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Eternal Thief

Chapter 27 - Grant Family Meeting

Ace begins to live in Gracie"s training group from that day on.

However, it causes a huge commotion in the Grant Family.

Like, Head Butler Kylan was quite appalled by this sudden turn of events because he didn"t expect; Gracie would take a liking to this "barbarian" and she even let him lived in her "house".

Everyone was astounded by this news because they know Gracie"s personality very well and she would never do things that didn"t give her any interest. Consequently, everyone starts to investigate this "barbarian" that Gracie accepted. They couldn"t find anything about him though.

Those elders who were supposed to keep watch over wasteland"s slaves didn"t know anything about Ace. Because those elders have become too lazy after a long period of peace in the family.

Only, now did this new development transpires after Gracie showed liking towards a wasteland boy and they have to give a complete report on him to higher-ups. But they can"t find anything on him after they search their half-done records.

Nevertheless, This notion didn"t even cross their minds that someone would be daring enough to infiltrate Grant Family with this kind of method.

The most agitate amidst the Grant Family higher-ups was, of course, Caden Grant, Gracie"s father.

Caden took this matter truly seriously because he doted on Gracie the most and was worried about her safety. Yet, when he finds out there was no information at all on that punk, he blew his top and punishes those indolent elders with ferocity.

After discovering that there was no information on that punk, Caden summoned Gracie and order her to kick Ace out of her house because he was suspicious.

But Gracie didn"t listen to him at all and protest by saying, "I"m going to brand that barbarian with a slave mark after he passes my test in a month." She assured him with; Yahir keeping an eye on Ace all time.

After seeing Gracie"s confidence, Caden could only sigh helplessly, "I spoiled her too much. Well, what can a mortal slave do? Maybe I"m acting too overprotective here." His eyes were filled with fatherly love when he looked at Gracie"s pouting face.

In the end, Caden didn"t object anymore and approve of her request to kept Ace as a servant. But he was extremely puzzled by the fact, "Why did she want that "barbarian" as a personal servant?"

Whenever he asked the reason, she just smiled mysteriously. Eventually, he gave up completely, now he can"t investigate Ace personally, right? Since it was beneath him with his "noble status".


Ace didn"t know, Gracie accepting him in her "house" has caused so much turmoil. He was solely concentrating on Pick-Pocket right now.

Even if Ace knew about it, he wouldn"t care at all. Because Eva assured him again and again; when the family investigates him Gracie would definitely protect him and won"t open her mouth. Because of selfishness and the perks that he would bring her.

As Ace practices this skill, he finds out, it was easy to understand with his Formless Wind Core. This was also the advantage of a soul cultivator, they can practice Soul Skills with ease. and Ace was a Heavenly Soul Cultivator at that.


One month passed in a flash.

Today was the day of the Grant Family Younger Generation Meeting.

Every two years this competition originate among East, West, South, and North District youngsters between the age of 12 to 18.

This competition determined the ranking of the Grant Family"s youngsters. by measuring their cultivation bases.

The Top 10 would get many benefits and resources from the family. The person within 3rd to 10th rank, can gain the best resources of the family and gets 10 half-white grade Qi Pills every month that can help cultivate faster.

First and Second Ranks would also gain all benefits but the most precious prize for them was; they can learn the only Low-Level Qi Mortal Grade Skill that the Grant family possessed. It was extremely precious and the biggest secret of the Grant Family.

Only the top two can learn the skill and only for two days. If they can gain something from it that"s their luck and if not that"s also their bad luck. Because to memorize Low-Level Mortal Grade skill one has to be at Qi Gates realm Peak!

Skills are divided into Normal, Mortal, Warrior, Master, and Mysterious Grades. All the grades are further divided into Low, Middle, High, and Absolute levels.

As for skills Above Mysterious Grades they were all in the hands of Ancient Sects!

A 2-Start City like the River-Flower city only has 2 Low-Level Mortal Grade Skills and one of them was in the city lord mansion while the second one was in the hands of Grant"s family head, Rylan Grant!

Normal Grade Skills can be considered common because they can be found even in 3-star cities.

However, Warrior Grade Skills were all monopolized by Kingdoms. If they even get the news that skill of warrior level was in the hand of a lowly city, that would be considered treason, and that city, as well as every single living being in it, will be erased from existence.

That"s why these youngsters of Grant"s family yarn for this low-level mortal grade skill day and night. Even those elders didn"t have permission to touch it and always wanted to learn it, but Rylan won"t let them, He only gave authorization to those who showed value to the family.

Moreover, no one even knows the name of the skill. It was the top-secret of the Grant Family.


Ace was currently walking behind Gracie ceremoniously looking like a loyal servant. He was holding a long bag in his hand and In it were two beautiful long swords.

Gracie was walking towards the meeting venue. Actually, she didn"t need Ace to carry her swords but Ace insists on it because he needed this bag to put all those stolen goods.

When Gracie hears this reason she quickly agrees to it and gives Ace a long string bag she even picked another sword just because that bag was looking too empty with only one sword. Ace was happy about it, now no one will suspect anything.

After some time, Ace saw a big open field coming into his view that bursting with activity.

It was the venue for Grant Family Younger Generation Meeting.

The Grant Family was after all the second rank family of the inner region so this competition brought together many different powers. These important characters had come here to watch the competition between juniors of the Grant family!

The competitive spirit amongst the junior members of the family was at a boiling point from the excitement, after seeing all these people came here to watch their "grand performance"!

The meeting was held in a wide field in the evening. Several guests were bustling about.

Some of the Family Heads from various other families came because of Grant"s family fame and power. But no one came from the City Lord"s Family due to the complicated relationship between them.

In the wide field of the Grant Family, numerous members from the junior generations of various inner region families had been gathered. Although these bouts between them were going to be grand and intense, everyone"s focus was currently on a grand stage that was set in the center of the venue.

Gracie turned around before she enters the venue and whispered to Ace, "You only have to steal from participants of the competition. Don"t alert those high-level guests especially the Family Head and Elders. If they find out about it you will die before you know it!" She didn"t wait for Ace"s answer and enter the venue.

Ace"s complexion was dreary, he didn"t think this little test of Gracie would be in this kind of exploding spot and felt he has been duped by this, Shorty!

"This going to troublesome!" Ace deemed gloomily.

After entering the venue, Ace saw a big grand stage in the center, and on the center of the stage was a Pillar on it place a white crystal ball. That crystal ball was the size of an adult human head.

Around the grand stage were posh seats and only old-looking and some middle-aged men were sitting in them. They all were wearing luxurious clothes and drinking some kind of wine while chatting with each other casually. He could tell that they were all important figures just by the high qi fluctuations around them.

Gracie directly goes towards the juniors area of her family.

There were only ten seats there and everyone was standing behind them. When those youngsters saw Gracie they instantly shut their traps because they were quite afraid of annoying this little devil.

Gracie scorned after seeing everyone"s vigilant gaze and sit in the third seat from the right. Besides her were two seats where two young men were sitting. The one who sits in the first seat with an expressionless yet handsome face was Felix Grant and the one who sits beside Felix was Ruben Grant who has an ordinary face with a dusky complexion.

Felix was ranked Number One in the previous meetings and also the Grant Family"s best talent of this Generation. More importantly, he was the youngest son of Rylan Grant.

On the other hand, Ruben was ranked second in the previous meeting and Gracie was third.

Gracie detests Ruben because he always teased her as "No.3 Sister" whenever he saw her. Therefore, she avoids him most of the time. Furthermore, she can"t do anything about it because he has excellent talent in cultivation and he was favored by Family Head and also Felix good friend. Even her father was helpless against him.

This year Gracie has turn 18 and this is her last competition. Consequently, she was determined to beat Ruben this time around. The same goes for Felix and Ruben. These three always competing with each other"s but Felix never let any one of them overtake him in these years.

Gracie was about to greets Felix when she hears a huge commotion from the crowd and turned around to see what happened.

Ruben who was also going to teased Gracie becomes serious.

A 1.8-meter tall middle-aged man with dark brown long hair and a fine face enters the venue haughtily. He was wearing luxurious silk robes with beautiful golden embroidery. He nonchalantly walks toward the stage and set in the most eye-catching seat in the center.

He didn"t even bother to greet anyone and sits in the golden chair while closing his eyes. Yet, no one dares to show any displeasure or angry expressions. They were even smiling broadly after seeing that man"s arrogance because he was the current Head of Grand family, Rylan Grant!

Beside Rylan was a man who was not as tall as him but wasn"t short either. His face resembles Rylan"s greatly and sat on the seat right next to Rylan"s.

He was Gracie"s Father and Rylan"s younger brother, Caden Grant.

Rylan swiftly gestures with his hand while his eyes were still closed, it was a signal!

Everyone understands what that gesture means; the Meeting was finally about to start!

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