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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 12 Ten Incarnates, Queen Mother

Allen stood stranded within the white space as profound heavenly aura drifted around him. Unlike the 'holy' heavenly aura of the white space he was within, his heavenly aura was just ancient and profound.

He stood there with his hands held behind his back, his back stretched straight and his head held high. Around him, ten small worlds drifted within the space, orbiting around his body as the central lying point.

Compared to the image of his past life, Vishnu, his new appearance looked different. It was more human-looking than godly. In fact, saying that he had a complete different look altogether was not a lie.

This was because this was one of his avatars, the eighth, so to speak. With an incomprehensible charming face, well built physique with broad shoulders and mighty arms, as well as a tanned complexion and coppery eyes.

He was shirtless and had a large and beautiful bow in his arms. His dark chocolate hair drifted within the space even without wind, his coppery eyes looked on in admiration at his charm.

His abs were well defined, being more prosperous than body builders with eight abs. His muscles were likewise better than anything mortally.

"Damn I look so hot. Heh~ One death sure changes a lot, with my memories, I believe my personality used to be much better than this? Nah, fuck that, this is a new life. Anything else is nothing but putting restraint on yourself.

"Like who cares whether I grope some random woman's beast or fold their perky butts? I'm a Supremity, what can they say about it? Yeah, they could say a lot.

"...Wish I could say that to all the women who kicked my ass back at home. Unfortunately, I'm not the only God out there. But still, this are the joys of life, the miracles of being who you truly are!!"

Allen threw away his facade of being a considerate gentle young man the moment he was by himself. He sprouted a lot of nonsense and found excuses to his perversion, but there was no one to listen to him, so it was still useless.

His personality was one that... seemed to be more colorful than an ordinary god's. Not only did he have different kinds of views of everything, he also spoke his words or sentences incomprehensible as if they weren't formed by one person.

"Could be the after effects of this ten avatar nonsense. How did I even live with this in my past life? Luckily, these ten avatars are still me, because there's no discord in my thoughts yet.

"By the way, since I have ten personalities, doesn't that mean that I can legally have ten wives? Yeah, hahaha, nothing's limiting me from now on!!"

Not like there was any such limitations in the first place. A god was a god, even in the god realm, you can still marry tens of goddesses. Let alone in the mortal world where you can have your own harem of hundreds of beauties.

Unfortunately, Allen felt the need to say it.

After all, he was not going to go out and tell everything that he was one of the three Supremities that existed before Creation, within one of the many Prime Era Realms.

Who would believe that? Especially if he was formerly the Derivation of Compassion and Preservation, which, his current personality differed greatly from.

"No no no, wait. I'm being compassionate. I love all women, regardless of form, or shape. Does that not make Compassionate?" Allen retorted... in which case, the Narrative decided to ignore.

"...I guess you think otherwise."

Moving on.

? ? ? ?

"...Is there no other way?" (Queen Mother)

"There is."

"Then?!" (Queen Mother)

"It's just not worth it. Sweetheart, you're the Queen Mother of this place, the Lady Queen of these people, the so-called wife of the King Father. Why would you still lower your head to another man? Especially one such as myself?"

"It's because I am their Queen Mother that I do this, it's because they are my children I stoop so low, it's because he's my Yang-half that I would do anything regardless of my status!!!" (Queen Mother)

"Oh, Yang-half you say? Like some sort if husband or lover? And oh my, anything?"

"Ah? Umfghf?!" (Queen Mother)

The conversation between the two figures was finally cut shot as gigantic hands and grotesque limbs fell towards the unparalleled beauty and swallowed her completely. Not even giving her a chance to say a word.

Immediately afterwards, everything went completely dark, then a pair of golden eyes abruptly opened up in shock, followed by a large golden beam that shot straight towards the dark sky, illuminating a young beauty.


The beauty kept screaming her lungs out as the golden light illuminated everything within her soroundings. Her unparalleled figure was revealed, naked and exposed to the darkness.

Fortunately for her, the frightening being that could go toe to toe with their Apocalypse, but decided not to, was gone. In fact, it seems like everything else was gone.

Her people, her children, her family, her Yang-half, her empire, her realm. All of them were gone. Swallowed effortlessly by the Apocalypse that was prophecied to be the end of all things.

The beauty stranded in pain and suffering, while retaining her rationale wondered whether that man, no, 'they' were swallowed by the Apocalypse as well.

That was no man, god or devil. 'They' was the hughest abomination itself. Pure dread and endless salvation. The epitome of freedom and languity. One who was not stranded by Fate, but stranded Fate itself.

The Personification of Indeterminacy.

The golden beam piecing through the darkness finally spread out in all directions, swallowing both her and the darkness itself. The last thing she had on her mind was whether 'they' had kept their word and helped her.

"Ugh, what happened? Such intense memories, my head is throbbing. Waaaa, why does this has to hurt so much." The beautiful girl held her head full of blonde hair in pain as she sobbed.

Her beauty was, likewise unparalleled. As expected of a god, or so was supposed to be expected. She wore Taoist robes that firmly held her S-class figure and exposed nothing indecent to the world.

Her hair was tied into a beautiful bun and was held by an exquisite Phoenix crown that was colored blue and red. Her delicate figure, slim and well proportioned perfectly fit well with her shy expression and pale complexion.

"That, that... jerk. He's the worst." She pouted her lips and rubbed her eyes, tears began forming at the edge of her eyes as her sobs turned into silent cries.

"If they ever reincarnate, I will definitely, definitely get my revenge. Bastards!!" She stood up and wiped her tears as she declared. But that declaration was useless.

Because she knew, she definitely knew her past life's feelings. Despite marrying the emperor, she still ended up falling in love with them. But she didn't blame herself, she wasn't the only victim within that Era.

In fact 99.9% of all the women who were there even before, during and after the time of Existence, probably fell in love with those incompetent bastards. Unfortunately they were 'impotent' and rejected all of them.

"Haah~" That was a lie, they were probably the most potent being out there. As one of the few Unique beings at the level of their Apocalypse, it was a given.

And half the women of that time only wanted a descendent with them, including herself, though she also had genuine feelings for him. And she might still have some even now...

Despite being one of the Creator beings of Taoism itself, one of the highest beings above the concept of Taoism and Daoism itself.

Bow back to those guys, the reason they rejected everyone was unknown, but the idea of Reincarnation was theirs.

No no no, it wasn't theirs, but their doing. A Prime God who was completely obliterated by the Prime Apocalypse would see no Reincarnation no matter what.

But they managed to Reincarnate all of them. Whether they were Creator beings like herself, or End beings like the Anti-Gods, or Pre-Existential beings like Eternal Night, they Reincarnated all of them within a secret space far away from the influence of the Apocalypse.

Perhaps this was their way of saving them. Their way of accepting her pleas and answering her desperation. Perhaps... they really did care about everyone deep down in their heart.

Unfortunately, even someone like them had their limits. Despite being Reincarnated, the only thing they (the gods) recieved were their memories, powers and Status. Either than that, nothing else.

The emotions they had back then meant nothing to them now. Their feelings, their relationships, their bonds, would all depend on this lifetime's personalities. If one of them sees them as nostalgia, then it will be that.

If one sees it as Fate, then it will be that. If one feels it unnecessary, then it will be unnecessary. That was why, her love for him, the King Father, her love for them, the Anonymous, her devotion for Kunlun Mountain, were all gone.

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