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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 29 Self Advertisement

"...respected deity, if we follow you, will you let our sisters go? You promise not to touch them?" She still did not call him 'young god', because she was not older than him one bit. In fact, as a god, he was way older than her.

So she used a more respectful albeit different word than before. This way, there was no way she would sound rude or insolent in any way. She played it safe.

"I don't think you understand. I have no grudge with you, nor your sisters, why would I kill them..? This is not forced subordination either, whether you follow me or not, I won't mess around with your family. I can promise you that." Exasperated, Enigma bitterly smiled as he answered her question and cleared out her worries.

He didn't hate it, her love and loyalty for her family, it's similar to his... slightly. It's just that they were getting a bit too annoying with their protection.

How cruel was this place for them to not believe him so easily, despite his divine status as a god?


"In that case, Noelle pledges her heart, will and soul onto the name of the...?" Unlike Night, Noelle immediately bowed and pledged herself before him. But unfortunately, she didn't know his name nor his Divinity.

Thus she was forced to stop her pledge, and wait for hus introduction. Enigma realized this, and cleared his throat first and foremost.

"Actually, I lack a divinity as of now. Just call me the... Rabbit, God." Enigma wasn't embarrassed as he mentioned the fact of lacking a divinity. But his tone turned stiff and his expression froze slightly as he mentioned his title.

"I pledge myself, soul, body and the Rabbit God, and swear that my everything is under his jurisdiction." She desperately tried her best not to change her expression and ruin her solemn image, or anger him.

But no matter how one found it like, such a ferocious god who almost squashed them to death via aura alone was a person... associated with rabbits? Is he really that harmless?

'You paused didn't you girlie? You definitely puased..!! Haah~ she pledged such a powerful pledge, let me give a descent blessing as well. A third grade divine protection perhaps?' Enigma decided to excuse her error and thought about what to do with his first believer of this world.

Divine protections were something gods could give to their believers or other mortals. To true gods, their grades went from grade five to grade one, descending order.

The lowest fifth grade cost ten points, fouth grade cost a hundred points, third grade cost five hundred points, grade two cost a thousand points and grade one cost five thousand points.

A fifth grade blessing could increase one's health, well being and luck slightly, as well as a 10% increase in physique and mental fortitude. Making It useful to give to ordinary believers. With how cheap it was, anyone could afford such a blessing.

A fouth grade blessing could increase one's physique and mental fortitude by 20%. Their mana would also experience a double increase immediately. And they would gain a bit of increase on potential.

An ordinary person, as long as they are not incompetent, could start on their path of ascension and become stronger.

A third grade blessing had the effects of the previous two, but with 50% instead and could also grant the follower one subsidiary skill from the god. The skill will not be lost from the god, and the believer or follower will have to train in it to strengthen it.

Their base mana triples!! And of course, potential increases, though it would not make an ordinary person a genius yet.

Grade two blessings could elevate one's talents and comprehension abilities. Turning a non genius into a genius and allowing ordinary people to start cultivating as either warriors or a mage.

It also increased one's physique by another 100%. Base mana increases by five times. These effects alone were terrifying.

As for grade one blessing, this type of blessing allowed the god's will to fuse with the believer, not only making them super geniuses but also granting them greater strength and higher mana than those of the same level by ten times at minumum.

And at least an increase of 250% to physique and a ten times increase in all other base stats such as speed and defense.

With how a third grade blessing would cost 500 points, Enigma could only give out three. But he was only going to give Noelle one and not the others.

First come, first serve. If the others wanted one, they would have to wait. Plus, giving them all at the same time would reduce its value, making them not appreciate his efforts and sacrifice.

He was doing all of this for followers, not for charity. If he could not do it manually, he'd be forced to do it forcefully. Which he actually felt like was not up to his standards.

"Hmm, try this." He casually waved his hand towards Noelle, glitter sparkling on his fingers and landing on her body. Soon, she opened her eyes and looked at him in shock. As he was about to say something, the system interrupted him halfway.

"Anouncment: Due to your bloodline being that of a [Progenitor of Divinity] and undergoing conversion, all costs that require a fixed faith point will be reduced by 30% every transaction"

'...So, I spent 350 points instead of the usual 500 to conjur one blessing? This is truly interesting, a lot more than I thought initially.' Enigma thought as a smile crept on his face, his already handsome disposition... not increasing one bit.

Being peak beauty makes it hard to increase one's charm through subtle actions, because, they are already beyond the apparatus.

"T-This is...?!" Meanwhile, Noelle was shocked as she felt her mana increase by more than twofold. And that was not all, she finally managed to recieve a unique ability, making her partially a unique creature.

Unique Abilities are the abilities that descend from higher beings or powers of mortals that are above the average mortal category, they are actually Abilities of deities.

What was special about them was that, as long as one put in effort into them, they could break It out into another unique ability. For example, Enigma gave her the "Free-Flowing Combat" skill.

If she could use it to the best of her abilities and surpass her limits, she might gain another unique ability such as "Flow Mastery" or any other skills related to the unique skills.

Yes, this is what made Unique skills better than mundane skills. Even deities only had one to three such skills, a clear illustration of how hard it was to create unique skills from one skill.

"N-Noelle? Are you... Are you okay?" Night, worried, stared at her sister and asked in a low voice. But Noelle ignored her and just bowed directly at Enigma.

"Thank you, great god!!!" She didn't know what to do nor how to thank him. A god who could give out divine blessings like this was not a normal god, you find everywhere.

Only higher ranked Believers recieved divine blessings due to how costly they were to cast. That was why even among a million believers, not even one percent would have divine blessings at all. Let alone one, even 0,001 percent.

"Didn't I tell you to... haah~ you know what, nevermind." Enigma waved her off in order to calm her down. He could not get angry at her, as she was just too happy.

He then smiled and asked in a playful tone "Now shouldn't you girls be going home? Aren't your sisters worried about you guys? It's been quite a long while don't you think?"

"Ah, y-yes, thank you respected lord, n-now if you'll excuse us." Night also realised the problem, she bowed respectfully and took the hand of Noelle in order to drag her out. Lest this girl would not want to leave.

She was obviously in a hurry to leave this place. She was still not calm, nor used to the aura of a god, even though Enigma reigned it in.

"Wait, respected lord, this lowly servant would like to ask for the lord's name. I'd like to spread your glory and divinity to the other races of the forest." Noelle pulled her hand away from Night and asked Enigma respectfully.

"My name huh?" He rubbed his chin subconsciously and asked himself out of interest. He already had one, but...

'Well, to be honest, not only am I Rabbit God, I can also be called a Beast God, an Elemental God or the likes. I have a lot of Providence too. But unfortunately, seems like only Rabbit God is official.

'How about I spread a different one then? White God or Devil God? All-Seeing God? Copy-Wheel God? Nah, they all sound strange. Maa... I'll just go with Miracle God. I can probably do miracles right?' He silently thought to himself as the girls waited on his answer.

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