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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 24 A Surprise Indeed, Absurd Skills I

Middle Realm

World Forest, Home of the World Tree

Back within the World Forest, somewhere deep within the forest, probably hundreds if not thousands of miles away from Mimi, Enigma sat crossed legged with a small golden orb in his hand.

"A... surprise indeed." Enigma sighed as his consciousness got absorbed into the orb and was transfered to a small island. "What in carnation— Aunt Tia, how is this not cheating?"

The average godlin could only have ten believers, which of their potential does not surpass epic-grade. Just like Athena's spartan, Takashi's samurai and Mimi's demon wyverns.

Their belief also starts from ordinary believer, this is because they were original their parent's believers or newly caught believers. In other words, those with Praise Believers were rare, let alone those with Worship Believers.

But right before him, two of them above mentioned rules were broken by Hestia. He didn't know how, but she managed to get him more than a hundred pixies.

What was strange was that their potential was epic-grade, and their cultivation around the Epic realm as well. But the strangest of all was how he could easily accept the hundreds of pixies.

Why were the over ten believers for him? Why could he accept them all? At this rate, no no no, a long while ago, he realised that he was probably playing a different game than everyone else.

Because no matter what, he was truly built different. But this was not something that would get his mood down though, the more, the merrier, and the faith-ier...

Anyway, an ordinary Fanatic Believer, yeah, his pixies were all Fanatic Believers, could give a god one faith point per day, meaning that it was thirty points per month.

And except from that, there was also grade, population size and leagues that increased points recieved by a race to the gods.

First, the grade was explained by Jin before. The only useful thing he had done ever since they met each other. Probably every other member believes the same thing.

As for population, let us talk about the first three for now. It was small, medium and large populations. Which increased faith points by none, double and triple respectively.

From one to one hundred, the believers were considered a small population and recieved none of the population bonus.

One hundred to ten thousand would be considered a medium population. They will add a 2× bonus to the amount of faith point recieved per month. Not including the one used during that time period.

And from ten thousand to one million, a population was now considered a large population. In this case, the faith points will be tripled at the end of the month.

One thing must be remembered, by population, this refers to all the believers under any god altogether. Meaning that a hundred demon wyvern and nine hundred humans all made up a medium population.

And insect type races did not apply in such categories. This was because they could range up to one hundred million on average and a billion when they are a large colony.

It only applies when involving the other types of population, Realm population and World population. In this case, one thousand insectoids would add up to one person. Thus one hundred million would be converted to a hundred thousand.

The other was leagues, but before that, let us talk about how each believer gives out faith point every month shall we?

Ordinary - 15 faith points/month (0,5 per day)

Praise - 20 faith points/month (0,6 per day)

Worship - 24 faith points/month (0,8 per day)

Fanatic - 30 faith points/month (1 per day)

Devout - 60 faith points/month (2 per day)

Quite small right? But that's how precious faith points were. In the future, with stronger and much more firmer believers, they could earn thousand per month even without the boosts. As for the second type of boost,

Those from Rank 1 (Apprentice) to Rank 3 (Master) were considered league one. Faith points will be increased by 50% every month.

Those from Rank 4 (Great) to Rank 5 (Grand) were second league. Faith points could be increased by 100% by then.

Those from Rank 6 (Epic) to Rank 8 (Saint) were third leagues. They could increase the faith recieved by 200%.

Then half deities or Rank 9 were fouth leagues, and increasing faith points recieved by 500% was an easy deal to them. That was five times.

And lastly, league five. They were the deities or rather Rank 10 to Rank 14. They could increase faith points recieved by a whooping ten times (1 000%).

What was frightening was how the boosts could stack up over each other. For example, let's calculate the amount of faith points Enigma recieves per month.

First, his believers are Fanatics. Making that 30 faith points per month. His population was over a hundred and below one thousand, making it a medium sized population. That is double the initial 30 faith points to 60.

Their Cultivation was Epic, meaning that they were third league. 60 plus 200% would then be 180 faith points. Just look at how much he was earning despite being a starter off.

Next, the grade of the pixies were epic, that is plus another 70% over the 180, leading to us having 306 faith points recieved per month. In a year, Enigma could probably earn three and a half units of faith power.

Probably more than double the other candidates. And this was when he just started, of course, he would take in more followers and increase their strength as well.

And first of all would be the pixies. He had a deific ability (Providence ability) he wanted to try out. Right now was probably the chance. He internally commanded the system to open up his status panel, but a simplified one instead.

Unfortunately his wish was denied as the full screen was shown to him. He just sighed and skimmed through what he truly wanted to try out today, or this first year.

? ? ? ?

True God Template

Name: Enigma Mystique

Age: 15 (150)

Status: Healthy

Reincarnation: ~~ (Rabbit God)

Cultivation: Rank 1 True God

Faith: 0 Faith Points - 0 Faith Power

Divinity: None

Law: None

Bloodline: Progenitor of Divinity (???)

Constitution: None

Physique: Innate Adaptation (???)

Providence(5): Rabbit God's Arsenal (Unique), All-Elemental Mastery (Unique), The Miracle (???), Pirate King's Treasury (Unique), Soul King's Vault (Unique)

Artifacts(1): Fate - Series (???)

Divine Arts(21): Enhancement, Divine Pressure, Sacrifice Empowerment, Divine Empowerment, Divine Force Manipulation, God-Barrier Protection, Elemental Resistance, Deity Soul, Spell Casting, Limb Restoration, Chantless Casting, Float, Curse Inducement, Telepathy, Biokinesis, Divine Grace, Weather Manipulation, Omnilingualism, Possession, Transmutation, Telekinesis

Subsidiary Skills(8): Empty-Hand Combat, Free-Flowing Combat, Heavy Combat, Gekisai KyokushiThai Boxing, Leafed Clover Shield, Strength Enhancement, Speed Enhancement, Dispell

Extra Skills(7): Leafed Clover Shield, Heal, Strength Enhancement, Noble Aura, Speed Enhancement, Levitate, Noble Bearing

Civilians: 127 Pixies

Believers: Pixies [Epic-grade, third league, Fanatics, 220 Pixies]

Followers: None

Offspring: Jade [True-grade, fouth league, Devout, 1 Jade Bunny] - Diey [True-grade, fouth league, 1 Heavenly Dove] - Noctis [True-grade, fouth league, Abyssal Cat]

? ? ? ?

"You had to include the Offspring tab didn't you? And Dove? Cat? Haha, my kids don't look anything like those pets buddy, they look more like a seraphim and a demon." Enigma couldn't help but retort to the system's 'prank'.

Not taking in the fact that he himself had already accepted the so called pets as his children. Unfortunately, they were still pets for now, so nobody would come to him and ask whether he had done the deed with animals.

Well, as gods, anything was possible.

"Well, forget it, we'll deal with it as time goes by. For now let's get to business. Why is the number of believers I can take in 220? Is it not supposed to be 100 for Juveniles?" He asked the system.

"Each true Offspring increases the number by 30%. Of course, the adults are not stupid enough to tell you that"

The system responded immediately, afraid that he might have twisted thoughts. Enigma nodded to himself, 'Of course, making true Offspring is not something easy. Or why would I have three siblings instead of tens?' He scoffed at himself.

"I was going to check out a few of my deific abilities I have. Let's start with [Rabbit God's Arsenal] then." He said to himself as he activated the Providencs, and found his consciousness stranded inside a black void.

Above him were hundreds of floating blobs of light, inside was a character as well as an image of a woman demonstrating the skill inside. He took one of them, checked out its name and viewed its image.

|| Karmic Seal - The image inside was of a beautiful woman, yes, Kaguya. She could be seen placing her hand onto a stationary puppet, inflicting a small diamond seal on the puppet's body. The image then shifts. Kaguys dies, and moments it could be shown how she ended up replacing that puppet and came back to life through the puppet's body ||

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