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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma

Chapter 1 Enigma And The Mystiques

The Mystiques.

This was a powerful family of true divine beings. It was composed of two gods who acted as both father and mother of the house, as well as four children.

Unfortunately the identity of the parents were unknown. Data stated they were still alive, but their life force could not be felt even within the Myriad Creations.

As if that was not enough, the older sister left six years ago and seemed to have no intention of coming back.

As one of the powerful geniuses of the Everlasting Star True District of the previous generation, her disappearance caused a lot of disruption within the core of the Everlasting Star True District.

This led to the rest of the family to recieve loathing glares and constant bullying from others for six full years.

But when some compassionate people thought this suffering was too much, there was still more to come. ๐š’๐ง๐งre๐šŠ๐™™. ๐™˜o๐“ถ

The youngest child of the family unexpectedly fell sick and was contaminated by a divine disease even the gods found troublesome to cure.

She was not going to die, but according to the main goddess of Medicine and Healthcare, she might not live for much more than 500+ years(50+ yirs) at this current rate.

With such a burden put upon his shoulders, Enigma couldn't help but sigh as he watched the sun set. He loved the picture sqaure beauty of the blood-like hue over sky at every sunset, before the invasion of the darkness and the infinite stars followed.

He moved his eyes lower and just so happened to spot a goofy young man around his age who was laughing like a monkey/fool, whilst picking his nose in the playground. 'A simpleton?' He wondered.

Enigma didn't know why the idiot, Ahem, the kid caught his attention but he shook his head to clear his thoughts of him. It was not the first time his intuition made him focus more on certain people without knowing why.

Like that one black haired boy who was a pervert and found no rest in trying to molest people or peek at girls changing their clothes. Or that one girl who is shy but likes to cook and eat her own food as if they were a delicacy made from heaven.

Or maybe that one time he stared too much at the heavenly beauty who ended up catching him in 4K, then branded him a pervert. Or maybe that tomboy little girl who likes to pick on weak guys and rub salt on their already weakened egos.

Actually, come to think of it, he was only attracted to weird people who were eccentric by nature. But this is a place for gods, for there to be so many varieties of emotions and personalities, it was no surprise.

Ta~ Ta~ Ta~...

Enigma heard some sounds, and couldn't help but turn his head backwards to look at the source of the sound, spotting a pair of fresh, slender long legs skipping towards him.

He then smiled a moment later, just at her mere appearance, his mood livened up by a few notches.

With silver-white hair, golden pupils and beauty even the gods would appreciate, was his little sister who was rushing towards him at quiet a relaxed pace.

Her name was Mystica Mystique, she was 12 yirs old this year, below her in age was Misty Mystique who was 7 yirs old, and the one who was currently bedridden.

"Brother, you're still here?! Why are you not at the examination sight? If you're late today, you might not get a chance until next yir!!!" The moment she reached his side, Mystica did not hesitate to rebuke her older brother in a stern tone that seemed well trained and natural to her, like a veteran mother.

This showed that she was already used to something like this. Meaning that this brother of hers was probably a pain in the neck. "Chill lady Mystica, there is still five hours before the session begins you know?"

Enigma rubbed his temples as he looked at his little sister. She was a bit impatient today all of a sudden, not like a day ever passed without her rebuking him. But what he loved about her the most was...

"Rea...Really? In that case, I apologize, but..." Was that she could be cute at times when she realizes her mistakes. She looked down and played around with her fingers shyly.

In the end, he took care of her until she reached this age, so she still loved him more than anything else.

No matter how weird it sounds, their parents actually visits him from time to time. Well, in cases where they drop of the new babies at the door then leave without even greeting, it still counts as a visit nonetheless, right?

"I know, I know. This is an important day for your brother. But how can I be an ARC? I have no recollection of my past nor do I have any visions either. This is not a good sign at all." Enigma rubbed his little sister's head as he turned towards the direction of the house.

"Don't do that..." Mystica pouted as she murmured to herself, but her voice was very low. Unfortunately, everyone was born gods here, so how could Enigma not here her?

He rubbed her head once again then went to visit his youngest sister for the last time. He had already turned 15, it was time for him to go to the Everlasting Palace and register as an ARC.


This was a special term for gods who managed to reincarnate. It was used not only in the Everlasting Star True District, but the other two hundred and seven Galaxies as well as the hidden planes.

Back in the day, there were many gods and legends who ruled the Infinite Cosmos. But after the Greatest Cataclysm ever, everything was restarted and all the gods and legends died.

In this new Era, the gods and legends, epics and myth, rulers and historians were given a chance to reincarnate within the Core Valleys.

The Core Valleys were the Central stations of all the hundred eight highest ranked Districts among the layers of Infinite Districts, where they nurtured ARCs.

For one to know whether they were an ARC or not, they had to make sure that they at least remembered a bit about their past or they had visions about powerful beings during their dreams. If any of this happens to you, then you have potential to become an ARC.

It was not that those who were not ARC were not gods or strong. In fact, ARCs only had it better as they had more Unique Providence and stronger talents than others. But if one put in effort, they could still become a main god as well.

Either way, an ARC didn't necessarily have the same personality as their past lives, but they were still affected by them nonetheless.

As for Enigma, he had no such thing as past relocation nor visions about powerful beings at all. Making his chances at being an ARC very slim or unlikely.

Though he could still apply as an original, the process was long and they did not recieve special treatment.

Enigma wished to become an ARC, that was why he wanted to try it out first. Even something within his heart was telling him to do it, as he will not regret it at all.

He visited his youngest sister, Misty, chatted a bit with her then kissed her goodbye on the cheeks as he left. He also kissed Mystica on the forehead, who blushed in embarrassment as she kept pestering him about her being a grown up.

Enigma ignored her outburst then began flying towards the Everlasting Palace. He wanted to believe everything will be fine.

Just as how he believes that his parents left them for a reason, even though they kept f*cking around and bringing more loads for him to carry. Misty and Mystica were examples.

His sister also loved him dearly, so despite the comments and the bullying he suffered, he still believes in her judgment of leaving him alone while he was 9 yirs old.

After using the Teleportation Gate towards the Everlasting Palace constantly, since it was free today, he finally appeared at the palace.

With his otherworldly disposition and charm, even in such a place where gods were born, his charm was still 1st class. Enigma ignored it though, and casually walked towards the podium and sat down.

"What a handsome fellow."

"Handsome but unlucky."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know? I mean he..."

"My lord?! Is that true?"

"Poor guy..."

A few people began discussing about him, letting those who didn't know who he was, finally know. But Enigma ignored all of this, unlike when he was home, he had no reason to smile in front of everyone. But he still did, nonetheless.

His expression was calm, not to the point of being cold though, and his eyes were closed, an aura of solitude around him. Unfortunately that only increased his charm a bit.

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