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Enchanted By His Charm

Chapter 730 730: It’s Just A Dress

As Joseph drove, he hadn't drunk. He poured water into the cup, took a bite, put down the cup, and, gave it down, said lightly, "You said you like the food here."

"I love a lot of food." She wiped her mouth.

"And you say you are not in a mood?"

Irish saw him staring at her, and she cleared her throat, "Why not? To wait for you all morning, I suffered a financial loss. Anyone else will be in a bad mood."

She talked about one of the reasons for her mood swings.

Joseph closed his lips. "Well, what did you buy? I'll reimburse you."

Just wait for him to say that.

After listening to that, the depression she held suddenly unraveled, like a strong wind blowing away the clouds, suddenly, the bright sun shone high.

"I have something I haven't bought." Irish was insatiable. "You know several marketing strategies. You should also know that a lot of new products are coming out at this time."

Joseph raised his hand, his slender fingers against his forehead, and the corners of his eyes seemed to hide a smile.

"According to our relationship now, shouldn't your wallet be open for me?" Irish blurted out deliberately.

Joseph put his hand down, and his eyes were full of laughter. His voice was pleasant. "Great!"

Irish did not expect him to answer so simply, picking eyebrows, "I mean, from Wall Street to the International Financial Center, I saw many things."

Joseph said calmly, "I am available this afternoon."

Irish looked at him suspiciously.

He knocked on his watch with his finger and reminded her, "If you hesitate for a second, I may change my mind, or maybe business will suddenly hinder us."

A fool could hear his voice-over.

Irish got up without saying anything, carrying her bag.


Lenard bought a lot of clothes. However, with Lilith's company and selection, he was satisfied with everything. For this reason, he extended an invitation to Lilith to have dinner together.

Lilith refused and said with a smile, "This is not a big deal, there is no need to treat me."

Lenard insisted, however.

"You're Jay's friend, so you are my friend. You really don't have to be so polite." Lilith said from the bottom of her heart.

Lenard quickly responded, "Since I have been regarded as a friend, but you declined my invitation, so what kind of friend are we?"

Lilith left no other option, nodding to agree.

The chosen restaurant had a good location, very close to the mall, so they did not need to go into a lot of trouble to find a parking space.

When she finished ordering, Lenard handed one of the bags to Lilith.

"What is it?" Lilith was puzzled.

Lenard smiled and told her to open it.

Lilith thought he was mysterious and surprising. When she opened the bag and took out the thing inside, she found that it was a dress in a beautiful color with a simple cut, which was the main good of a brand store that had just passed through this spring.

First, she was stunned, reacted quickly, and smiled, "Did you buy it for your girlfriend? It's beautiful."

"It's for you," Lenard said unexpectedly.

Lilith's hand shook, surprised. Was it for her?

Why did he want to give her a dress?

"I saw you stare at this dress for a long time and thought you must like it, so I bought it for you." Lenard looked at her with a smile. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

Lilith was even more surprised. "But I didn't see you go and buy it."

"I went over and bought it while you were talking to Dr. Irish." Lenard whispered, "Am I right to buy it? The color suits you very well. You should look beautiful in it."

He bought it right, and she did like the dress. Just now, she stood in front of the window of this shop for a long time. This skirt became the main hit and was recommended by the owner of the shop. At that time, she wanted to try it out, but that day she accompanied Lenard to buy clothes. She couldn't ask him to wait for her to try on the clothes, could she? Second, the price of this skirt was costly, and she had glanced at the price tag, it was five digits. Compared to her salary, which was only four digits, she obviously won't buy it.

It was not that she could not afford the dress, after all, her identity was there, and it was easy for her to buy it, but it was not good for her to go to work in a dress beyond her salary, always afraid of being seen as a show-off by her colleagues.

However, she didn't expect Lenard to give her this dress. Although she liked it, she couldn't have it.

Folding the skirt and putting it back in the bag, she pushed it to Lenard and said lightly. "Thanks for your kindness, but I can't take it."

"You say we're friends. It's common for friends to give gifts." Lenard didn't take the bag.

"This gift is too valuable."

Lenard smiled. "It's just a dress."

"Lenard, just buy me dinner." Lilith also insisted that she would not accept it.

Lenard looked at her and sincerely said, "Lilith, you just think of it as my reward for you. You've helped me choose so many clothes."

Lilith smiled back. "Anyway, you buy them yourself, Lenard. Don't mention that. I really can't accept the skirt. You'd better give it to your girlfriend."

This made Lenard silent for a while.

Lilith did not know if she had said the wrong thing, saw him, did not speak, looked up at him, and unexpectedly he was looking at her. She was startled; somehow, the bottom of her heart raised a trace of unfathomable foreboding. It was a very strange feeling.

She kept her eyes down to avoid his stare.

Lenard did not speak for a few minutes. He said with a serious but relaxed tone. "I don't have a girlfriend yet."

The strange feeling in the bottom of her heart became more and more obvious, and Lilith felt something.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She tried to make the atmosphere less strange, pointing to the clothes. "So... Why don't you return it?"

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