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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 30 The Pitiful Dragoness

"Just call me Enigma, the Rabbit God of Miracles." At the end, he still chose the Rabbit God title. That was because what if Miracle God failed or took time to become an official tittle? Wouldn't he have wasted his time then?

Gods might not fall completely under the concept of time, but they still were not omnipotent after all. Time was still a necessarily element even for them, unless one was a Time God.

"Great Lord Enigma, I'll remember that." She said seriously as she bowed once again and stood up to leave. Her sisters also bowed respectfully and followed after her.

"May Nature be with you." Night bowed as well and blessed him subconsciously. But after realizing her mistake, she blushed in embarrassment and ran off after the others.

"Nature huh? I hope it does." He chuckled to himself and looked at them ran off, "Oh, I was planning on trying something on the little guys wasn't I? Best I do it now than later, right?"

He took out the golden orb that contained a small island and decided to tinker a bit with his believers. He wondered if he could increase their grade or their strength through this.

Still unaware of the fifteen small balls of condensed divine power floating above his head.

? ? ? ?

Middle Realm 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

World Forest, Black Valley

"Tch, how tough of a nut is this bastard?! Why can't he just die?!?" Mimi rubbed off the blood that was dripping from her mouth as she stood up, albeit a bit difficult.

Why was she in such a sorry condition? Long story to be honest, it all began because of her childishness and her impulsive behavior. But most importantly, it was all on anger.

After the battle with that Wyvern king began, things went a bit off the mark. Who knew that, the wyvern king was a descendent of a wyvern deity? It was strange how it was only a mortal, yet it's great great great grandfather was a deity.

'If you had such a strong backing, why didn't you say so in the first place you stupid piece of incompetent shit!! Now look at you, dead shit, is it pride or arrogance? You're not even a dragon, let alone a true dragon.

'Hell, even dragons cherish their lives better than you!!! I really don't understand, what point was there to prove huh?!' Her internal thoughts were as chaotic as her personality as she looked up at the large wyvern, that was larger than a dragon.

It's body was black, more than three hundred meters in length, and incomprehensible thick. Hell, it was impressive how a juvenile goddess like her could last for three months fighting against such a beast.

In this form, she was only a 1,5 meter tall small petite girl, and even in terms of godhood, she should be on the losing side. Sure, true gods could fight land gods one realm above their rank to a standstill.

But one must remember that she was new to this job of being a god, while the other side even had a great great great grandson. If wyverns matured in a hundred years, then doesn't that mean this wyvern had lived for 500 years at minimum?

And this is not including the time period between the birth of the next generation, as well as the time needed for them to mature. Meaning that it might have lived for almost a thousand years, probably ten times older than her.

If not more!!!

That aside, she also had limited amount of faith points, even if she temporarily broke it apart into divine power, it still paled in comparison to that of the wyvern god.

Almost a thousand faith points could only give her almost two million units of divine power.

And according to her judgment, that wyvern god had at least fifty times that of hers. At least a hundred million. After three months of fighting, she had less than fifty, while that bastard still has more than tens of thousands on him.

"Stupid old man, you're just bullying a kid now!! Aren't you fucking embarrassed?!" She shouted at the top of her lungs as baleful aura burst out of her body. Losing three demon wyverns to this bastard pissed her off greatly.

Not counting the fact that she almost wiped out all of his descendants, she still unreasonablely got angry at him. As expected of a child of her age... not really a child, but you understand.


The wyvern god didn't say anything and just dived down towards her. It used divine power to strengthen its already strong body and crashed down onto her with full force.

It's body carrying enough momentum to match the density of the moon, despite its very small, and frail size. And he was clearly holding back.

It sensed a presence that might be problematic, within this very same region they were fighting at. And if it destroyed the whole region, that fellow might find trouble with it.

So it had no choice but to hold back. Plus, the target was not worth it going all out. The so called target also knew about this, and it piseed her off more.

Mimi clicked her tongue, bent down slightly and lightly kicked the floor to push herself backwards, narrowly dodging the attack from the deity, that rivaled a falling moon, falling faster than the speed of sound!!

But the shockwave of the crash still managed to push her tens of kilometers away, at a similar speed at that, causing her to glide through the aur at supersonic speed.


Without giving her a chance, the wyvern god opened its mouth and condensed divine power into its Roar. Because the simplest way to kill a fellow deity was through divine power.

The destructive breathe gathered into the mouth of the wyvern god, slightly bending space around it's mouth. And afterwards, it didn't hesitate at all to release it towards her direction.

The force alone extinguished the life within the sorounding trees and plant forms. Even when the blast did not touch them, just the heat waves were as hot as the core of the sun itself.

And the heat contained within, could rival that of the heat nurtured within hundreds of sun combined, if not more. It was terrifyingly hot

Mimi widened her eyes in shock, and instinctively stretched out her hand to conjur a "God-Barrier Protection" divine art, luckily managing to block the power of the breathe.

The Dragon breathe struck the barrier of her divine art, as it instantly warped the sorounding environment within a few miles radius into a lava-like zone.

The force and momentum of the breathe, blew at her clothes and hair like a raging hurricane. And at the same time, she was being pushed back effortlessly.

But she still miscalculated, the force was far greater than she could take on, as the wyvern god added ten times more divine power into the breathe compared to the amount she added to the shield.

Hence the results of the cladh were as clear as daylight.


The shield cracked up, immediately startling the little dragoness as sweat trickled down her forehead. She could smell the thick scent of death right now. And she was sure as hell that she sid not like it.

Her life was on the line!!!

Ca-rack~ Crack~



The divine dragon breathe managed to break through her barrier and swallowed her whole as it destroyed its way into the forest. The momentum alone sending her hundreds to thousands of miles into the forest, deeper into the inner circles.

The wyvern deity narrowed it's eyes at the direction of the divine breathe. It then opened its mouth, roared to the hundreds or so wyverns behind it and chased after the little dragoness.

This was a not about grudge or responsibility of a father anymore, but belief. He believed that not all gods deserve to live and not all demons deserve to die.

From this day on, tunes and sounds of battle could be heard from one place to another within the World Forest. The amount of damage caused, was too much.

The fact that the little dragoness was hard to kill, ticked off the wyvern deity's nerve, but it still fought rationally even then.

And the ones to suffer, were the two Empires that stood supreme within this region. But even then, even they seemed to be cautious of the Wyvern deity.

None made a move against it. And not only it, even the strange entity that the Dragon was cautious about, did not respond to the battle chorus throughout the forest.

Everybody just treated everything as just. None desiring to anger the other party, afraid of bringing endless trouble to themselves. Hence the little dragoness was given time with her new friends.

'But I don't need it. Someone come save me. Anyone!! Big sisters!! Waaaa!!' Unfortunately, her cries would never be heard by anyone. Especially her so-called sisters.

Each had Theo own problems to deal with. And hers, weren't on their schedules.

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