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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 9 A... Rabbit God?

Clear blue eyes, and a slim Physiques, that was not too muscular, yet also not too thin. He was quite the baddy, if one had to say something about his overall charm.

"For starters, my name is Jin Holland. I am a rank final ascendency true god. I am only one step from becoming a main god, I am also a senior from the first batch of the third generation, our, generation. Nice to meet you all.

"Now off to official business, how to become true gods from a godlin. We will not use any process here and..." He tapped his foot lightly on the ground, opening ten portals behind him.

"Just go through the process as fast as possible. Be warned though, the moment you enter this portal, you will be accepting your past and your personalities might be influenced, the chances are low though. Do you still want to go in?" He asked for confirmation.

And the teenage gods did not hesitate to nod their heads in agreement. "In that case, off you go. With your talents, I bet nothing will change with you guys. Good luck."

The Ten teenagers looked at each other then took a step off to begin their future at the same time. As a group, as a team and as friends. The last one still needs verification though.

When they all finally entered the portals, Jin couldn't help but look at Hestia as he confirmed something, "Are you sure this is safe? He... really doesn't have a Constitution or a Reincarnation."

"It's fine. He might have a unique form of Reincarnation, because where would the abilities come from then? As for his Constitution, Haah~" She sighed as she looked at the portal that Enigma entered.

"Let's hope his bloodline saves him."


Enigma sighed as he found himself standing before the white-skinned beauty. Well, she was beautiful and her face was comfortable to look at, so, should he stop complaining?

『We meet again, young lord』

The beautiful lady in white gowns and long silver hair, bowed slightly towards him as she greeted him respectfully. Her tone was not arrogant, despite her bearing, which was that of a noble.

"Why am I here again? And what was that you said back then? Something something system, I failed to catch on, the last time we spoke." Enigma was supposed to become a true god, so why did he come here instead?

There was no way in Hell, that his process of becoming a True God, had something to do with these guys. There was no way... right? Enigma thought as he had a bad feeling.

『It is because I am about to make you an O-- Ahem, pardon that, a Rabbit God』

The silver-haired beauty was about to blurt something but luckily managed to stop herself. She then covered her mouth with her sleeves and avoided his eyes as she changed her words.

Her shyness did not phase him though, as his eyes showed zero change in emotions. He was still worried about his own thoughts.

"I'll ignore what type of secrets you're keeping away from me and just ask, what the hell is a Rabbit God?"

『My hus–—Cough Cough... my husband』

"...For a second there, I thought you were gonna change your words. So, any explaination for this?" Enigma was surprised how calmly he took her words as he asked.

Ever since he began fighting his urges six years ago, his emotions and feelings, most of them were sealed in his heart.... or never existed in the first place?

Luckily he was not a heartless monster. As he could still laugh, cry, feel bitter, feel anger, feel fear and the other emotions... at his own will. Voluntary even.

Or maybe he was faking it? Such a thought was also available, as one could never know, with a part of his childhood memories missing.

And it's just that whenever his emotions were about to reach a certain threshold, his heart starts beating like a drum. A really, really loud drum at that.

No, seriously.

He could literally hear it from miles away, don't ask how. Even his sisters or Hestia could hear it whenever it happened around them.

It starts of as an illusory like sound, but by the seventh beat, it sounded like it was their hearts instead ringing the sound. As I they were joining in the melody as well.

Unfortunately he had never gone past that, so he didn't know what happens afterwards.

『That was a joke. Yes, I know, I am very bad at making jokes. Anyway, my lord, a Rabbit God is a true god. By becoming one, you will--』

"Become like you?" Enigma cut her off unintentionally, as if he knew that was what she was going to say. 'No offense, but I just saw it coming from a mile away senior, I apologize.' He silently apologized to her.

『...Is something wrong with being like me?』

She asked as she looked at herself and her figure, which was barely seen because of her oversized robes. She thought of something then her face became tinted by a shade of red.

"No, nothing is wrong with you. Now, please continue." Seeing her expression like that, Enigma didn't want ro entertain her thoughts, for now. He hurriedly rushed her to continue with her explanation.

『...You can perfectly accept some of our traits. Though it is nothing special at the early stages, you can reach the level of your... uhm, nevermind. You can become invincible in simple terms』

"I see. Is that all? So what was that system thing you guys talked about." Enigma nodded and continued pressing the matter of the system that she kept brushing over.

『Nothing special. It is just a support character that can help you fuse our powers which come from different origins to suit this Era. You can also learn information about most of our Inheritances that you had bestowed us during your prime. As for its background, we are clueless too』

"Prime huh?" Such a word sounded surreal as he barely knew who he was back in the last Prime Era. So her mentioning it, meant that she was related to him in his past life. Sister? Mother? Wife? It could be any for god's sake.

『We also realised how your new Era relies more on this thing called believers and faith to prosper. We decided on giving you three gifts to start up your future』

The white rabbit goddess said as she waved her hand and three eggs appeared in front of him. One was just white with no decorations, the second was like some sort of fruit with Unique patterns around it and the last one looked like a shell trapping a vicious beast than a egg.

"Gifts, you say? Why are you giving me three giant eggs as gifts? Are they followers? You know what, forget it, I'll just hatch them when the time comes." Enigma said as he saw one of the eggs twitch slightly in anticipation to his words. 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

One thing was for sure, her answer would be useless and she probably wouldn't do anything to harm him. So instead of wasting time on the eggs, he would rather learn more about the system.

『Remember young lord, the mother of that one is called Kaguya. Be sure to tell them that once their born. Now Bye』

She hurriedly said goodbye, hurriedly waved at him and hurriedly left just like that. Enigma was impressed and couldn't help but praise her skills in the art of 'retreat'.

"Oi... She's, gone." He sighed, "I thought it was the man's job to run away from the child when it was close to being born. And her name is Kaguya? What a beautiful name.

"...She really left just like that huh? She didn't tell me how the system thing works. Before that, I need to sort out myself, things have been speeding up way too fast recently.

"And yeah, so, I ended becoming an ARC too, huh? I should call Mystica, before she thinks I committed suicide, that girl can be insecure at times. After that, I learned the twenty one divine arts and created my own subsidiary skills.

"Leafed Clover Shield, Heal, Strength Enhancement, Noble Aura, Speed Enhancement, Levitate and Noble Bearing. Unfortunately they are all limited by my power or rank.

"After that, I was brought here and told to become a true god. But unfortunately I was sent here instead. I was given this system, by a beautiful lady, a happy go lucky middle-aged man and a stoic middle-aged man.

"But seriously though, what was my past like? What was I? Or rather, who was I? They keep calling me "Young master" or "Young lord" or something. Was I some sort of royalty? Forget it.

"By the way, how do I activate this system? She, never told me how, did she? Lets try, system on? Activate? I am your master? System, go!!! System, I choose you!!!" Enigma sighed and rubbed his temples after wasting his breathe on useless assumptions. The only choice left was to...

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