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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 22 Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors IV

'Ruling over Magoi? I might not know what that is, but it definitely won't be hard. A small exercise, keeps a man healthy.' She thought at the same time.

A god's image had to be kept, especially if the other party could be stronger than her. The middle-aged man bowed once again and immediately responded.

"Yes!! My name is Edward Jones, and I hereby swear an oath to follow my goddess from now on till the rest of my life, till I draw my final breathe." He said sternly as well, one hand over his right chest.

Athena frowned slightly as a lot of loopholes were set up within that statement. But then she smiled a moment later and thought to herself;

'What a daring mortal, would that monkey avenge me if I was mistakenly killed? Pretty much. He seems enthralled by my beauty. Oh well, best enjoy my youth.'

"My name is..." Her voice drifted within Edward's head, not letting the other wizards hear it at all. Edward kept his head lowered respectfully and did not comment whatsoever during her introduction.

? ? ? ?

Middle Realm

North of the Realm

Within the boundless white snow, onto this day, for 30 full days to follow, the clouds were gloomy and clouded the presence of the sun. The blizzard were roaring like an angry beast.

The snow was as thick as a person's knee, an average adult at that. The temperature far below zero point. And right at this day, this area shall experience a month of freezing hell.

The residents had locked themselves within their homes, flames lit within not helping one bit, to reduce the sorounding temperatures at all. They were literally freezing.

Warriors, mortal transcendentals and Deities also feared going out at this time. Not that Deities would die, but they were afraid of being frozen permanently within the snow if they dared overstep their boundaries.

Meanwhile within the center of it all, a teenage girl sat atop a snow hill, as she played a flute by her hands. The sound was lonely and, lets say, cold and detached, as well as mournful.

The more she kept playing, the more the blizzard roared in anger and sorrow, the more the snow piled up as if wishing to bury everything under its might and influence.

The tune seemed to be singing out the current emotions of the young girl, but ge person themself in question, did not seem to be bothered by the emotions contained within her... song.

After a long while, the young girl finally stopped and took a break at playing, she looked up at the stars and murmured to herself quietly. "Sister... what is Heaven? You haven't answered me, yet you left my side so unpredictably."

Joy sighed and began playing the flute once again, beginning yet another form of torment for the people of the North.

A form of torture someone of her caliber, would never be able to fathom, as things stood. Thus, shecontinued playing, for days to come.

? ? ? ?

Meanwhile within the South

Middle Realm

"Sister sister, you haven't told me what Earth is... yet you have vanished from my sight like the blossoming Sakura at the end of Spring."

The small girl, Joyce, also continued playing the flute in her mouth, leading to an increased rise of temperature at the South side of the Southern Continent.

Her melody matched that of her sister Joy, yet was opposite in nature. It was fiery and hot tempered, at the same time, blazing hot.

People suffered just as much as those from the North, Some even thinking of migrating towards the North while some wondered who pissed off the gods.

The deities themselves wondered who would dare go against such a frightening being. They felt the heat, and even the heat type and fire type deities did not dare be close to the source.

One might wonder why two juvenile goddesses could affect entire regions despite currently being weaker than lesser deities. The answer was simple, the flutes in their hands were extraordinary Artifacts that they were born with.

Lost Divine Artifacts.

They grew up playing the flutes and realised that they could affect cold and heat at some areas. Though they could not use it for attacking, Defense was still probable. Or mass murdering mortals.

But the twins did not want to do such a thing, of course. Their main goal was to send signals to each other so that they could alert the other of the presence. Nothing much.

Unfortunately this act of theirs frightened many beings, including deities. But it was not like true gods were compassionate enough to give a damn or two about them.

Especially a pair of sisters, where one was basically void of all emotions and expressions, while the other was too simple to consider any of the above mentioned.

Simply, they were both selfish.

And they did not seem bothered much by that.

? ? ? ?

Middle Realm

Middle Empire, within an underground HQ

A man knelt down there while trembling all over his body. Before him, a beauty with looks and a body so hard to describe with words alone sat there, clearly in a bad mood.

Louise looked cold as her frown deepened and her aura became more suffocating. Right now, this man and probably his lackeys only wanted to leave this place and start a charity organization to repent.

They were even thinking that, if they truly survive this encounter, they were going to work at the orphanage... for free. Everyday. Ten hours, no, twelve hours per day!!

The beauty was just too terrifying. As for what was worse, it was the towering three meter, coal like humanoid demons on her sides. They stood there with their faceless heads and flaming red hair, that swept down to their tails.

The flames were red-grey though, instead of the usual red. Their tails stretched as long as five meters when unfurled, but only two and half when curled up. Their physical body were slim and their legs looked like beast hinds.

It seemed as if they could walk on two and on fours at the same time. It just depended on them, whether they wanted to fit in, or seem like four legged living nightmares.

They stood there and cowered at the pressure released by the beauty. If such things cowered before her presence, what of them? Mere humans?

"Hmm~ team leader, I hope you've prepared yourself and have cleaned your neck, for this embarrassment can not be paid back either than in blood." She murmured coldly as everyone trembled even further.

She wasn't angry at them nor at Enigma, nor at Jin. She was just angry at the fact that she embarrassed herself. Or so she thought.

The plan was to pull him out, confess where there was not many people. Let him know about the fiancee deal, then ask if he had a problem with it or not.

If so, she would not force him and just get to know him better... again. Yes, she already knew him better than he did himself, but he seems to not remember her at all. But that was fine, they could start over from scratch.

As for why she was embarrassed? It wasn't because she confessed to him, no, that was naturally going to happen. She also determined herself to bare his first child three to five yirs (thirty to fifty years) from now.

But unfortunately that plan was ruined. Since they were sent to different starting points, what did he think of her wherever he was right now? That she was forceful? That she was too pushy? That she was a b*tch who preferred handsome man that she didn't even know?

Okay, the last one was a bit exaggerated, but she wasn't in her right mind to realise that. She was panicking, her cold aura also turned from severe to unstable. She was even close to shedding tears right now.

As for Jin, since they can't truly die and will only lose equivalent amount of faith to that of their death, or lose a league when they have no faith. She was determined to kill him ten times at minimum.



"Brrr..." Jin shivered as if he was experiencing a cold, he felt as if someone was targeting his life. And he could guess who it was. It was definitely that fierce little goddess that acted cold, but was cute in the inside.

Like mother, like daughter.

But still, despite that, her cuteness was only limited to the person she would simp for. As for himself, he might really die soon, no, seriously, he might die, "Uh, senior, can you--"

"Not a chance. I cherish my life as much as I cherish my life." Hestia cut him off half way, distanced herself from him and even opened a portal back towards the Palace without sparing him a glance.

"...You didn't have to say it twice like that. Now I feel like my death sentence has been absolutely declared. Vermillions are almost as terrifying as the Mystiques. Haah~" He sighed and refrained from going inside the portal.

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