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Emulator: Opening Talent Super Gigolo

Chapter 290 247-Master (1)

At this moment, both the Fox master and Chu li were lost in thought.

This was an uncontrollable admiration in the face of a Supreme level technique.

The Fox master's expression changed.

The understanding of the seven states made her instantly aware of danger.

The power around his body surged to the extreme. He used all his techniques. For a time, the space rumbled and white light shot out in all directions.

However, all sorts of methods were useless. The seal directly crashed into the Fox master's forehead.

At the moment of contact, an infinite amount of light exploded. It was both illusory and seemingly real!

The Fox master's beautiful face instantly changed, and her exquisite and graceful figure was folded in a strange way.

The power of Hu city and the power of the seal overlapped and intertwined. The Fox master desperately wanted to raise her killing intent, but she realized that she was suppressed by a higher level of power.

He looked like he was struggling, constantly mutilating himself, and fresh blood seeped out from his fair skin.

Her expression changed thousands of times in an instant. Struggle, love, hatred, and anger.

With all these intertwining, he already understood what this technique meant.

"This is the technique left behind by the Emperor of Xuanji!"

He wanted to stabilize his mind, but it was difficult to resist.

The Royal seal was embedded in his forehead.

The deeper it went, the more pain the Fox master's face showed.

Lin Chang 'an's seven orifices were bleeding. In order to activate the seal, his mind was damaged.

Bit by bit, he pressed down.

It would be much easier to use the soul seal technique if one was willing to do so. It could be forcefully embedded in the face of resistance, but the difficulty was too high.

At this moment, without Hu Cheng's help, it would be impossible for Lin Chang 'an to cross realms and embed himself in the head of the Fox Lord.

He went down bit by bit, and the resistance decreased with every bit of increase.

The Fox master's face was filled with complicated emotions.

From resentment, to anger, to the occasional loss of focus and resistance.

Then, very quickly, there was only begging left in his eyes.

When the seal was halfway in, the Fox Lord knew that there was no other way.

This unparalleled face revealed a pleading expression.

She was charming, pitiful, and seductive, and could capture any man's heart.

Even Lin Chang 'an felt dazed.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had just combined with the world's most charming Chu li, he wouldn't have had any chance to resist and would have fallen directly.

However, after having fun with Chu li for a while, he could already resist everything in the world.

At this moment, the Fox race's eyes were like water, as though they could speak. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. πšŒπ—Όπ“‚

She was delicate and pitiful, with an unparalleled enchanting beauty, begging for mercy.

Lin Chang 'an cut his own body once again and threw away all thoughts.

The seal was facing down!

The last inch entered!

A bright light flashed, and Lin Chang 'an's mind suddenly had a trace of enlightenment. He felt that he had formed a connection with the Fox master. It was as if he had control over a thin thread and could control everything!

The Fox master snorted.

It was as if he had experienced a long and intense struggle in an instant.

Her lithe and exquisite figure trembled as beads of sweat dripped from her forehead.

Chu li looked ahead nervously.

"Will this Yingying do?"

Lin Chang 'an only felt a little weak. He said slowly, " "Open your eyes,"

As if she was following some kind of instinct, the Fox master opened her eyes. A gentleness and love that had never appeared before flashed in her eyes.

He looked at Lin Chang 'an and bowed slightly, " "Master."

Chu Li's eyes widened in shock.

Then, she jumped up. what did she call you?!

"I repeat."

"Master." The Fox Master's Voice was delicate and extremely alluring.

β€œ??I ..." Chu li cried out in disbelief.

The Fox Tribe had an innate ability to strengthen their minds, so who could control their aunty?

They looked at Lin Chang 'an as if they had seen a ghost.

a mere fifth level cultivator was able to control the leader of the fox race? This was an existence at the peak of the seventh level!

Lin Chang 'an could not help but sigh.

In the future, he would basically be able to do whatever he wanted.

Other than the reclusive old monsters and the Supreme beings from the eight realms, no one was stronger than the Fox master.

More importantly, this was a person who held nothing back and would not be disloyal.

Even if she had to die to buy herself some time, she would not hesitate at all.

As he thought about it, a long sword appeared in his hand and he threw it into the sky, slashing at himself.

Before the sword could land, the Fox master moved sideways and blocked in front of Lin Chang 'an.

He allowed the sword to pierce through his chest, and blood stained his white dress.

Because it was Lin Chang 'an's attack, she could not block it and thus could not make a move.

And because this attack would hurt Lin Chang 'an, she had to save him.

Therefore, he could only use his body to block in front of Lin Chang 'an.

He stumbled and coughed up blood, falling onto Lin Chang 'an.

alright. Lin Chang 'an pulled out his sword. heal your injuries.

Green ripples appeared on the Fox master's body and her wounds healed in the blink of an eye.

He was still leaning on Lin Chang 'an, not daring to move.

"Stand down."

"Yes, master," She slowly retreated and bowed slightly, her white skin swaying.

Chu li squalled for a while before finally accepting this fact.

this aunt of mine is extremely talented and has a perfect figure. She has curves in all the right places and is extremely graceful. I was lucky enough to see her in the secret records of my race when I was young. She was really amazing. As he thought about it, a playful look appeared in his eyes. can you let her do that kind of thing? "

what do you want to do, Yingluo? " Lin Chang 'an's forehead was full of black lines.

Of course, he could, but he wasn't that kind of person.

"I want to compete with her! Between the two of us, which one of us has the better ability?"


to the Fox Tribe, this is the most important ability. I can't be bothered to compare myself to the younger generation. Chi Ling is definitely not as good as me. I'm more excited to be able to beat my elders, especially my aunt.


"You can try! Although I have the charm origin, her charm techniques are much better than mine. I'm afraid there are many positions and many secret Arts that I don't know."

what the hell is in your head every day? " Lin Changan rolled his eyes.

"You don't understand. This is the truth of heaven and earth. It's the same as the great Dao, and there are great mysteries in the fusion of spirit and body! She must know a lot! Moreover, there are many things that need to be personally demonstrated. Just teaching alone won't do."


"Oh right, let's see if you can evaluate the Fox race first."

Lin Chang 'an circulated the power of Hu city and looked at the two.

The power swept over the two of them, and their perspectives were completely different.

I can make a simple judgment, but your level is too high. In my eyes, it's hard to tell who's better in this aspect.

The level of the two was too high for him to tell.

"Now that you have Hu city, the first thing you need to do is to judge the Fox clan. Why don't you start with her?" Chu li chuckled.

"Hehe, Yingluo."

on the surface, there are two factions in the Fox race, but in reality, there are six factions. They are not willing to accept each other because there is no judgment. Starting from you, the Fox race will truly be unified!

there's no rush for this. Let's go to the nine chariots domain first.

With the peak of the seventh realm carrying the two of them, they should be able to reach it soon.

The nine chariots domain definitely had more things that could enhance his bloodline power.

As he thought about it, he looked at the simulations. As expected, the price had increased to 100 million per simulation.

Lin Changan thought that things had changed too much, and he needed to see what the results would be.

[ simulation begins! ]

[ the Fox master will bring you and Chu li to the nine chariots realm. ]

[ as the war progressed, not only the human race and the Fox race, but the other races also did not want to miss the opportunity to wipe out the nine chariots. At this moment, the war had almost turned into a chaotic battle between hundreds of races, and the nine chariots had become the target of division. ]

[ at the end of the battle, the nine cars clan released their trump card in despair. ]

[ no Supreme tribe is easy to deal with. Jiu Che's trump cards are all aimed at the human and Fox races. ]

[ the two races suffered heavy losses in an instant. The president died, and more than half of the human race's top combat power was lost. The Fox race suffered the same fate. The Supreme elder was injured and had to leave. ]

[ by the time you arrive, the hundreds of races will have already killed until their eyes are red. ]

[ someone found Jiu che ancestor's blood in the ruins. Someone found the Jiu che clan's golden armor in the ground. ]

[ the amazing value of the nine-car race has stimulated everyone. ]

[ the moment you appeared, you naturally attracted everyone's attention. ]

[ as the reason why Jiu che did not hesitate to start a war, you should naturally be a Supreme treasure. ]

[ there were people who wanted to make a move from the start. At this time, the human race has already lost more than half of their top combat strength, and the Fox race will not be able to fight for a while. Naturally, there are people who want to take the risk. ]

[ a blade strike came and Fox Lord was easily destroyed, killing this person. However, this strike ignited the rage of the hundred races. ]

[ seeing someone make a move first, it's natural that countless people will follow suit. ]

[ master Fox's strength is terrifying and extraordinary. More than half of it was wiped out in an instant! ]

[ but this also made many people realize the problem. ]

[ there should be an irreconcilable conflict between you and her, but she protected you like this. This oddness reveals a lot of information. ]

[ someone shouted, " his value definitely exceeds any of the treasures in the nine cartloads! ]

[ a clan leader from a large clan has taken action! ]

[ Lord Fox's eyes are glowing with purple light. ]

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