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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 11 Eternal Night, Elemental Dragon Ancestress

"I, Louise Victoria Vermillion, hereby accept my identity as the personification of Night, the Primordial Darkness, Son of Chaos. I hereby declare to the universe that I have returned... And shall fulfill my promise to the "Great Lord" that the Old Gods had made."

The white space that one of the girls that came with Athena, Louise, was sent to, was instantly sorounded by darkness from corner to corner. This darkness swallowed everything, leading to complete darkness, darker than black itself.

Suspended in the center of this phenomenon, the overly beautiful Louise closed her eyes and let the True Will, an entity above everyone, the highest true order, do its job.

The darkness was absorbed into her hair, her originally dark hair turned a shader darker. Making it look darker than the abyss itself. It even felt like it was absorbing the sorounding heat and light.

Her complexion became a bit paler, increasing her beauty by twofold or even threefold. A cute pure black half tear-like droplet formed above her forehead, creating a clear contrast with her pale complexion.

Her eyes unknowingly opened and her originally purple pupils turned black, with glowing starlight as beautiful as the starry skies and as cold as the void.

The sorounding space around her became twisted and turned as if there was no order. Sometimes it would break apart, sometimes it would be clear, and sometimes it would be both.

She opened her eyes and looked up at her soroundings. With such beauty, it felt like the darkness was bowing down to her. No, it was literally bowing down to her.

"Nyx. So, that was my name. There's also Nox, Nott, and other names that I seemed to use in different Realms. Haah~" She sighed gently as she wrapped her arms around her body.

That sigh alone caused the darkness to tremble, and a aura of sadness drifted around her soroundings. 'It's not your fault.' She said lightly, resulting in the darkness to calm down.

She could feel that the darkness was to her will. It would do anything she said, and would do anything to protect her as well. She was about to sigh again, but stopped as she looked at the darkness, that was already about to 'cry'.

"Like I said, it is not your fault... I just found out about my memories and feel a bit sick about everything. And, the great prophecy of the Pre-Existential Gods that I was told about since birth... doesn't seem that bad.

"I mean, he sure looks hopeless and unreliable, but, it's not like he is not likable. Haah~ but the problem is that, with how the prophecy described him like, and how he currently is, will he ever show any strong feelings such as love?

"No, I don't even need him to love me or anything. I just, want his compassion or his attention. Haah~ will he even remember everything? Does he even remember me?"

The young lady, contrary to her external appearance was actually a bit shy and talkative. And this shyness didn't seem to just be directed to anyone, but a certain someone.

The amount of times she sighed in this short time would make one wonder whether she was an old lady or a beautiful teenager.

But thinking about it, a person who lived for billions of years (hundred thousands of yirs) was the basis of her soul. iπš—nπ˜³π™šπ‘Žπ—±. π‘π—Όπ’Ž

Just to clarify, those memories were like dreams. They did not have that much of an influence on one's mentality or personality at all. Imagine watching a series that had a hundred episodes per season, while having a hundred seasons itself.

It was like that.

"Darkness, you would also like to have someone like him as a father right... Or should I say, once again? No, wait, weren't you his sister back then? Or not? Now this is confusing." Louise, in her true form, showed a conflicted expression.

Though her eyes were cold and her her soroundings dark, her expression was still cute nonetheless. A lucky guy out there would be happy to have such a girlfriend... Probably.

? ? ? ?

The small girl with a petite figure frowned heavily as she saw the endless white space she was sent to. There was nothing wrong with it, just that the color white was too much for her eyes to see.

As expected of a demon-type, or so Athena would say if she was here. Mimi decided to ignore the light, but for a moment, just a moment, she felt like the white space snickered at her appearance.

'Just my imagination, just my imagination.' She said to herself repeatedly, and when her eyes adjusted to the brightness, the light suddenly intensified once again. Burning her eyes in the process.

'Fucking, SONUVAB*TCH!!' She unintentionally screamed in her thoughts, as she rolled on the ground in pain. Her hands covered her eyes, which released smoke or mist or whatever it was.

'I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I FUCKEN KNEW IT!! This is heavenly light and not just any type of light. But aren't you being biased? Didn't Heaven and Hell cooperate during the final moments?! Fucking bastards!! Just you wait!!'

She screamed in her mind but did not dare open her eyes. But the eyes were not the only place the heavenly light could attack. Her body suddenly combusted into white flames as she screamed and rolled on the floor with all her might.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I won't do it again. I promise, I promise!!' She immediately switched from being fiesty to being docile as she screamed in pain. As if satisfied, the flames burned out and her burnt figure was revealed.

Within a few seconds, her injuries healed and she was back at full health. Afraid that she would be attacked again, she immediately did the salute that she was taught in elementary school and the chant as well.

"I, Mimi Daemerion III, hereby accept my identity as the Seven Dragon God Ancestor, The Dragon Slaying God, The Tallest Dragon God, The Burning God Dragon, The... I hereby declare to the universe that I have returned, to take back my rightful position as the Seven Existencial Menace."

Immediately upon finishing her words, boundless black, red, green, blue and other auras burst forth out of her body and filled up the entire white space. It felt as is, Hell had forcibly descended on Heaven so effortlessly.

And within the rainbow-like aura, Mimi curled up her body and let out a moan of pleasure as the rainbow-like aura altered her body. From her previous figure, she now looked more nefarious.

Her hair color turned a complete mixture of seven colors and it grew as long as two meters, almost twice her height. Her skin complexion also turned smooth and a bit tanned, but overall, it was still pale-ish.

Scales began growing all over her skin. Covering her naked body like some sort of sexy, revealing bikini armor, or scale armor in this case. Two horns also grew up from her head, they were both small, sharp and cute. Just to add, her breasts grew slightly big, enough to not be considered flat.

A large tail, approximately three meters in length gently waved side to side behind her. It's length alone was more than twice her height, albeit the force she needed to manipulate it was almost nonexistent.

As all the aura was absorbed into her body, she stood up and opened her similar colored eyes, which seemed to suck at the sorounding light and corrupt it.

"Hmm~ feels good to be back." She said proudly as power began to corrupt her mind and she looked up at the boundless, or rather dim heavenly light.


"Kyaaaa!!! You cheater, I wasn't prepared!!" But unfortunately, she still fell for the same trick and got her eyes gouged out by the Heavenly light, resulting in her rolling down the floor.

How could she, the reincarnate of a being that existed beyond Existence, an Ancient God to be precise, be mistreated like this?

If Enigma, according to Louise, was a being respected even by the Pre-Existential beings, and Louise was the Derivation of Night, Eternal Darkness that existed even before Existence and likely at the same level, or beyond Pre-Existentials.

Then Mimi was somewhere around that level as well. She might not be above Pre-Existentials like Enigma, or the Derivation of a Pre-Existential concept like Louise.

But she was a unique being made up of seven of the Principle Laws, that converged into a single entity that could rival even Pre-Existential beings to a greater extent.

Abd after the blessing of the strange entity Louise mentioned, she became even more Ferocious, as her True Form was that of a Dragon, formed out of Seven Principle Laws beyond Existence.

Yet, yet she was still being bullied? Where was the fairness of everything?

A few seconds later, she stood with her eyes healed back to top condition. But she did not dare open them again, but instead pouted angrily at the empty space.

"You... You'll see. I'll get my revenge, I definitely will!!" She said. Unfortunately, it had no validity considering that she was backing off. But that also had no validity in itself considering that the place it'self was entirely made out of light.



"But I didn't do anything this time!!!"

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