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Eternal Thief

Chapter 20 - A Crazy Girl!

Seeing the door open Ace swiftly leaps towards the corner of the room where his swords were. He quickly grabbed the two swords and was ready to fight with the "great enemy" who invaded his room.

However, after some time no explosion or huge army came from the opened door. "Are they waiting for me to made the first move?" Ace thought gravely.

Ace elected to jump out of a window and escape in the darkness. He was confident in escaping without a scratch. But halt his movements because he heard footsteps coming from the open door and it was only one person.

A graceful figure enters Ace"s room.

Just by seeing this kind of figure one could tell it was a lady. She was 1.8 meters tall and wearing a black Qipao 1with a short slit which exposes her long snowy leg. This dress perfectly matched her sexy figure. especially the two big peaks on her chest, they look like they might burst out of her dress at any movement.

Her long black hair was like a waterfall. Merely it was a real pity that one can"t see her face because she was wearing a black fox mask. But her gorgeous foxlike hazel eyes were twinkling like stars.

Her white delicate hands were holding a tray with Ace dinner.

The Fox Mask-wearing girl was actually Asher"s top subordinate "Black Fox". But she wasn"t wearing her armor and this displays her sexy characteristics. If Asher sees her now he would be bewildering because even he didn"t see Black Fox like this before.

Black Fox was actually a "gift" or simply a slave given to Asher by his mother. His mother was from the Grant Family, the second-ranked family of the inner region. That"s why Asher"s position was high in Kelby Family and no one dares to mess with him, plus he was talented himself. When he received "Black Fox" all those years ago even at that time she was wearing black armor and this fox mask was on her face. She was like an emotionless puppet.

Asher"s mother only told him; not to try taking off her masked ever, so he never really cares about it much. Since she was talented and get the "jobs" done and that"s what matters the most.


Black Fox gracefully enters Ace"s room while holding the tray of dishes in her milky hands and closed the door with invisible vigor. She placed the tray on a wooden table and she sits in one of two chairs around the table.

"You should eat first or it will get cold." Her voice was like warm wind in cold winter, very pleasant to the ears.

Ace was flabbergasted by this sudden development and dumbfoundedly watch this fox mask lady. He nearly let go of his sword after hearing her beautiful voice there was some kind of bewitching power mix in it and Ace think she was not an enemy. But he quickly sobers up because of his soul sense and most importantly that Black Fox Mask was giving his soul sense a gloomy feeling.

"YOU! Who are you exactly and what do you want?" Ace points his sword tip at her mask. "She"s dangerous!"

A surprise glint flashed past her eyes after seeing Ace wasn"t affected by her mind skill.

"You can eat first then we can talk." Black fox said naturally as if it was her own room and this time didn"t use her skill again.

"Just said what you want and leave, don"t force my hand." Ace threatened.

"Hmm. I know the infamous Black Ghost of the outer region is not easy to deal with. Hence I"m not here to pick a fight with you. I"m only here to form an equal partnership." Black Fox stated honestly while placing her hand under her chin.

A tremor ran through Ace"s body after hearing the "Black Ghost" name and his heart turn cold.

"How did she find out!!?" This was the only question in his mind right now.

Ace was extremely sure about carefully hiding and cleaning his tracks. But this mask-girl exposed him two days after coming into the inner region. This was a huge blow to his self-esteem.

Ace tightens his grip on his sword hilts and is about to attack by using the Dual Shadow Swords Technique when the mask-girl timely raised her snowy hand in the air and speak innocently, "Look I don"t even have any weapon. You aren"t going to attack a harmless girl like me right? And don"t worry your secret is safe with me only I know about it."

When Ace heard this he forces himself to calm down and ease his grip on his sword hilts a bit, but he didn"t put away his swords.

"I don"t know what you"re talking about and I never heard of this named before." Ace calmly retorted but his heart was thumping like crazy.

Ae didn"t know how this girl come to this conclusion, but she didn"t have any evidence of him being Black Ghost. Even if things go south he was confident in his escaping abilities. He didn"t escape till now and still talking to her because he didn"t sense any malicious intent or hidden intention from her soul fluctuations.

"Hihihi, You hide your traces quite well even I didn"t find any information about you first, and you even sneak into the inner region without alerting anyone. I must say I"m quite impressed by your abilities. But you make a huge mistake and that was you sells your spoils to Kelby Shop. Meaning you go to the same person shop who was investigating you." She giggles while pointing out Ace"s mistake.

"I don"t understand." Ace sighs deeply and drops the act. He could sense this girl has some solid evidence on him. Moreover, she has no hostility towards him so he asks her to explain herself clearly.

Ace was quite perplexed now, even if he goes to Kelby Shop this didn"t mean anything because so many people make some kind of deals like him daily.

"It"s like this when you stole from that fatty, Asher was already on your tail. He is an extremely greedy and ambitious person when he heard you opened a 1-Star treasury without alerting anyone and even disable an illusion array. He grasps that you have some kind of treasure or secret skill and wanted that skill for himself. That"s why he ordered me to search for you. But you were too good at hiding your trails and even I who is good at finding people can"t find any trace of you. But I do investigate what you steal from that Fatty"s shop." Black fox and giggles like a kid who just solve a great mystery.

"So you"re saying, you come to this conclusion by the numbers of pills I robbed from Billy? No this is not it! I ate one of the pills before therefore the number was no the same. Could it be the nature of pills?" Ace was very smart and instantly find many loopholes in her explanation and apparently, it was not enough to reveal he was the Black Ghost.

"You are right it was not the number of pills nor was their nature but..." Black Fox"s foxlike eyes flicker mysteriously before she continues, "Can you explain your identity as Ace White? Who should be in outer region slums now but how could he be in the inner region without anyone knowing about it?" She shoots questions at Ace like arrows.


Ace lamented, "What makes you think; a mere commoner can become Black Ghost?"

Ace puts down both swords and sits opposite black Fox. and starts eating. He surrenders completely before this mask-lady. If she really wanted to harm him or covet his secrets she just has to tell Asher he was here and didn"t even need to tell him he was Black Ghost. Asher would come here with an army because he hated Ace to bone after what Ace did.

"I guess it because only your little hut in slums was empty. When I asked around your neighborhood they said strangely for a month you always stay inside the hut and didn"t go to your work either. Your little sister mysteriously vanishes a month ago and after you as well. First I think you were just a random pitiful kid who was searching for his missing sister and didn"t put much attention on you.

"But after what you did to Asher today and Caleb described your appearance I immediately connect the dots and here I am paying you a friendly visit. Hihi." Black Fox chuckles vigorously. She watches Ace eating his dinner who didn"t seem like the person that was about to attack her a few moments ago.

"I must say I"m impressed. Now tell me why didn"t you tell Asher? Didn"t you work for him?" Ace asks while keeps eating. He was secretly absorbing the Qi while talking and his soul sense was solely locked on Black Fox. If he senses even a little bit of hostility from her he would escape.

"I"m was working for him until I find you this morning and finally see a ray of hope." Black Fox"s eyes shimmer excitedly as she looked at Ace"s handsome face.

"What do you mean "ray of hope?" Ace was bewildered.

"I always wanted to be a thief just like you." Back Fox"s foxlike hazel eyes begin gleaming like stars.

"W-W-WHAT?!" Ace nearly choked on food when he heard her words. "Y-you Are you Crazy!?"

Chinese Style Dress.

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