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Eternal Thief

Chapter 17 - Greed!

When Matthew saw Ace grabbing those two pill bottles he loses his calm composure and instantly yell, "NO!"

Matthew was about to attack Ace when he forced himself to stop in his tracks because he finally remembers standing in Kelby Pills & Weapons shop. Because of his loud yell, everyone around starts to take notice.

"What? Don"t tell me, I need your permission for selling my things? Did Kelby Pills & Weapons" shop treat its customers like this?" Ace take advantage of this situation and raised his voice while questioning Matthew.

Just as Ace anticipated, everyone around them starts to look towards old man Matthew with questionable gazes and begins whispering something to each other.

That attendant also panicked, "This old man never does this kind of thing what happens? He"s acting like an idiot!"

"N-NO, NO! It was just a misunderstanding you can do anything with your things. I simply didn"t feel well so I lose my composer. Everyone I apologized to let you all see me in this state I hope that everyone can forgive this old man"s rudeness." Matthew bowed towards everyone apologetically.

"This brat is a cunning one. If he didn"t hurriedly grab those pills I would"ve never behaved like a moron! He tricked me into acting rashly and now I can"t do anything while he can take those pills away. But how the hell did he notice?!" Matthew grinds his teeth in frustration and was right about Ace outwitting him acting like way.

Now Ace can leaves safely with those "suspicious pills".

"It"s was just a misunderstanding and we thought there would be a good show to watch, what a letdown. Everyone let"s mind our own business." Said someone who was watching with chuckles, and after hearing him all others chortled as well and start minding their own business again.

"Haha, little brother these pills all are yours so it is your design to sell them or not. So just sell what you want and take what you didn"t want to sell. We have no objection." Old Man Matthew turned to Ace and said as he laughs dryly that looks quite ugly.

"Oh don"t worry I only need these two healing pills for myself. I"m selling all the other pills to you." Ace replied with an innocent smile as if he didn"t do anything.

"Go and report this transaction to upper floors and get 23,500 ruby coins for our little brother here. I"m not feeling quite well at this moment so I"m going to retire for today." Old Man Matthew left towards the upper floor of the building in a hurry with an obnoxious face.

"Why is he going that way?" Thought the young attendant but couldn"t find an answer. She didn"t settle on it and quickly fetch Ace"s dues.

"Here is Ruby Crystal Card; your 23,500 ruby coins are in it. You can use it like normal currency or withdraw your coins from anywhere in lands of cities." Said the young attendant while giving Ace a white a little slim square crystal card white in color, on it, there were 23,500 written in red.

Ace heard of these crystal cards before, they can be used anywhere in 4th Level Lands, so he wasn"t shocked by it and accept the white card.

After taking care of his business, he quickly left because he knew that the old man was not good and up to no good.


Old man Matthew was going to the upper floors of Kelby Pills & Weapons shop"s building in a hurry.

Matthew just entered the 3rd floor when a man blocked his way, though, and mock him disdainfully, "Old Man where are you going in such a hurry, slow down or you might die of exhaustion. Hehe."

This man"s face was not so attractive and looks rather ordinary with short black hair, he was Apprentice Alchemist Caleb. He was extremely arrogant because he was Apprentice Alchemist at the age of 26. That"s why Kelby Family put vast resources into him and wanted to groom a White Alchemist out of him.

However, becoming a white-ranked alchemist was not so easy. That"s why Kelby"s family settles Caleb in this shop so he could get some experience and make pills for the shop while at it. It was a form of practice and he can improve his alchemist skill rather fast this way.

Yet, all this care, parsed, and easy-to-earned resources made Caleb utmost arrogant and now he didn"t put anyone in his eyes. He didn"t listen to anyone except the Kelby family higher-ups and their direct descendants and always like to play around.

"Young master Caleb, this old man has something very important to do so please forgive this old man to not entertain you." Said Matthew respectfully but there was clear hostility in his eyes because of Caleb"s early curse, but alas he can do nothing.

"Hmm? Something important huh tells me what it is and I"ll decide if it is important or not." Caleb grimaced after listening to Matthew. If he remembers correctly this old man was very respectful and now he was showing displeasure openly, "Something is not right."

"Young master please just this once can you not be like this? It is important enough to report it to the Shop owner himself." Said old man Matthew while sighing in frustration, if it was someone else he would"ve slapped them thousand times now already.

"YOU!!" Caleb was just about to flare up at this rude old guy but think about it more carefully, "What could be that important to report it to the shop owner himself? He even offends me for it. Well, I have to see for myself then."

"Let"s go I"m coming with you and if it was not as important as you said it is, hehe, you know what will happen when I"m in bad mood right?" Caleb smiled gloomily and go with Matthew.

They reached the fifteenth floor in minutes.

The fifteenth floor of this shop was very beautifully decorated with expensive jade and marble. One can see the inner region city while standing before the window here and enjoying the city"s beautiful view at night.

Currently, a young man with black hair, pale skin, and luxurious clothes was sitting in a chair beside the window and watch the bursting market with a frown on his handsome face.

"What does it mean you couldn"t find him anywhere? Is he was a ghost? Did you search every area of the outer region?" The young man speaks gently but there was clear anger in his voice, he didn"t lose his composure.

"Yes young master I even search in slums but there were only commoners who lived there. It seems after that "Black Ghost" person robbed that fatty"s shop he leaves the city. He might be afraid of getting caught and escaped afterward."

There was a kneeling figure in front of the young man. It wore black full-body light armor, no one can see its figure clearly with that armor and a black fox mask was on its face. One could only saw its hazel eyes through that mask"s eyes holes. From its voice was beautiful to an extreme and please to ears, it was the voice of a young girl.

"Black Fox I"m not angry because of you, It"s just that it"s such a shame that I wouldn"t be able to gain a new pawn and most importantly find that Black Ghost person"s secrets." Said the young man in disappointment. One could see intense greed when he talks about Black Ghost"s "secrets" in his eyes.

Anyone who can open a 1-star treasury in minutes has to have some mysterious secret on him and he wanted only that secret from the start. As for accepts him as a pawn that was "Black Ghost" choice. If Black Ghost accepts to be his tool, he will take care of him but if not, he will do what he always does to his enemies "kill without mercy".

The young man was still thinking about "Black Ghost" secrets when he heard approaching footsteps and stated calmly, "You can go first and see if they"re still any trace left from "Black Ghost. I still don"t think a guy with skills like him will run away this easy."

After receiving her orders Black Fox vanished like smoke.

"Young master Asher, Caleb is here to pay you a visit with Old Matthew." Caleb"s loud voice resounded in the silent room.

This young man"s name was "Asher Kelby" the oldest son of the current Head of Kelby Family and probably the next head of the Kelby family. He was known as a cultivation genius because he has already opened the 3rd Gate of Qi Gates realms. He was intelligent, calm, and ruthless.

That"s why he was the shop owner of the biggest shop of the Kelby family. He didn"t spare his enemies even if they were just mortals he would kill them just to get rid of any future problems.

"Come in," Asher said in a neutral tone.

"Young master this old man want to report something urgent." Said Caleb as he pointed at Mathew beside him while smiling. He wasn"t arrogant like before even he was afraid of this ruthless young master.

"Hmm? Speak." As if he was not interested in both of his visitors, Asher was still looking outside of the window.

"This old man greets the young shop owner. I want to report; I saw 2 white ranks Qi Pills a boy"s hand, who seems to come from a low-level city or outside of the river flower city..." Matthew respectively repeated everything that happens he didn"t dare to hide anything from Asher. "That boy was too sharp and I failed in the end." He finished his report but his miss that part where he wanted those pill for himself.

"Where is he now?" Asher turns around and looked at the old man"s eyes undeviatingly. There was a greedy glint in his eyes just like when he was talking about the Black Ghost.

White ranked pills were rare in the 2-star city. Most of them were in the hand of the city lord and even white grade alchemist was in the city lord mansion. and Ace has 2 of them on him, even he didn"t know this right now.

Even Caleb was bewildered by old man Matthew"s encounter, "If I have those white ranked pills I can reach white ranked faster!" Caleb greedily thought but he can"t do anything. Now Asher knows about those white rank pills he can just forget about them because Caleb knew he won"t be able to lay his hands on any of them.

The moment Matthew told Asher about them, they become his property.

"After dealing with him I came running straight to young shop owner to report," Matthew told Asher respectfully.

"Caleb takes this old guy and Two of my guards. I need those pills as soon as possible. If you can"t get those pills you two should disappear as well. Moreover, make sure no one will know about those pills except us three. is that clear?" Asher warns them coldly as his eyes turn cold and emit thick killing intent towards Caleb and Matthew.

"Yes, we will get those pills no matter what!" Both of them said simultaneously. Drops of sweat were running on both of their faces and their backs were also drenched in a cold sweat.

"How the hell did I get involved in this shit.." Caleb cursed his bad luck.

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