyone I announced that this year"s meeting is ended with my son Felix as the winner. Nevertheless, please stay because there going to be a banquet tonight in celebration of my son"s great achievement!"

Rylan announced with a rare smile on his face and everyone starts to cheer.

All the elders of the family smiled gleefully, they didn"t delay either and quickly begin the preparation for the banquet.

Caden saw his big brother in good mood and come to him with a thick smile on his face, "Congratulation big bro you have two "dragons" now."

"Hahaha, You"re too polite Caden!" Rylan laughs heartily hearing Caden"s words.

Rylan patted his shoulder happily with his left hand when his smile suddenly stopped because he saw his hand was lacking something.

Yes! it was empty! His storage ring was gone!

Caden saw his big brother"s expression and a very bad feeling arouse within, "But why?" before he could think any further, an intense pain stirs from his shoulder.


All the cheering stopped with Caden"s sudden painful wailing.

But before anyone could figure out what transpired, they heard Rylan"s thunderous roar filled with killing intent.


Unknowingly Rylan has crushed Caden"s shoulder bone in panicked. Even if he knows he didn"t care at all because his eyes were solidified on his index finger.

There was supposed to be a "blue ring with beautiful pattern" there, but now it was gone and only a slight white mark of it left. His mind was in utter turmoil and because of it he loses control of his endowment and released the full aura of Quasi Qi Foundation Building cultivation-based. The pressure was so huge, one could felt even a hundred meters away.

Caden was in the eyes of the storm and almost lost his life. He couldn"t take the pressure and used his cultivation of peak Qi Gates realm and shrill in pain, "BROTHER YOU!??"

Rylan snapped out of it by Caden"s piercing shriek and see his hand was drenched in Caden blood. He quickly loses his grip and Caden fell on stage with a painful groan. He was lucky that Rylan didn"t use his Qi or his shoulder might"ve been torn apart from his body.

"Wh...what happened?!" Caden quickly eats a healing pill and after his pain decreases a bit he asked with a worried expression on his pale face.

He has never seen his brother lose his calm like this before especially in public places. But now he was almost looking like a madman, he was a completely different person.

"It"s GONE."Rylan thinks with a hint of horror and panic in his bloodshot eyes.

Yet he forces himself to calm down and controls his emotions but he didn"t lower the pressure of his cultivation base.

Everyone on stage was shivering in fear.

The whole venue was deathly silent.

The atmosphere becomes chilly with Rylan killing intent at its peak. No one knows what happened but no one wants to find out because they were afraid that Rylan would kill them in anger even if they breathe loudly.

"LOCKDOWN! THE ENTIRE AREA!!" Rylan roar loudly.

Those guarding elders felt the pressure on them was gone and quickly follow Rylan"s order.

Now no one can go out without Rylan"s permission.

"I just want everyone to show me their hands and their belongings and they can go after that!" He blatantly stated.

Everyone becomes angry but they didn"t dare to disobey. They could tell by his frantic expression that he would kill anyone who didn"t cooperate.

"Everyone on stage shows me your hands and anything that can hold things inside!" Rylan starts with those on the stage first because they were closest to him.

Everyone"s expression turns ugly but they could do nothing. One by one everyone showed him their hands and their money pouches.

After checking every person Rylan would always place his hand on their forehead and closed his eyes. He was actually sensing the storage ring since that ring was bond to him, he could sense the storage space ring if it was near him.

Rylan was checking everyone when he heard Felix"s unexpected voice, "Father my money pouch is gone!"

Felix voiced could be heard by everyone in this silence. Everyone becomes startled they start to check their money bags.

"Mine is gone too!!"

"My as well! Damnit!!"

"What is happening??? Who dares to steal here?!"

Everyone was shocked by this strange turn of events because only participants" pouches were stolen and nobody else.

Gracie has almost forgotten about Ace after seeing her father injured and didn"t pay any attention to him. She didn"t know why her Uncle was doing this, but after she heard everyone"s alarming cries, she immediately thought of someone.

Gracie even forgets about her father and quickly looked behind but Ace was nowhere. Her face becomes deathly pale and she started to tremble uncontrollably because there was a large bag laying behind her chair. She didn"t dare to check that bag because if what she was thinking is true then she"s dead!

Ruben was agitated because his money bag was also gone missing, suddenly he noticed Gracie"s pale face because he was sitting right next to her. He thought her money bag has also been stolen and feel a little better after thinking he wasn"t alone.

But when he saw Gracie was looking behind herself, he also looked there confusingly. He only saw a long bag there and after seeing that bag he remembered there was a boy who was carrying it this evening and was not here anymore.

"Sister Gracie where is that boy?" Ruben"s voice echo in the silent area like a morning bell.

Everyone"s attention included Rylan turns towards Gracie and Ruben instantly.

Gracie"s jolt awakened from Ruben"s sudden voice.

Gracie wanted to kill Ruben now. "Did this rascal have to be so loud!!" she cursed him but alas now she could do nothing about it.

Everyone was looking at her and she was also suspecting that her uncle"s rage has something to do with Ace"s disappearance. If her uncle finds out about her schemes, she shivers after just thinking about the consequences of it.

Rylan was a sly fox no matter how much he was freaking out right now, Gracie paled expression was not right in his view.

Even Caden who was still healing his wound knows his daughter was hiding something and it was not a good thing in this kind of situation.

"RUBEN!! Who is "that" boy?" Rylan calls loudly.

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