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Eternal Thief

Chapter 24 - Grant Family

Grant Family, Servant Building on the second floor.

Ace saw those seriously injured and lifeless boys not much older than him. He felt intense ferocity in his heart and really wanted to get justice for them but alas he wasn"t strong enough.

This was the true face of the cultivation world where strength is supreme.

Ace swallows the rage and moves forward deep into the 2nd floor. All these doorless rooms were occupied by at least two boys, when they saw Ace with their lifeless eyes they didn"t react at all, because almost every day new "sparring partner" will be delivered. So they didn"t think about Ace much, he was just another unfortunate one.

Grant Family captures these boys from Wastelands, Wastelands were the lowest level lands of the entire human continent. Therefore, no one cares if the Grant family treats those wastelandians like slaves.

These young boys were personally selected by elders of the family and if they find something was not right with their identity they would kill them without any second thought. But in all these peaceful years they become lazy and their selection became less meticulously.

Because of it, Ace infiltrates this servent building and becomes a "sparing partner". He finds an empty room and sits in a corner.

He closed his eyes and begin to ponder over the Dual Shadow Swords technique, he has two years to complete the system mission and in meantime, he needs to get stronger. He has to reach higher levels in his skills and techniques, especially in Dual Shadow Swords it was the hardest to master.

The stealth and silent steps were only stepped away from perfection since they were his most important skills. He also needs to level up the True and False eyes without this mysterious eye skill he can"t locate the hidden traps or arrays. And of course, he didn"t forget about the final two forms of treasure opening hands, without it he wasn"t a true thief.

But in his grand scheme this time the most important skill was Pick-Pocket. When Ace thought of Pick-Pocket he couldn"t help but grin mysteriously.


In the evening Ace open his closed eyes because he heard footsteps of three men approaching.

After five minutes" three men come outside Ace"s room and one of them exclaimed, "Hmm? Why is there still a person without any injuries here?"

Ace heard this startling voice and finally saw three armored men, they were clearly guards of this servant building who were goofing off when Ace enter the building.

"Hey, little shit was you hiding last time when we were selecting "sparing partners"?" The second one condemns sinisterly. His name was Aklam.

"He was lucky last time to escape our hand but this time he can"t escape. Hehe!" Laugh the third one evilly, his name was Luman.

"Little rat since you"re perfectly fine you can be "sparring partner" of Third Young Miss today, and you have quite a good face so she will definitely "treats" you well. Haha" the who exclaimed first snickers darkly, he was Julo.

"Take him with others. Let see if you can live to see tomorrow after getting Third Miss "care"." Order Julo to Aklam behind him.

"Let go little shit." Aklam comes to Ace and was going to grab him forcefully but Ace stands on his own and starts to walk towards the other two guards nonchalantly.

"Oh aren"t we full of energy? Let see if you can still even stand after "practicing" with Third Young Miss." Julo smirk at Ace and starts to select others "sparing partners" and didn"t pay Ace any more attention.

After selecting 10 boys with Ace being one of them. Except for Ace all of them were wounded and has scars on their faces, one of them was shivering visibly while another one was crying his eyes out.

"Only ten?" A dissatisfied voice sounded from outside of the building.

"Head Butler these ten were the only bunch left who can even walk properly. Look we event find a fresh "piece" for Third Young Miss to play with." Answered Julo respectfully as he pointed his finger towards Ace who seemed impassive. His previous domineering face was replaced with a courteous one.

This person standing outside the servant building has a small and chubby stature, he was a middle-aged man with a short black beard. His name was Kylan Grant and he was the Head Butler of Grant family east district.

Grant"s family territory was quite big and it was impossible to monitor all of the territories of the family with little manpower. So the whole Grant Family territory was divided into four districts. East, west, south, north district. Each district has one Protector at peak of Qi Gates Realm and one Head Butler. In the center of all four districts was the main Mansion of the Grant family. In the main Mansion lives, Family Head and his family. These four family districts were divided between the elders of the family.

Head Butler Kylan was here to find new "sparing partners" for east district young masters. But all of the other "sparing partners" were gravely injured. Because those youngsters didn"t hold back at all, if they were in good mood they would at least spare their life. But if they were in bad mood these wastelandians boys would be beaten to death just to vent their anger.

"New batch isn"t here yet?" Ask Head Butler Kylan with clear frustration on his chubby face.

Julo politely answered, "Not yet head butler but I ensure you that it will arrive tomorrow morning."

"Fine, I"ll come tomorrow then." Head Butler Kylan sighs helplessly.

"Yes, we will specially select good ones for you head butler." Aklam thumps his chest while giving grantee to the Head butler.

Kylan nodded his head in satisfaction and turn toward ten "dummies" and said, "You nine will be delivered to others young masters while you in perfect condition will follow me."

Kylan takes Ace and the other nine were taken away by other servants who come with him towards the east district of the Grant family.Ace was scanning the surroundings curiously while walking with Butler Kylan.

East district was the biggest district of the Grant family, and people who live here all held a very high position in the Grant family.

After walking for 5 minutes Ace spotted a beautiful large house, he saw a beautiful garden with colorful flowers outside. Ace was observing the flowers when an angry yet soft voice sounded, "Kylan, where is my sparring partner!?"

"Boy it seems your luck is not very good, it seems Third Young Lady Gracie is angry for some reason." Kylan sniggers darkly while he looked at Ace as if he was a deadman.

As Kylan was talking to Ace, the house closed-door blast opened and a little girl about 5 feet tall with a slender figure, come out. She was Gracie Grant Third Miss of Grant"s family. She held quite a power in Grant"s family because she was the niece of Rylan Grant. She has a remarkably willful personality.

When Kylan saw Gracie was storming towards him with a long face, he quickly grabs Ace"s hand and move him in front of himself and quickly said, "Young Miss look this is the "sparring partner" I bought for you today, and he isn"t injured at all. He also has quite a face."

Gracie heard Kylan"s words and finally shifts her gaze towards Ace. Even she was stunned for a moment after seeing his handsome face especially those shinning dark blue eyes; that gave him an unknown charm, with pale skin and long inky hair Ace looks like some young prince.

Gracie has to admit maybe he"s the most handsome boy she ever saw. She quickly hides her surprised expression and acts like she didn"t move by this sparring partner at all. However, from Ace"s soul sense how could she escape? He immediately notices a change in her mood.

"Hmph! What can I do with this little white sheep? He can"t even withstand a single strike from me." Gracie snorted and act like she was still in bad mood.

Kylan didn"t have Ace"s soul sense as cold sweat begins to form on his forehead and quickly said in a panic tone, "Y-young Miss don"t look at his face, He is after all from wildness and his body has to be strong if he wants to survive in wastelands." He was afraid that she would want him to become her "sparring partner" today and hurriedly begin to explain about wastelandians.

It was true that if someone wants to survive in wastelands one has to become a hunter. One could not live in wastelands comfortably like people in the city. They have to hunt for food and fight with those wild demonic beasts to live. That"s why they have naturally strong bodies. If not for the poor quality of Qi in wastelands and other strange reasons these wastelandians would"ve ruled the lands of cities long ago.

Just because of it they didn"t have any strong experts and these strong families captured their youngsters wantonly. Some use them to become stepping stones for their young generation like the Grant Family, and others use them as high-quality slaves.

It was also a mystery why the wastelandians never has any Qi Foundation Realm Cultivator.

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