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Eternal Thief

Chapter 10 - Alone Again

Ace very carefully steps outside the shop"s main door when suddenly his stealth wears off like some curtain. Ace"s figure is revealed and now anyone can see him.

"I Knew it, my Qi runs out damn it!" Ace swears at his bad luck when Fatty Billy also opens his closed eyes because in panic he opens the shop"s door promptly.

"RUN!"That was the only thought that came to Ace"s mind at this moment and he sprinted crazily.

Ace was just at the corner of the street when he heard Billy"s shrill scream fill with terror from behind.


"What where??!" Ace was startled and quickly looked but there was no ghost, he was very afraid of ghosts.

"Oh, he means me." Ace thought of himself as he looked at the full-back get-up, he definitely looked like a ghost.

Ace"s complexion was ashen but he still sprints even faster. Other shop owners also came out by the time he was exiting the pill market and some of them saw him. They also start screaming like idiots.

Ace ran towards the inner region direction because he didn"t want others to think he came from the outer region. He wanted to mislead everyone. After running for five minutes, he turns around and saw there was no one following him. He quickly changes his direction and takes a big circle around the area.

Now Ace was heading towards the direction of slums. On his way, he first goes to that rundown Park and headed into a hidden area from everyone"s outlook. No one can find it easily and the kids didn"t play around here either. He quickly finds a lite mark on the ground that he leaves this morning and hurriedly starts digging the marked area.

After some moments he dug out a foot-deep hole in the ground. Inside the hole was a little string bag, Ace quickly open it, and inside was a new set of clothes that he bought today. He changed into these new clothes.

This wasn"t just any random hole it was his escape plane. Ace"s plan was if he completes today"s mission he would come here and hides the loot here until everything"s cools down. But if he would"ve failed then he would escape and still come here for destroying the pieces of evidence.

Thankfully he completes his mission successfully although he still gets spotted in the end, he escaped without any hurdle.

After changing his clothes he buried the bag full of pills and coins with his black clothes and filled the hole carefully. Subsequently, Ace makes sure the area was clear and there was no trace of digging left. He nodded and quickly left.

No one would"ve imagined that in this barren place buried a bag worth more than 24,000 Ruby coins.

After the deed was done and everything went according to Ace"s plan, relief wash over him and he suddenly felt extreme exhaustion and feebleness. After all, He was under intense pressure this whole time. Now he just wants to go home and cure Alina as soon as possible.

"Everything is finally over." Ace laments and sighs deeply as he slowly headed to his home.

Ace was just about to enter the slums area when he heard quick footsteps approaching. He didn"t panic just keeps his head down and continue walking.

"Hey, Brat! Stop right there!" Ace heard a loud yell from behind.

Ace immediately stop moving and turn around and saw two men with big build approaching him. One was tall and the other was short,

"It"s those two idiots." Ace thought with a hint of astonishment flash past his eyes.

Yes, they were Billy guards after getting betting and cursing from Billy they were searching that black ghost high and low like some madman. But they didn"t even find his shadow much less the whole person.

"Brat quickly tells us if you saw a black clothing person passing here or not!" The short one asked quickly with a dangerous expression.

"No sir I didn"t see anyone I was coming from my work, in the way here I didn"t see anyone wearing black clothes." Ace answer calmly with politeness, he knew if he didn"t answer them he"ll be in trouble so he answered as respectfully as possible.

"Useless trash! Get out my sight!" The tall one was in a very bad mood after getting a beating from Billy and after hearing an answer he didn"t want to, he kicks Ace in the abdominal viciously.


The kick landed on Ace"s abdomen and he was in a very weak state, to begin with so he was sent flying after receiving the vicious kick. He wasn"t able to block it and even if he can, he didn"t dare to reveal his skills.


He landed on the ground a few meters away from those two idiots.

"cough cough"

Ace cough some blood and nearly fainted from the kick impact but he endured the pain and keeps his head as he trembles.

"Let"s go we didn"t have time to waste on this trash, if we waste any more time and didn"t find that ghost Fatty will kill us both." The short one said as he pulls the big one with him and they left quickly.

"Well, you two are dead for sure alright." Ace sneered, his trembling was instantly stopped after those two left, but he was having difficulty standing up.

"I think something is broken inside." Ace smiles bitterly. After standing he starts walking like a cripple.

After half an hour of bitter walk, he finally saw his little hut.

A smile crept out on Ace"s pale face and was just about to open the door of the hut when he saw that something was not right because the door was already open a little.

"Alina!!" Ace forgets about his injury and his exhausted body, he yells as he hurriedly opens the door and saw that the hut was empty and those two blankets that were supposed to be on Alina were neatly folded, arranged on a corner of the hut.

When Ace saw this he can"t endure the shock and he was injured and exhausted, to begin with, and now Aline"s disappearance gives him a huge mental blow as well.


Ace landed face-first on the floor with his eyes rolled upwards as he fainted on spot.


Outside of River flower city.

Currently, two silhouettes were moving in the dim light of the moon at very fast speeds like the wind. By the looks of it, one silhouette seems little, and the other was tall and sturdy.

They were moving in the forest and moving towards upper-level regions of the Azure Wind Continent.

Suddenly the small silhouette stops moving and a beautiful little girl reveals herself in the moonlight.

Her little face was perfect without any flaw on it, she seems like a divine doll made with white jade. But currently, her beautiful blue eyes were red and tears were flowing down from them. It seems like she was crying for some reason.

"Grandpa Can we not leave like this, Big Bro will be worried sick if he didn"t find me and look for me around." Said"s the small girl while crying, her gentle voice was filled with grievance.

She was certainly Alina, after Ace left this evening to complete his mission she was still hanging between the border of life and death because of her blood awakening. But today her long-lost grandpa come back to find her. He gives her a shining white pill with some kind of beautiful patterns on it and her condition change in an instant because her bloodline awakening was successful.

Her black hair was now turned in silver color it was a sign of "Ice Elemental" Hunter"s bloodline has been awakened and she looks more elegant with it.

"Princess I finally made contact with your parents they were very worried about you. We have to make haste, living human territory as soon as possible. And you left a note and money for that kid he will live well for rest of his entire life with princess grace." Said the old man beside her, he was acting like some servant in front of Alina as he calls her princess.

"Bu-but he is my big brother and he takes care of me of all these years, I can"t even say goodbye to him. We might never meet again ever." Said Alina while crying in grief. She wants to tell Ace why she was here and who she was but this Grandpa or hers never agrees to her request so she could only write a short note for Ace and leave with him hastily. Her heart was filled with bitterness

"Mortals and Immortals can never live together." Said the old man coldly with disdainful eyes.

If it wasn"t for encounters a strong enemy that day and because of it he has to go into hiding he would never allow the princess to be "molested" by that lowly tramp.

Alina looks one last time at the city or directly at the boy who always takes care of her like some princess. Even if he was poor he never let her felt any discomfort and call her "Lil Sis" gently with full of love.

"Thank you for everything and I"m sorry Big Bro Ace!" Alina thought while tears dripping from her milky face and turn around entering the forest.

After they both drifted away like silver smoke.


When Ace was unconscious, the outer region of River Flower City was in an uproar.

The news of someone has stolen Pill Shop Owner Billy Bill"s entire wealth under his nose spread like wildfire and reached everyone"s ears. News of this caliber was bound to spread like wildfire; even the Inner region of the city gets the news.

"Hey did you hear, someone disable the illusion array without any sound and key card, he even opened a 1-start treasury in minutes? People say he was a black ghost and he disappeared like smoke no one can catch him."

This kind to talk was everywhere in the city. People give the thief title of "Black Ghost Thief" and every shop owner was afraid of Black Ghost. They were afraid that Black Ghost will pay a "visit" to their shop next. Everyone tightens their security around their treasuries because they were afraid and if that isn"t enough they even hire more guards.

On the other hand, Billy was still searching for the Black Ghost like a mad dog. Even the outer city guardpost got involved in the search but they didn"t find any trace of Black Ghost like he never exists, he has vanished in thin air.

Fatty Billy was going mad over this; he even killed those two idiots" guards after they failed to finds out Black Ghost trace.

Billy also heard from nearby shop owners that Black Ghost has escaped in the direction of the inner region of the city that night. That"s why he was even more angry and helpless because he can"t do anything to the inner region. He tries to report this to outer city guards but they chase him away like some random dog.

Now he can only vent his anger on people around him.


The inner region of River flower city was two times bigger than the outer region.

Inside a luxurious fifteen-story building, on the top floor of the building.

A young handsome man wearing lavishing clothes that weren"t even seen in the outer city. Currently standing in front of the window while reading something on the paper in his hand.

"Black Ghost huh, disabled a half-star illusion and lock array without any sound and array crystal card, and even opened a 1-Start treasury assumingly in minutes. Interesting how very interesting, Find him he might be a useful pawn for us." Said the young man whit a warm smile on his face. But there was no one around to hear him however, the paper in his hand had already vanished.

He warm smile become dark and greed shimmer in his cold eyes as he drinks some wine while watching the city from the top floor of the building.

"A thief ay, Well this is also good I won"t be bored anymore.." He chuckled and closed his eyes savoring the taste of wine.

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