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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 19 Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors I

The vitality of the world added up to the resources made a terrifying change in everything. Their bodies were also developed because of this, to the point where super geniuses only needed a hundred years to become gods instead of two hundred.

The energy source was also unexpectedly abundant, as long as one was a super genius, becoming a god in less than a hundred years was already a done deal. This was why gods were so abundant in top greater worlds.

But even then trillions of deities amount to nothing compared to the quintillions of population. Perhaps let's say tens of trillions, including half deities and deific races, but that was still miniscule in the bigger picture.

Mortals still outnumbered the deific beings by a straight ten thousand. This included angels, demons, giants and dragons under the mortal category.

But thinking about it carefully, a normal deity could fight thousands of mortal warriors by themselves reducing the number to at most ten times greater than the gods... in terms of influence and not population.

"That is why, though deities take the Throne back in Terra, they are not to do as they please. Don't forget, there are godslayers as well as other deific beings in that place.

"God slayers are people who are epic and above. But not anybody epic and above is a god slayer, only those that have god slaying gear can be considered god slayers.

"As for how this works, a double-geared slayer will be able to reduce a deity's strength by a minor realm in a battle. Making a lesser deity as strong as a half deity, meaning that they would be kill-able.

"A qaud-geared slayer could probably reduce a deity's strength by two minor realms, and finally, a six geared slayer could make even the strongest greater deity look no different than the weakest lesser deity, sometimes being comparable to half deities if they were unlucky.

"But that's not all, if one is naturally overly talented, they could wear seven slayer gears and turn even a greater deity into a Saint or a Sage. This was practically a cheat, so the divine made countermeasures for those.

"So you don't have to worry. Plus, as true gods, even if you become a genuine true god, which is far stronger to a god king, a seven layered slayer gear can only only turn you into a high true god. And that is only for a brief moment, since we true gods can suppress the suppression of the slayer gears/artifacts.

"...I've spoken more words than I have the past ten years, so before I lose my battery and completely be drained out, does anybody have questions about the world?" Jin stopped to catch his breath and to allow the ten candidates of his, before him, to digest the information.

He was naturally lazy and spoke a lot less compared to this. Not that he was mute or loner material, but his conversations were always short lived. But since today was a special day, he had to put in minimum efforts.

The candidates before him easily digested the information as there was nothing hard to comprehend from Jin's words. They were naturally the most talented among this generation's batch.

Among them, the boy's came from the Everlasting Star True District, and twins, Mimi and Athena, Louise as well as Cheryl all came from four other True Districts.

Altogether, this batch's top geniuses amounted to one hundred and twenty candidates, each led by the twenty-four top candidates of the last batch. Unfortunately, the kids themselves were yet to learn of such things. They only knew that Jin was their leader.




"No? That's great. Now I hope everyone has their primary followers right? Anyone with a backing has to have beginner followers, because without them, then your journey would be tough. You all have them right?" He emphasized the first question and repeated it twice to show its importance to a new God.

The moment they leave this place, they would not be able to access the Origin Source of the Palace to use innate energy anymore, thus they would have to rely on their stamina for physical activities and faith points for deific activities.

Thus increasing the importance of having believers. And since everyone here was from powerful backgrounds, they surely had Epic-graded followers, which were the limit of the beginner package.

Cause if not, some kids would be having Mythic-grade followers, which they could hardly handle at this level. Followers and Believers could still backstab gods after all.




"...I wonder."

Everyone responded positively after checking their inner consciousness. But only one of them, Enigma, turned towards Hestia and responded after a pause. His response was barely a response at all.


Hestia lightly coughed and avoided his eyes. To be honest, she had prepared to give him something a few days ago, but soon forgot about it when she thought that giving it to him as a goodbye gift sounded more effective.

"...Senior, how can you be so cruel?" Jin also looked at her helplessly and he shook his head in feigned disappointment. Not like he had the guts to truthfully do it.

Hestia was scary.

"It... was supposed to be a surprise. Here, catch this, remember, this is all my hopes and expectations stashed together. Don't disappoint me in there." Hestia, who blushed in embarrassment under the eyes of everyone finally regained her face.

She shamelessly threw a golden orb towards Enigma and said, with a straight face that is, so he should not disappoint her. Not disappoint you? I'll think about it after I see the followers first. Enigma thought.

"...Yeah yeah, I get it. It's not like you'd give me a Mythical race as a starter point right? That's quite impossible." Enigma looked at the orb, put it away carefully and casually retorted at her words. Failing to catch the glint of mischief that flashed through her eyes.


"...Now, then, kids, prepare yourselves to experience life as true gods among thousands of deities. Now..." Seeing as to how everyone was prepared to go, Jin clapped his hands to form another portal in front of him.

He then pointed at the portal, turned around to look at the candidates and 'respectfully' said, "Into the portal you go then."

"Is this even safe?" Athena looked suspiciously at the portal that took less than a few seconds to create. Weren't they supposed to take longer instead?

What happened to the safety procedures? And why did he make it sound as if he was not coming along himself?

"Where does it even lead to?" Mimi also felt it surreal the more she looked at it, and couldn't help but question him as well.

It was not that her alarms were triggered, meaning that she wouldn't die, but still, she felt uncomfortable for some sort of reason.

"Of course it's safe, and it leads to our base, of course. Just get in there and introduce yourselves to the crew." Jin felt the need to explain himself unnecessary, so he waved his hands irritated at them to go in faster.

"There's a crew?" Enigma questioned in skepticism as he looked at Jin full of doubt. Why wasn't he told about this, Hestia didn't mention there being any crews.

"...Of course." He bleakely responded without much strength in his tone, but it still sounded true and unrefutable at the moment. So Enigma decided to believe him.


But he then did not expect what came next. The top beauty, the most beautiful girl he could proudly say ranked number one even to someone like him, moved towards him in calm, steady steps.

Along the way, she held her hands around her neck, fiddling around as if she was unhooking something from her back. Enigma guessed that it was probably a necklace.

His guess was correct. She removed a black, heart-like flame shaped necklace and stood a a feet away from him. After calmly looking at his handsome face, that also ranked first among most, if not all young gods, she then made her move.

Not only himself, but everyone else was surprised by the actions of Louise. Everyone except the adults that is, as they watched with intrigue and interest.

"Is our number beauty interested in our number one stud?" Allen murmured to himself with slight envy in his tone. He envied how handsome men had it easy in life, but a moment later he shifted his attention to Cheryl.

"They look good together though." Cheryl said as she looked at the beautiful scenery of beauty and charm pieced together before her. She felt Allen's stare and decided to stare back, but she regretted it soon after.





"Yes yes, very beautiful."

Mimi and Athena stood side by side and did not comment. The two twins also responded in their usual negative-positive remarks. Only Su Han did not understand what was beautiful about any of this.

Louise could be seen taking one of Enigma's hands, stuffing the necklace inside, closing his palm and then turning around. Enigma stood there still and frozen, not knowing what to do, he just thought it was all over.

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