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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 20 Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors II

But Louise then affectionately held his hand, though she avoided to look at his face due to embarrassment and shyness, she still boldly took ahold of his hand and led him towards the portal.

She was going to jump with him together, descent in that world as a future Mystique. He, of course couldn't read her thoughts since they were both gods at the same level.

"Err, Miss Louise?" He decided to call her out to check if she mistakened him for someone else. Though he was exceptionally handsome, and could not be mistakened for.

Something like this rarely happens in a place where everyone was highly beautiful or handsome.

"...Luu, Call me Luu." Louise didn't let him continue as she whispered lightly, but Enigma manged to catch on to her words. He immediately calmed down and sighed.

It was not like he hated her nor this sudden sweet feeling in his chest, but it was just that things had developed too fast. And the sweet feeling in his chest was only temporary, after that it immediately vanished.

It felt similar to nostalgia, but on an emotional or feeling scale instead? It mostly affected his head and impression of Louise, nothing else. Gods actually found it a bit hard to easily fall in love, but they were still young and inexperienced after all.

"So, what is going on Luu?" Enigma naturally called out her nickname casually, which caused her face to slightly burn up, luckily she was infront of him and he didn't see her blush.

"Can I... call you Enny?" She gently whispered under her breathe as she asked, taking the charge and being proactive.

Enigma was shocked as a beauty like her, who looked cold in the outside could actually be so cute. She stuttered, can you believe that? She actually did stutter. How cute.

"...I see, why not." He took quite a while to get out of his thoughts and respond. At this rate, he had a few guesses what was going. This girl was either his fiancee or had a crush on him, he desperately hoped for the latter.


Louise then did not waste much time and jumped into the portal with him, the both of them made a great couple. One was always poker faced all the time while the other always had an indifferent smile, which looked like a smile of mockery sometimes.

The others were especially curious what type of relationship those two would be in. Indeed, everyone had subconsciously shipped Enigma and Louise together, the most beautiful couple of this generation.

"They are actually acting all lovey dovey in front of us? How cruel. Are they engaged?" Allen looked on helplessly as Enigma was dragged into the portal by a beauty.

And the way he naturally let her do so as if they were already a couple made him admire Enigma more. 'Sure thing, charm works wonders on gods like us, who find love and hate to be means of power instead of emotions.' He silently thought.

"...No idea." Takashi finally responded after a long while. He actually wondered if he could also get himself a girlfriend, he stole a few glances at Joyce, then immediately jumped into the portal.

Joy managed to catch a glimpse of it, but did not comment. She instead follow after him, thus Joyce also jumped into the portal after her sister as well.

"I guess we'll just follow after them then, yeah, see you guys on the other side." Su Han also jumped into the portal, the remaining candidates also jumped in as well.


As the area was left in silence, the portal becane unstable and shattered into rainbow sprites. But the two adults stood there blankly and both had poker expressions.


"Aren't you worse of a demon for not stopping me, senior?"




A small portal appeared suspended hundreds of miles in the sky. As peaceful and serene as the sky was, the silent appearance of the portal did not alert anyone.

But that was not for long though. A moment later, the portal slowly expanded as if it was being filled up to the brim. It then exploded into a silent explosion, spreading ten flashes of light all around the world.

When the flashes were far away from each other and began revealing their true identities, ten young teens could be seen flying through the sky. Unfortunately nobody could see that high up.

They were all unconscious as the momentum led them away, but then, another portal appeared before each of them and sent them towards different continents in the world.

It had to be said, such an error was really hard for Jin and Hestia to fix. Especially for Hestia, since she was not managing this said world. Even if she was, it would still be tough to fix the situation by then.

? ? ? ?

Middle Realm

Desolate Region

A man stood above a hill as he looked at the battlefield that the war between humans and gnolls had caused. He sighed in disappointment as this time around, more human corpses filled up the land than the gnoll corpses.

It has been three years since the war had began. The kingdoms located at the periphery of the Region had a lot of trouble with the monsters at this side as well.

Every now and then, war would suddenly break out within these lands. And even with the Deities and powerful combatants, the monsters always managed to push them back everytime.

But now, it seemed as if a greater deity was finally born among the monsters. Thus having five greater deities, overpowering the humans even more. That was why the monsters attacked at full force, and for three years this time.

The reason for the war? They were monsters for god's sake, how could humans read the true thoughts of the likes of them? It could be for land, power or resources, but what was the main point was that humans could not let them win.

The humans only had four greater Deities, each ruling over a kingdom of the Desolate Region, a very, very small, insignificant piece of the whole Middle Realm. Especially if there are thousands of regions at minimum within a Continent.

And then there being thousands of Confinents at minimum within a Cardinal. And then the Cardinals ruled over.

"Haah~" The man sighed once again. He knew that soon, maybe two years time, they would lose the war for good, and be conquered, slaughtered and fed upon.

And worst of all, those from the empires and stronger kingdoms failed to respond to their pleas for help.


But then, while he was busy in his thoughts, a loud explosion occurred not far away from him, drawing his attention there. As a seasoned warrior, it was easy to catch hus attention.

He immediately turned around and saw most of his squad members rushing towards the cause of the explosion without any order whatsoever.

A few rushed towards the camp while one of them rushed towards the man instead. But the man did not let him reach him as he was already rushing towards the scene.

His speed was quite fast, inhuman even, immediately surpassing the men under his command. He didn't know what was there but he immediately drew his blade and stood not far away from the cloud of dust.

Something like this was normal here. Asking questions and all the likes, were stupid and suicidal. The first response to anything foreign... was combat ready.

But before he could even steady his heart, a suffocating aura fell over his head. Almost making him crouch down despite being a geared slayer.

Though he only had one sword artifact, he could still resist the pressure from lesser deities slightly. And as a seasoned fighter, he knew what the aura of Deities was like.

But right now, he could barely even move. 'Another greater deity? And the aura is also different too. Is it that the monsters found another greater deity so soon? Are we really done for?

No, it could be one of the deities from the stronger empires. I mustn't jump into conclusions so easily. It's only suicidal.'

The man steadied himself and stared at the clearing cloud of dust with vigilant eyes. But he didn't expect to see a teenage boy when the clouds of dust settled down.

His looks aside, which had no adjective to describe them, his voice alone caused the pressure to double in weight. "Argh, my head. It hurts, no, I dies not, but it feels strange."

Su Han stood proudly within the large crater, no scar or scratch on his body despite the fall. He looked around him and realised a man, trembling before him, was looking at him in fright and amazement.

"Are you my senior brother?"

? ? ? ?


Within the Traditional region of the Orange Continent, a small star fell down onto a river, resulting in a large explosion and a small tsunami spreading outwards towards shore.

The fisherman who had been fishing there a moment ago unsteadily got up from under the wrecks of his boat. His body was injured and his breathing unstable.

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