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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 18 Terra, The World Of Ten Thousand Races II

Thus giving herself more freedom, and space to move fluently. Just that action alone had Su Han starring intently at her legs, and the war goddess ignored him.

"I feel... like I have watched another person's life." Cheryl said in a barely audible tone. Her face avoiding everyone else, especially Enigma and Louise. Their charm was just too much.

Even Even she was beautiful herself, she only took third place, compared to the first and second place they both took, and stood absolute.

"How horrible was it?" Mimi snickered at her and asked. She had been bullied back in the white space and was still in a bad mood. So she decided to relieve some of her anger on the docile Cheryl.

"It wasn't horrible!! It was just sad." Cheryl immediately responded back strongly without a hint of shyness at first, but a moment later she lowered her voice once again and avoided Mimi's glare. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯπ“ͺ𝐝 cπš˜π’Ž

"Tsk, sad my ass." Mimi clicked her tongue in annoyance. But after sensing Athena's glare from the side, she avoided looking at Cheryl. But the glare was still there, and only got more oppressive for her.

The poor spoiled little girl couldn't hold it in anymore, until she finally relented. "I'm sorry okay? I just feel pissed off. I was bullied by that thing in there, and, and now you want to bully me too? Waaah~"

Her tone got lower at the end of her words and her eyes got teary. She finally broke down into tears, and fell down on her kness, just like a small girl would. Unfortunately, she was not small anymore, except in size.

"There, there. She didn't mean anything by it, right Athy?" Cheryl patted Mimi on the back with gentleness as she tried to calm her down. Truthfully, she always looked at Mimi as a child, though she will never admit that.

She did not want the stress, and the trouble that would be brought to her if she did. She was not as strict as Athena, or as cold as Louise, to have this fiesty girl bow down to them.

"...Yeah." Athena sighed and reluctantly agreed to Cheryl's words. The others were caught off guard by the relationship of the three as they didn't even want to guess what was going on.

"Since that's over, isn't it about time we go to our base planet? But before that, I think I'll have to introduce the world to you guys first, don't I?" Jin smiled bitterly as he felt that to be a lot of work. According to his motto, enjoy more, stress less, did not align with working.

Working led to stress after all.

"You think?" Enigma rolled his eyes at Jin. Not only him, but everyone else could guess how their future career as gods would be like with such a leader leading them.

But unfortunately, they all looked down on Jin. What they were going to experience under his care, was far away from their imagination.

? ? ? ?

Terra, this was a top level world even among the higher worlds. It's size, mass, surface area, land area and conditions were what made it a top world even among its ranking.

Before going deeper into Terra, let us explain the situation of the one hundred and eight True Districts, also known as the True Verse.

In this True Chaos, practically one if the few ones left with hints of the Primordial Era, there were worlds which were rated differently depending on their energy sources, resources and conditions to sustain life.

Corpse Zones - They ranked the lowest and obviously had the worst aspects compared to other worlds. Their resources are low, conditions are unsuitable for life and their energy sources were drained dry.

This worlds looked no different to corpses, as they 'lay' within the vast infinite space, dead. So much so that they were poisonous for even gods to live in, and were birthing places for parasites.

They were basically Worlds that contained numerous dead Realities and dead Universes, that even Gods detested. Even True Gods treated such Worlds as Slums.

Lower Zones - They were several leagues above Corpse Worlds. This was because these types of worlds had high sustainability of life, minimum resources and traces of energy sources.

A few Worlds within include Planes, Small Worlds, Large Worlds and Prime Worlds.

Where Planes were your average sized Continents floating within space, protected by their Source. They had their own individual small star acting as a sun and as well as a moon.

Small Worlds were the worlds that easily stood up to 500 to 1000 miles in length. Their shape was spherical, and most likely had their own sun and moon, if not involved in an Solar System.

Large Worlds stood at around 10 000 to 100 000 miles tall. Their shape was also spherical, and they had their own sun and moon. In some cases being Suns and Moons.

And finally, Prime Worlds. These worlds are also spherical, but others can take their own unique shapes as well.

Such Worlds did not have any right to be involved in Solar Systems, as they had Innate Source Greater than multiple Small and Larger Worlds.

Their length easily topped a million miles at minimum, and there were great ones that easily stood at a billion miles!! One could imagine how great its star would be.

Upper Zones - They had the highest sustainability of life, could house in as much as thousands of gods via the available vitality alone. Their energy sources also made it possible for more gods to appear within the world, up to basically Infinite gods.

The resources also made it easier for racial development of the beings within, making the worlds also highly developed compared to those of lower worlds.

But don't think that they were limited to only that, there were birth, minor, middle, major and top grades among each of the three world ranks. Each grade better than the other, a top grade greater world being slightly comparable to a birth supreme world even.

Their Worlds within were Greater Worlds, Supreme Worlds and Origin Worlds. Where even the smallest birth Greater World was light years in size, and the largest top Greater World being comparable to millions of light years, galaxies!!

While, even more terrifying, the Greater Worlds had their own Realms within, Concepts that transcend 1st grade and 2nd grade Worlds such as Realities.

While higher rated Greater Worlds, might even have Realms that transcend even 3rd grade, and possibly 4th grade Worlds, almost nonexistent Worlds as a lot could not prove their existence.

Let alone the Supreme Worlds that transcend the Greater Worlds, and the Origin Worlds that transcend the Supreme Worlds.

And such Worlds also had higher ranked Realms, beyond even Godly comprehension. Unfortunately, such rated Worlds were very rare, even to True Gods.

Now back to Terra, one of the only nine top grade Greater Worlds within their own Dimensions. Their ranks were so advanced that they did not seem like Greater Worlds anymore, but nigh-Supreme Worlds.

Terra itself had ten thousand races, each inhibiting a region of their own. The total population alone was trillions, including the humans, orcs, demons etc.

Just that alone showed how frightening Terra was. But most importantly, trillions population still failed to fill up the whole land of Terra, including the giants and titans, dragons and other divine beasts, it was still not fully covered.

And that was not all, the land was only 48% of Terra, the sea taking up the remaining 52%. This showed how terrifyingly large the world itself was, acting as Universes by itself. Can you imagine?

Now into the world, Terra had seven Realms, Hell, Heaven, God Realm, Mystic Realm, Middle Realm, Abyss and Purgatory. It could be said that every other Greater World of thus Dimension, had the same structure.

The details of each Continent will be left to the new gods to go and explore by themselves. As for now, the only thing that could be revealed was that each Continent had thousands of gods their level roaming the place.

And among the mortals, Epic and Legends might be as common as cabbages as well. Saints might not be a rare thing to come across once in a while and half-deities were also widely spread.

Meeting a half deity in your lifetime was considered normal, even meeting a deity was only considered a special event, and not some unforseen matter. This was just how grand the Higher Worlds were like.

The resources alone were so abundant that even a person with a normal talent might become an epic or legend within a hundred years. Let alone geniuses, who could do so in less than half the time.

Even super geniuses could become deities in at most two hundred years, due to the resources and their talent alone. And the higher the Realm, the more blessings the inhabitants have.

But the more dangerous as well. It was the simplest rule of living beings. That included gods and those beyond.

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