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Ignoble Living

The average lifespan of a cultivator was shorter than ordinary people because of beast tides and major events in dungeons. Cultivators had to accept the summons of the government and head on to the frontlines.

This was also the origin of the special rights enjoyed by cultivators.

[The simulation this time has ended, please choose one of the rewards.]

[One: Ignoble Living Talent. (A-Grade talent, luck-type. You can depend on your luck to live in the most miserable state in this chaotic world, finding it easier than others to drag out an ignoble existence.)]

[Two: Cultivation realm at the time of your death (Strength of spirit qi: 1033)]

[Three: Combat experience at the time of your death (Fist art at minor completion, movement art at perfection, and defensive skill at major completion)]

[Four: Cultivation insights you’ve gained at the time of your death. (Activation of spirit sea)]

[Five: A partial memory fragment.]

Lin Chang`an was startled as he looked at the interface.

Yet another A-Grade talent. In addition, it seemed to be useful.

Previously, it was the Super Gigolo. The main thing was that he had no lovers, so he couldn’t unleash its effect.

But now, he should be able to do so with this talent.

In addition, there was a note saying that this talent belonged to the luck-type.

“This seemed to be very special!”

He glanced at the cultivation realm option.

“Can qi and blood and spirit qi exist together? Under the situation where I don’t have a spirit sea, will I die if I retain spirit qi…?”

In addition, he had no way to gauge the ratio of the strength of this spirit qi in comparison to the qi and blood value.

“It is also very possible that my current mental energy is still insufficient to support the retention of such spirit qi.”

He then glanced at the combat experience option. In this simulation, he had turtled through his entire life and actually trained his defensive skill to major completion. His movement art had also reached perfection.

As for the cultivation insights option, something new also appeared.

He then hesitated for a short moment but eventually chose the talent option.

At this moment, there seemed to be something sucked out of heaven and earth.

It descended from the air and instantly gushed into him.

There seemed to be a hint of immortal qi that enveloped his body.

Lin Chang`an could then clearly sense a strange intent entering his mind. It seemed that his instincts had been strengthened!

After that lifetime in the simulation, his mental energy actually surged to a terrifying height and was at 579!

“As expected of my prediction. Indeed, I will gain one point in mental energy for every month I last in the simulations.”

According to cultivation theory, his current mental energy should be able to support a qi and blood value of 2,000!

And the limit of qi and blood prior to breaking through and becoming a first-realm cultivator was coincidentally at 2,000.

However, Lin Chang`an wasn’t in a hurry to increase his qi and blood value.

“Breaking through to the first realm requires assistance. I have to enter an academy before I attempt to do so. Right now, even if I increase my qi and blood value to the limit, there’s also no way for me to break through. In addition, if I abruptly double my qi and blood value, my body, which isn’t fully recovered yet, might not be able to endure it.

“At the very least, I have to wait until I recover fully and can get off the sick bed.”

At this moment, he recalled his experiences in the previous two simulations.

“Why would Su Xi`er follow me regardless of which academy I chose?”

He touched his chin.

“Has this little doll fallen in love with me?”

“In the past simulations, that seemed to be the case…In the simulation earlier, she even gave me all her resources…”

He did indeed feel a few hints of goodwill toward her.

Just when he was thinking about Su Xi`er, she suddenly pushed the door open and entered. A mischievous look appeared on her face. “How about it? You should have received the money, right?”

“I received it.” Lin Chang`an smiled. “Let me share some with you.”

Without Su Xi`er’s pass, he would never be able to enter the wealthy suburbs.

“Why do you want to give the money to me? You saved me, so I ought to give money to you instead.”

“Alright, give me money then.”

Su Xi`er: “?”

“I’m just joking.”

“Che~” Su Xi`er pouted.

On the second day, the police came to record his testimony.

A middle-aged man and a young man began to ask the routine questions.

“Your name?”

“Lin Chang`an.”




A bunch of routine questions were asked.

“How did you realize that there was something wrong with the security guard?”

“He had a dagger concealed in his hands, and his gaze was problematic when he looked at Su Xi`er. When he walked forward, I saw that he was intending to act.”

“Other than that?”


“Are your instincts very accurate?”

“They have always been accurate.”

Lin Chang`an felt that he wasn’t bragging about this point at all. (This is no longer instinct. I can see exactly what’s going to happen.)

“This was why you attacked directly with no hesitation?”

In the surveillance footage, his ferocious attacks simply shocked everyone.

No one would dare to believe there would be someone like this.

Lin Chang`an nodded. “Naturally. Is there any problem?”

“Your performance in school has always been mediocre. So, why would you suddenly have such strength?”

“Why should I answer this question?”

The young man started. Just when he was about to lose his temper, the middle-aged man stopped him.

“I apologize, Mister Lin. He is a newbie that just joined the force, so he isn’t clear about the questioning procedure yet.”

Lin Chang`an chortled.

In this world, prying into the secrets of others was considered the most taboo thing.

For someone’s strength to abruptly increase like this, it was highly probable they had a fortuitous encounter. Naturally, it was also possible that they had been concealing their strength all this while.

So, it was very normal for Lin Chang`an not to reply.

It would then be a problem if the young policeman had it in him to ask this question.

(Can I tell you that I have a sudden fortuitous encounter? In that case, what would happen if the records you took down got leaked?)

(Even if it isn’t leaked, can you guarantee all policemen are filled with integrity and morality?)

(Stop joking.)

In addition, Su Xi`er’s background wasn’t so simple.

(You don’t know if I have someone backing me. You are just a salaried worker, so what capabilities do you have that qualify you to ask this?)

It was impossible for the police to not have someone behind them.

Who was the person suspecting his identity and motive? Or were there any special reasons

Upon facing such a situation, he had to tell the backer of the police: Humans are creatures with a temper.

After the middle-aged man chased the young policeman out of the ward, he asked, “Can you describe what happened earlier again?”

“I and Su Xi`er decided to go to her home. When we entered the Wanxiang Future Zone, we discovered that the security guard had an abnormal expression…”

Lin Chang`an suddenly interjected. “I’m very willing to cooperate with the police, but as a courageous citizen that has apprehended a wanted criminal, is there a need for you guys to interrogate me so detailedly?”

“It’s all for the sake of caution. Please understand.” The middle-aged man laughed dryly.

The recorded notes were soon sent to Sun Shiyong’s table. He then took a few glances at them.

“It seems that this little brat also has someone backing him.”


“The reason why he took the initiative to attack must be because he received some information.”

“Did this mean that we made the right move to rescue him?”

“As for whether it’s right or wrong, it’s hard to say.” Sun Shiyong shook his head. “I just so nicely managed to arrive at the instant when the criminal died. Tell me, do you believe in coincidences?”

The subordinate started. “That seemed a little…”

“Only I know that I’ve indeed used my fastest speed to rush there. But in the eyes of others with intentions…they might feel that I was still deciding and didn’t want to take a stand. Hence, they intentionally dragged things until that point in time.”

The subordinate frowned and pondered. He truly hadn’t thought so deeply about this.


“However, things can be considered very lucky. If not, if Su Xi`er really died, I might truly be finished.”

“So, we have to thank that student?”

“Naturally. No matter what motives he had, at the very least, considering the ending, he had indeed helped us.”

“Alright, so what should we do about him?”

“Naturally, we have to wipe all surveillance records. We won’t pass judgment on behalf of anyone.”


Sun Shiyong nodded. He then surveyed the information about Lin Chang`an in his hands.

(Regardless of whatever things may be, this youth is a person that’s worthy of befriending.)

(In addition, this youth is very intelligent.)

If Lin Chang`an suddenly met with a fortuitous encounter and used this method to befriend Su Xi`er, it was equivalent to him having a large clan backing him, so not many people would dare to covet what he had obtained from the fortuitous encounter.

If he had been concealing his strength, this meant that he surely felt goodwill toward Su Xi`er, and his plan was going to be a long one that stretched out to the future.

“Truly…a really impressive youth.”

Sun Shiyong sighed ruefully.

(However, are you sure you picked the correct faction to support?)

He heard that Su Xi`er was extremely special in the Su Clan. Her talent and physique were something that had never appeared before.

However, Second Master Su died a really strange death, and there were no conclusions even after so many years.

He placed his notes down.

They were then sent to another location.

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