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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 4 Strange Entities

"What's this? What's going on?" Takashi asked suddenly, as the lights finally returned to the visions. To be precise, their brains could comprehend the light that reflected everything into their eyes once again.

"I have no idea." Allen shrugged his shoulders. The others also began talking among themselves, guessing whether Enigma failed or the machine was broken.

"Did he fail? Seems like that to me."

"But that experience? Did an Apocalypse descend?"

"Idiot why would an Apocalypse descend here? Maybe it was that guy who did it."

"Dumbass, how can a godlin have such power? You're clearly still half asleep or probably drunk. It's clear that Enigma failed to become an ARC, so much for a Mystique."



The conversations didn't stop there as everyone was either arguing or debating amongst each other. As for Hestia, she had her eyes filled with shock and joy as she read the template of Enigma.

"It's True, the Mystiques can never be judged by common sense. Hahaha, look at this, isn't he more of a monster than his parents and older sister?" She murmured to herself, still in shock.



Name: Enigma Mystique

Reincarnate: ~~~

Cultivation: Godlin

Constitution: ~~~

Providence(7): Progenitor of Divinity (???), Rabbit God's Arsenal (Unique), Innate Adaptation (???), All-Elemental Mastery (Unique), The Miracle (???), Pirate King's Treasury (Unique), Soul King's Vault (Unique)

Artifacts(1): Fate - Series (???)



Just the fact that he got seven Providence could put him within the same group as Allen and Su Han. The Mystiques were truly frightening people, even now, people still had doubts about where this family came from.

One thing was for sure though, whether they stayed or not, the Everlasting Palace would do nothing about it. In other words, they could leave and return as they please, acting as if this District, no, entire Verse, was their home. Let alone this one, all of the other Verses.

Unfortunately he got no Constitution, meaning his future was not set. Even with seven Providence and one Artifact, without a direction for his life, his template might stay like this for the rest of his life. Limiting him from becoming a main god in the future.

"Well I guess that's about enough." Hestia clapped her hands to gain everyone's attention towards herself. "Now, if you are an ARC, please stand this side and prepare to follow me."

"If you're not, the door right there will lead you towards the Palace. There were will be a tournament in your first graduation yirs, about three yirs from now. If you can perform well, who knows, an ARC might take favor over you."

She said as she immediately left the place without even looking back. The others were down for quite a bit, but a moment later they rushed towards the Palace to accept a master.

It might sound disgraceful but working under an ARC was more fulfilling than it sounded. After all, those guys had the chance to create their own "Inner Worlds(True Dimensions)" filled with planets and life within when they become main gods.

If they could manage one world, they would be able to ascend after and become main gods as well. Plus, there was payment in the form of faith points.

The hundred and forty four ARCs followed behind Hestia as she led them towards a Teleportation gate. She nor anyone else said a word during their journey.

Enigma also didn't say anything as he was stranded in his own world. He couldn't help but go back to the place where he met those strange entities. What was strange was that... why were they desperately begging him to choose them?

『Choose me, I promise you that you will not regret it. I swear upon my family name as well as my Divinity that you will definitely NOT regret it. My power can even allow you to create your own unique god clan that will listen to only you and express your will. You can also summon ten divine-like beasts, one stronger than the other. And, and...』

Enigma saw an incomprehensible scene before him. A beauty who literally had pale white skin, three eyes, wore large white robes and had silver hair more than twice her height 'begged' him to choose her.

One could tell that she was originally a noble and cold person, but right now, she was like a poor begger who would even sell her body just to be chosen. For what, he didn't know.

『Don't listen to her. If you can choose me, I can give you the power to start up your own Era. Become the 'King' of said Era and start an entire age based upon yourself. Strength greater than the average gods? Divine presence that can put anybody down to their knees? Senses that transcend godly limits and allow you to see the future, hear the dead or taste the air? I can give them all to you. What about the power to give out fruits that can bestow mortals unprecedented powers? I have them all hahaha』

This time around, an old man, well not that old, held a glass of delicate wine in his hand and wore loose ancient clothes of the west, valiantly laughed as he tempted Enigma to choose him.

Desperation could still be smelt from him even though he acted so calm and happy going. His mustache, was also quite cool albeit comical.

『Tsk Tsk Tsk, why stoop so low? I can give you the power to see the dead, talk to the dead, control souls, emit intense soul pressure, forge soul Artifacts, release innate soul origin as a Manifestation on the physical form and to control evolution upon minor creatures or species. If that's not all... I can also give you the power to bestow miracles by making the wishes, desires and thoughts of mortals come true. So, what do you think?』

This time, a humanoid blurry figure with oval-shaped empty eyes, no hands and trapped within a golden crystal emitted sound waves towards Enigma. He, also sounded desperate.

Enigma was unsure what to do and just stood rooted right there at the spot. To be honest, he knew that they were probably Incarnates of the past, but a lot just didn't add up. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

Like, why were they so desperate? Why were the three inside him? Why him? Are they even telling the truth? One can't be sure with how desperate they were.

『He... doesn't seem to trust us』

『Well do something you damn rabbit』

『Don't call me a rabbit, you sick bastard』

『I'm not sick anymore, hahaha. Plus, if you don't want to be called that, why did you eat that fruit?』

『It's not like I knew it'd make me like this!!!』


The first and second 'Gods' began quarreling like siblings infont of him. Enigma was surprised but still said nothing. He instead watched the third person, who seemed like the most rationale of them all.

Luckily, he was not betrayed.

『I have created a solution. Kid, this is our gift to you, to be honest, it's not from us, it can help you through your path and every breakthrough will unlock a special Providence specifically for you, from each of our time. If you can become a main god, we will meet again, by then, I hope the young master will have a much more solidified foundation to accept all of us instead of making us fight so much like this... as long as you don't accept others like us』

Enigma held his head in pain as they information entered his brain. The person spoke so fast that he failed to catch up in time, but luckily the words were transmitted to his mind as well.

"Who... are you guys?" He called out lightly as his consciousness drifted away from the place with the three people. But he still managed to catch on to three pieces of info before he completely vanished into the infinite darkness.

『You can call it... the Immutable System... for now, that is. Stop it, you two, you're distracting me. How will the young master view us, if all you do is argue like little brats』


『Relax old friend...』

『You look older than him though』

『I do not. I just look more ancient』

『Yeah, I agree. You said it yourself』

『Why you...』


Unbeknownst to Enigma, the atmosphere was always lively whenever he was not around. The three beings acted like siblings around each other.

"Listen up kitties, today's first lesson will be the brief up about the divine arts of our Everlasting Palace. Well, all the basic arts of the Hundred and eight Palaces are the same.

"Things only change when it involves advanced powers and special powers. But that is something for you lot to worry about starting from next yir.

"As I was saying before, today, or rather this week you will be learning divine arts only. The more you can learn, the easier your journey will be like in the Unique Worlds." Hestia said after everyone was sitted down infront of her.

"Unique Worlds?" Su Han, raised up his hand with a rather simple-matic expression on his face. To say he was confused or lost, would be ideal.

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