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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 14 Untold Secrets, Heaven And Earth

"Very good, that was simple enough. Now, what do you think we do with worlds like these, and what do YOU think is the best possible choice to solve them." He inquired, seemingly looking forward to her response.

The attitude he gave her, made Athena feel special. He seemed keen on hearing her opinion, whilst giving out the impression of seeking for advice or not just testing her.

It made the little girl, though smarter than others, feel like her intelligence was finally needed. Especially so, if the person in question, was a genuine Omnipotent being.

"I believe the higher ups split the world into multiple worlds, where each world meets up the basic quotation of being a world. Which is each world having 100 billion Galaxies.

"I think that is smart, and not a bad idea. But I believe it would be better to let the world grow into something even bigger by itself, possibly becoming a Multiverse.

"And if possible, to become even a Cosmos, and finally a 4th grade World. A 4th grade 5th grade World. The idea is insane, I know, my lord. But... the possibilities, the infinite possibilities that come with this idea are just too enticing.

"To what lengths could we keep growing, to what length could we not keep growing?! Ahem, my apologies, I got a bit too excited my lord." The little girl lightly coughed in embarrassment, and fixed her expressions.

"No, it is alright. Your ideas are grand, and it is not that nobody once thought about them. But the risk required to fulfill such a thing, is not worth it.

"Plus, what is the use of a 4th grade 5th grade World, when you can just create a 4th grade World with nigh-infinite 5th grade Worlds in it? I know, I know.

"The idea of an Infinite sized Universe is nice and all, but what does it do? What much does it have in influence, compared to ordinary 4th grade Worlds, capable of housing countless 5th Worlds?

"Think on that, and meditate on it. Today, I want to show you how we, truly deal with such abnormalities. Boy." The old man kindly, and gently spoke to her.

The little girl nodded, as she took all his words to heart. She already respected this man, there was no need not to listen to him at all. And with how he treated her, she was becoming a fan of him.

But as he called out the word "boy", she subconsciously turned around as a boy around her age, who wore white clothes, had golden eyes and long silver hair walked out from behind them.

He was handsome, and basically resembled the old man, even though he was blurry. And behind the boy, was a beautiful girl around their age as well, who shyly came to stand besides Athena.


"Big sister..."

The two girls greeted each other briefly, and turned to look at the young boy. One side was curious, while the other was completely infatuated with the boy.

"Boy, why don't you go practice a bit of your innate abilities." The old man told the young boy, who smiled lightly as he flew towards the Universe ten times larger than normal.



The two girls did not say anything, as they watched silently, and in curiosity. And the next thing they saw, was a young boy, the size of a one year baby, do the literal impossible.

He waved his hand, as all trillions of stars within a single galaxy were moved, and gathered at one place. Regardless from which corner of the 100 000 light year sized galaxy, they moved, and gathered instantaneously.

The star movement, of course destroyed millions of worlds and solar systems, but the boy showed no care, and no remorse, as he continued playing around.

The stars first took the shape of a number "3", as they glowed brightly, and glimmered in glitter. Then seconds later, formed a "2", and next, was a "1" then finally a "0".

And one could guess what happened next.


Unexpectedly, without a warning, all the stars gathered to form a gigantic star 50 000 light years vast, that instantly underwent a hypernova, and obliterated thousands of Galaxies.



Both girls were surprised, yet surprisingly, none were fearful, nor sad. Athena was curious, and amazed, while Louise, was enthralled and amazed as well.

"Bravo." And so was the old man, or not. He did not seem impressed at all. Athena watched his expressions, as throughout the boy's playing, which ended up destroying all trillions of Galaxies...

The old man was not shaken, nor impressed one bit. From that day, she put in effort into learning much about this man, and even got close to him as well as his grand child.

But what she got at the end, was a portion of the power of the boy, as well as a mission, one given to her by the very same old man.


She was not going to say the mission out loud, nor was she going to think much about it. The reason why she even had such a memory right now, was because she wanted to remember something.

She wanted to see the difference between the boy she knew, and the young teenager that was accompanying them as a teammate.

"Now now leader, wait, are you even my leader, or just a husk of who you used to be? It does not matter though, we go long back, into times untold, and pasts interviewed." She let out such words and smiled subconsciously.

'Looking forward to seeing you awaken, leader~' She thought, glancing through hidden timelines of the past, and the destroyed timelines of the future with extreme apathy.

"I could tell you all everything, but I'd prefer you find out yourselves. That way, you'll cherish your true identities, your purposes and your ultimate end. After all..." Her lips curled up slightly, her body floating through the endless emptiness.

She then spoke, "...Everything is just history repeating itself. And the so called Prime Era you all cherish so much... is one portion of many others. But the question still stands though."

Her eyes flashed brightly, "Will the Prime Era remain as our Zenith point in time, or will we uncover more untold secrets, or... will you try and make a new one, my dearest leader?"

She chuckled to herself, "Who knows. But I'm looking forward to either nonetheless." She added, and then fell silent.

? ? ? ?

"Sister." She called out in a light, yet depressed-filled tone as she looked up at her sister with her dead eyes. Her hair was now white and her eyes were golden, she had two beautiful wings on her back gently flapping, emitting thunder and lightning, from time to time.

"Yes, sister?" She replied in a highly energetic, positive tone, as she looked down on her sister who was erotically pinned down on the floor.

One of her legs were in between her sister's legs, who was lying down. So erotic, that her knee almost touched a Forbidden zone. But that seemed to be of no importance to the twins.

Unlike her sister, she had blue hair and green eyes, a giant flower bloomed on her back beautifully, spreading its Petals everywhere to flaunt her glory.

"What is... Heaven?" The naked older sister asked, still starring deeply, or so it looked, at her sister's eyes. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

"Uh..? I don't know, sister, what do you think?" The naked younger sister tilted her head in confusion as she asked back.

"Then what is Earth?" Joy didn't change her expression, but changed her question instead. Her dead eyes still blankly staring at her sister, Joyce.

"What is Earth?" Joyce didn't even think twice before she repeated the question back to Joy. To her, the need to put in effort to try and answer something that you barely have a clue of, was stupid.

Or maybe it could be her excuse, who knows.



The place was filled with silence for quite some time. Luckily, it was not awkward, tense nor oppressive. Just the peaceful aura of two airheads admiring each other's beauty.

" " We are hopeless, aren't we? " "

They both repeated the words at the same time with the same tone and the same frequency. Such a state of resonance was only unique to the twins. For now, that is.

The ARC of Heaven (Sky) and Earth (Land) were born as twins in this life. One who watched over the Land, and ushered its glory, and one who was the Land, and worshiped the Sky.

Concepts that Existed within te whole of Existence, yet were made to Transcende it, as they became the Pillars of all living and non-living beings.

They were do unique, that even Pre-Existential, had to divide themselves under the category of Heaven, toe born first, and Earth, those born afterwards.

Unfortunately, the other sibling didn't reincarnate with them, Sea. But it was no big deal, he could take care of himself. For even back then, he was risen to heights rival Pre-Existentials.

Which was a pity. A pity indeed.

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