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Eternal Thief

Chapter 2 - Ace White

River-Flower City, Outer region, slums area.

Inside a small, rundown hut, there was a broken stove. Beside it were two clean clay bowls, and inside them were clay spoons. Other than that, there were some ragged clothes neatly arranged in the hut"s corner.

In a different corner of the hut, on the floor, lay a little girl in a cocoon of blankets, and despite being tightly wrapped in two blankets, she was still shivering as if she was lying on a block of ice. It seems like she has a terrible cold or fever.

Since her face didn"t cover with blankets, one could see her cute features. She looks only seven or eight years old, with snow-white skin. Despite being ill, her face was a feast for the eyes. Her face was oval, with a sharp thin little nose, hollow cheeks, and cherry-like perfect lips. Her tightly shut big eyes and dark light eyebrows were frowning at this moment.

All of this doesn"t matter because currently, her complexion was so pale there seems to be no blood in her, like a ghost. She"s clearly in an extremely weak state.

Suddenly the hut almost broken door crack opens and a little boy with a height of 1.7 meters enters in a hurry. He was thin and looked extremely weak by his pale face. Despite his extreme pale complexion, his dark blue eyes were like the starry sky, and he was very handsome. If not for his tattered clothes and skinny body, many girls would"ve been charmed by him.

He quickly approaches the sick little girl and sits beside her. He examines her condition with his skinny hands. After checking her condition, his brows tightly frown forming dark lines on his pale forehead. He seems to be quite anxious at this moment.

He gently takes the little girl in his embrace and softly whispers in her ear, "Little sis, how are you feeling? Look, big bro, come back with medicine for your cold. It will go away this time as soon as little Alina will take it!" His voice was feeble, but it was filled with concern and love.

As he said that, he hurriedly takes out the medicine from his pocket. It was wrapped in rough paper packing. When he opens the rough packing, two small smooth black pills come to view. These pills look like black pepper.

Little Alina, that was almost unconscious, heard her big bro voice, and slowly she opens her eyes with extreme difficulty. A pair of beautiful blue watery eyes were revealed, but alas, they were dull and blurry because of her weak state.

Alina speaks with a trembling and feeble voice, "B...b-big B-bro Ace!" Her voice was weak, but there was a hint of love and happiness in it.

It thrilled Alina to see her big bro holding her in his embrace. But she was so weak that she could only say big bro with all her strength.

Seeing her like this, Ace felt extremely heartbroken and sighed in sadness.

Ace gently stock her black hair and smiled faintly. He didn"t want to show Alina his painful expression. He took one of the small black pills and fed her with extreme care.

After making sure she swallowed the pill, he said faintly with a smile on his face, "Little Alina going to be alright in no time with this alchemy medicine. Just rest and big bro will take care of you until you"ll become healthy again, okay."

Ace was reassuring her, or maybe himself. It doesn"t matter since he was quite anxious about her. She was his only family in this vast world, and he will let nothing happen to her until he lives!


[Let go A Couple of years In Past]

"Ace white" his parents give him this name because they think this name sounds good to hear and easy to remember by others.

Unfortunately, his parents went missing in wastelands when he was only four years old. They were Low-level Cultivators doing hunting in wastelands for a living. Since they didn"t come back for almost a year, the city officials declare them dead.

Little Ace lived with his Grandparents when he heard the news of his parent"s death. He mourned for months after finding out about this heart-shattering news. Seeing him like this, his Grandparents were also very heartbroken.

The shock of his parent"s death started to settle down after some time. He slowly accepted that his Dad and Mom would never come back, so his grandparents were everything for him, and he cherished them dearly.

However, their living conditions begin to decline after one year of his parents" death. When they were still around, they didn"t need to worry about the food or clothing, but now that they were gone, things changed quickly.

After three years of his parents" death, little Ace turns eight this year when another tragedy befalls him. His grandma passed away from an extreme fever. He cries for a long time with his old grandpa beside him. After his grandma, his grandpa can"t take the grief of her departure with his old heart. He became ill and passes away four months after her.

Now little Ace was alone in this heartless world. He worked as a dishwasher in the same restaurant where his grandma used to work before her death. The owner simply took pity on the poor little alone boy.

After the trauma of his grandparents" death, he became a silent child and rarely speaks to anyone else. He has no friends of his age. When he watches other children with their parents, he would cry in his house at night alone, where no one can hear or soothe him.

Two years pass in a flash.

In two years, little Ace became somewhat tall, but his complexion was very skinny. He still works as a dishwasher for some copper coins in the same restaurant and earns his meals. From his emotionless eyes, he seems like a mature person despite his young and tender age.

Time has left a deep scar on his little heart. He has even forgotten when the last time he was smiling.

On one chilly night, he was walking home after his work when he heard someone"s cry from a dark valley. From the voice, one could tell that it was the voice of a small child.

Ace frowns a little and immediately puts his guard up and vigilantly took small steps toward the small valley!

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