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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 26 Woken Up By Four Beauties

And later, became a world of its own, then evolved into something grand. Unfortunately, now it was back to being fiction, with her, and this place, being the only remaining remnants.

Not only her, and her world, but many Fictional worlds out there were once realized, all ideas, all thoughts, all delusions, all folklore, all fantasies, all myths and all legends, within one certain Era...

All of that were realized, and had become their own unique Worlds, unique Cosmologies that came to be recognized as the PRIME of everything.

Someone capable of doing such a thing was terrifyingly powerful.

Yet all of that, was destroyed overnight.

Thus, someone capable of destroying such a thing, was likewise terrifying as well.


She just didn't know who, or whether it was them or they. But at this point, she did not care. At least she knew that, there was someone powerful enough to capture fragments of such an Era.

And reincarnate them within the upcoming Eras.

? ? ? ?

Within the World Forest, deep within a cave, a group of eight girls sat around a fire, trembling and shivering despite the fire already burning at almost 1,5 meters high.

The oldest looked no older than eighteen, while four looked to be between twelve and thirteen, the remaining seven were between six and seven years old.

They all looked quite beautiful, but unfortunately their dirty appearance and ragged clothing made them look a little less appealing. But the oldest still looked dazzling nonetheless, even in ragged clothing, she still stood out.

Their eyes were emerald colored, and their hair silver colored. But their skin was pale white and their ears were quite long. Their figures also slender and thin, non being muscular among them.

If one wondered why they were shivering despite the fire and the current season, it was because of the aura from outside that had been tormenting them for three and a half months now.

It all began three and half month ago, when Naylu, the oldest of them, and the one who looked the most beautiful was about to feed the strange girl her medicine, an unprecedented aura befell all of them and pressed them on the floor forcibly.

She managed to quickly cast a protective barrier around the strange three year old girl that had never woken up ever since they met her, right within this cave.

But because of her diminishing divine power, she could only protect the girl and not any of her siblings.

So they were forced to be pressed down under this pressure ever since then. But as time passed, they got a bit used to the pressure and could make slight movements and talk to each other.

A month later, Nuu and the other girls who were between fifteen and sixteen managed to pick themselves up, albeit difficulty and decided to go outside and check out the situation.

Lulu didn't know how dangerous and how strong the pressure was outside, but from inside the cave, they ended up getting used to it another month later.

By then, they could move and do a lot of things just like before, but the aura was still bone chilling and pressurizing.

So, they ended up having to live in such conditions for another month and a half. And as if that was not enough bad luck, the wyvern god from nearby had promised to devour their little group six months ago.

Though he was supposed to have appeared three months ago, he never came. Perhaps he also feared the pressure that was coming from the outside or perhaps other problems occurred on his side.

But whichever case it was, Lulu hoped that he never comes back. Right now, even Nuu and the others are showing no signs of coming back. Which worried her greatly.

"Big sister, do you think... do you think that–—" A small and adorable, albeit skinny girl, dejectedly opened her mouth and wanted to say something. Despair already swimming within her eyes.

"No no no, don't think negative Linda. Nuu and the others will surely return, they are alive, they have to be alive." But Lulu immediately cut off the little girl's words and replied in a strong and determined tone.

Her fist clenched before her chest as she looked outside with a worried look. But that was as far as her will could go, for she was also worried sick at this moment.

At this rate, the kids Linda, Laura, Lee, Lori, Lexi, Levi and Lana might die of hunger soon. Their figures are even skinnier than before.

Meanwhile outside, near the life-like 'stature' that was covered in vines and dust, four girls sat crossed legged at the four cardinal direction and entered meditative state.

It's been two weeks ever since they entered meditation due to not being able to move because of the pressure. And what they knew about this 'stature' was that, it was really unique.

There were already thirteen small floating orbs of pure magicules (magical particles) and divine power. During the past two weeks, two more were born and now they were fifteen such orbs floating above the 'stature'... okay, god, or whatever this person was.

And in just two weeks of meditation, they managed to absorb a lot of magicules, enough to allow less talented elves like them to breakthrough from Adept to Advance combatants.

And unlike usual, where their mana was supposed to increase by single or double digits, it had exponentially increased by three digits at minimum, close to becoming four.

So, despite bearing the weight, they felt like it was all worth it. If they could cultivate for three more months, they could probably become great masters and probably have mana comparable to other masters who were born geniuses.

In this world, talent played a big role in one's path of becoming a combatant. The higher talented one was, the stronger, more mana, faster or even comprehensive one would be each rank up.

Unlike those without talents, who would recieve less boosts per rank up. That was why, though effort could work, one would still never best a genius because of this stupid power system.

The only way to catch up was to risk one's life and explore ruins and use Artifacts and medicines to strengthen yourself during the Cultivation. Which these girls did not have at all, they were big sisters who had to watch over the other children after all.

But today, two weeks until they reached here and three and half months until the pressure appeared, the being in the center covered in vines and moss slightly twitched and the aura burst out forth, increasing by two fold.

The four ladies cultivating around him suddenly woke up in fright, their faces turning pale. The pressure came so sudden, that it shook them from inside out, causing their vision to go dark without a warning.

It indescribably caused some, if not all of them to have thoughts about their deaths. Some even saw their life flash before heir eyes, as they saw their childhoods and all the good times.

'Huh? Am I... going to die? What... what exactly happe-–' The one who looked the oldest among them, thought as such, before her consciousness completely went dark.

As for the being in the center, it stood up and removed the vines that grew around its body as it complained, "Wow, how long have I been out for exactly? A year? Or is it more?... Hm? Oh?"

After removing the vines and moss around his face, Enigma finally spotted a young girl around fifteen, appearance wise, lying down on the floor. Not only one though, there were three more others.

'Since when have I become a young master? I'm being woken up by a group of... beauties? Well, now that I look closely, aren't they wearing rags and covered in dirt.

'Who knows, perhaps they are dead... Nope, completely alive. Well, they might not necessarily live for long, but hey, at least they are alive... for now.

'I... better stop joking about this matter and just wait for them to wake up. But seriously, how long was I in the state of comprehension? I even wonder how powerful the eyes are.' i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

Enigma kept talking to himself in his mind as he checked up the four girls who lay down before him. He didn't do a thorough check, but just know that they are quite the beauties, each of varying standards.

But... 'Aren't they poorly clothed? As a god, I can't feel the cold, but what about a mortal. The temperature around here is... warm? Strange, it was a bit cold when I got here.

'Huh... When, did I get here? And was it really cold? Truthfully, I should be more aware of soroundings next time.'

He silently thought as he sensed the temperature of the sorounding area. As gods, they naturally had a higher body density than mortals, meaning that they also had stronger body defenses.

Cold was not something they could easily catch. But that didn't mean that they did not get dirty just as mortals do, an example would be his current appearance that was covered in greenery and moss.

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