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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 285 Monster Pantheon, Ragnarok V

"You're always so moody, it's quite a surprise really... how can a man be so unsatisfied, when lady Beatrice is your woman?" He shrugged as he said so.

But the couple once again ignored him. He frowned and silently followed after. He was quite a handsome fellow, along with a square-ish jawline and powerful sharp eyes.

A bundle of chocolate colored hair, and a short, small, chubby figure that was around 5 foot tall. His pupils were also as bright as light itself, if not brighter, giving out the impression that they were stars capable of burning through space with their sheer luster.

But unlike the couple, his presence was quite grand, as he did not cover his aura.

He was a not a dwarf, no he was, but not literally. His race were unique beings known as Celestial Dwarves... not because they were celestial beings, but because they were literally Dwarf Stars in their true bodies.

They were also quite powerful, and could be as tall as literally Dwarf Stars even in their humanoid form. So the "Dwarf" in their name was practically a scam.

...And for some reason, Celestial Dwarves loved natural Dwarves quite a lot. A Celestial Dwarf would not stand by if they saw a Dwarf being oppressed, regardless of who you were, or how strong you are.

They were bit possessive, or overprotective. But that was a topic for another. Celestial Dwarf Eli was about to continue teasing the ever apathetic couple, when a soothing gentle voice drifted towards them before he could even open his mouth and interrupted him.

"Now now little Eli, you should let Alton be. You know how fiesty his temper can get, don't you?" A woman appeared above the sky, as she floated a few meters above ground, as to not act defiant before their strongest.

Flying was not prohibited, but one could not fly above the Castle, or at an altitude that was above the Castle itself, which was the fulcrum point of the City.

Breaking such rules, was going against the Ancestor and Gods of the City of the Damned, going against Deidrich and his extremely talented children

"Huh? Who do you think you are to nag at me, huh, old hag Katalin?!" Eli threw a tantrum at the woman floating above them, who called him little, and disrespected his ego.

She was a beauty of extreme charm, with a slender figure. Though her chest and curves were not that developed, they still exuded out a youthful charm that could ensnare even grown up men.

Unfortunately her face was covered with a veil, as her extremely charming Countanance was hidden. Or maybe it was hidden because it was not charming... one could never know.

But the one to respond was not this lady, whom God Eli called Katalin. Instead, it was another Goddess reflected within an Orb floating besides Goddess Katalin.

It reflected a hazy figure of a voluptuous woman, who seemed to be busy doing something. But she did not seem busy enough to ignore what God Eli said.

"Oh my? Old hag? Does that also include me, since us sisters are twins and all?" She paused from what she was doing, as the reflection within the orb turned towards God Eli's direction.


And even the hard headed, foul tempered God Eli had to shut up when the two sisters ganged up om him. After all, going against one of them was alright, let alone both of them.

Imagine when both Misfortune and Alchemy were against you. It was quite literally terrifying, especially if Alchemy meant many things, such as Poison, Potions, Synthesis... and in his case, Technology.

If he angered both of them, his own technological products would always be against him, and the chances of even creating relatively good ones would greatly decrease if he was constantly misfortunate.


It was really terrifying the more he thought about it. And the only one who did not seem to fear these two monster foremothers, was Alton, possibly even Beatrice.

In fact, they seemed far from being bothered.

"Its about time you all mature. It has been a million years by now." Alton apathetically spoke, as his cold and deep voice calmed down the three other perfected Transcendentals.




Three Perfected Transcendental Gods, each not far from becoming Elder Gods, were easily humbled by a single God. The same God who was disrespected by his wife each and everyday.


Beatrice gave Alton a glance from the corner of her eyes, and if one took a closer look they could see a hint of smile and pride on her delicate face.

"We are." Alton though, failed to see through her, as he rarely even took a careful look at her. He was still cautious and dissatisfied with how everything was between them.

That aside, the five Transcendental Gods stood before the Central point of the City of the Damned, looking up at the tall walls that stretched up for hundreds of miles tall.

They then turned to the gaurds, who respectfully opened the gates for them, revealing the interior of the castle, where a handsome young boy around his early teenage years, walked up to receive them.

He was covered in white scales in some parts of his body, especially his cheeks, neck and arms. His pupils were gold, and had vertical irises. He also had long black hair, and wore a loose robe.

"Welcome, uncle Alton, uncle Eli, aunt Bee, aunt Kat, and aunt Kat number 2." The young boy greeted with a smile, joy apparent in his eyes as his long ears slightly trembled in excitement.

"If it isn't our little genius, how have you been little Yig." Katalin floated towards the young boy, who was the human version of the giant white snake, Yig.

She landed before him and gently patted the boy's head. But as she was gentle and loving, her sister was not. "Hey brat, whose Kat number 2? Is it me? Hey don't ignore me!!"

Young Yig did not even spare the orb floating besides Goddess Katalin and turned to Alton, taking on a formal, yet casual smile, "Uncle Alton, father is waiting inside."

"You have grown." This was all Alton said, as he passed by the young boy, who nodded with a smile, taking the compliment with pride.

God Eli shook his head and followed after Alton, and of course Beatrice beat him to it. Katalin took the orb containing the illustrious figure of a voluptuous Goddess in rage, and followed after them.


Yig stood at the door for a while longer, before following when he realized that, once again, the final member was not going to be showing up. There were six Transcendental Gods within the Monster Pantheon.

His Father, and the father of all Aboleths and Abominable monsters, Deidrich.

His father's sworn brother, the father of Vampires, and his uncle, Alton.

His father's close friend, the Original Celestial Dwarf, and his second uncle, Eli.

His father's close friend, the first mother of all Drows, and his aunt, Katarin.

His father's close friend, the second mother of all Drows, and his second aunt, Katalin.

And finally, his father's rival, the father of both the Black and Pale Orcs, and his third uncle, Ja'ar.

These were the six Transcendental Monster Gods, and backbone of all Monsters, likewise the only remaining Monster Gods born a million years ago, within the God Realm.

The rest were unfortunately ruthlessly killed, and fortunately, they were not Transcendentals. After all, living longer did not guarantee that one would be stronger.

Talent and Potential still applied. And even with the right talent to reach such a level of Transcendening the influence of Reality, without the potential, one would never taste such a realm.

Of course, Talent and Potential were one and the same, just that one determined the present, and the other the future, or end point. Potential is actually a limiting factor.

He himself knew this, and as a Chosen, a natural born one, he knew that he had enough potential to become a God. And depending on which Chosen level he was, he could even become a Transcendental.

While Favoreds, could even become Supreme Gods. This was potential. Let alone Protagonists that only a few knew off, beings that could most likely transcend Supreme, and even Creation.

Anyway, that was for another time. Yig knew that he was talented, and he did not feel any loss for the death of the other aunts and uncles, they were not that close anyway.

He smiled and cleared out his thoughts, as he hurried off to check on his brothers. He already knew what their responses would be like, but he still went to bother them nonetheless.

Meanwhile, within the Castle, the five Transcendental Gods stood before yet another Transcendental God, who had a Presence that eclipsed everyone here.

Even Alton had to be humbled before such oppressive Aura. But he did not show it on his face, and just snorted at the person who would dare disrespect him like this.

"You're still as moody as always, aren't you, Dei?" He coldly and rudely spoke towards the strongest Transcendental God to ever walk the God Realm, Diedrich.

Diedrich did not seem offended and just warily sighed, his voice coming out calmly and profound, like an ancient hymn, "And you're still as temperamental, little Alt."


He lightly called out, disrespectful words that could literally trigger the ever Prideful vampire father. But instead of being triggered, Alton only proceeded to coldly snort at Diedrich, before taking his seat.

There was a round table, with six large chairs, each representing a single Transcendental God. And Diedrich was already sitting upon the largest and tallest throne.

Alton sitting on the throne facing him, with God Eli besides him, Katalin was on Diedrich's left, and the orb containing Katarin's visage was on his right.

Behind him was his wife, who was obediently here to serve the Gods if need be. Of course, she did this out of her own will. While Beatrice stood behind Alton's throne. Both being Transcendent Goddesses not part of the council.

He wanted to do something about it, but unfortunately could not. He was also afraid that she would feel disrespected, but once again, there was nothing he could do about it.

He also knew that she would refuse his kindness. He did not understand this woman of godly origin, who still stuck with him. He was perplexed and dumbstruck.

It was also why he did not interact much with her, and chose to do what he was currently doing, taking in more wives. Unfortunately, did that plan horribly backfire on him? Yes it did, and big time.

"I believe you are all here to discuss the appearance of two Transcendent Laws within our sphere of influence, right?" Diedrich sat up straight and brought out the agenda of the gathering.

Every other Transcendental God intently listened as they were truly curious about this matter. All their eyes were on Alton, wondering if he knew anything since this occurred under his range of influence.

"If this... figure, is by any chance an Origin monster God breaking through to Transcendental, then we are gaining a proper stand point within the God Realms."

"It would be more appreciated if they were two... but, if the God is not under our Pantheon, and one of the other two Pantheons, we might be meeting out deaths soon."

"In fact, I believe the other two Pantheons are currently undergoing a meeting as well, planning on targeting us. Two new Transcendental Gods or the birth of an Elder God, would mean a great boost to our strength." He said, and everyone had somber expressions.

"And as we already lost quite a few pillars of our Pantheon, they would rather strike while the nail's hot. Thus, I would like us to find out about this matter, and discuss our way forward."

"For the Divine War, the zenith point of blood shed, Ragnarok... is already guaranteed."


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