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Why Am I So Powerful

His tone was filled with tyranny.

It felt like he wanted to express his strength. As he spoke, he slashed out and a beam of white light shot out horizontally, aiming for a skeleton over ten meters away!

A cracking sound then rang out, and the skeleton got blasted into powder.

After seeing this, many people hurriedly rushed over and shouted loudly, “I’m willing! I’m willing to sign the vassal contract!”

Once he revealed such a move, who wouldn’t know that he was an expert?!

Scar-Face then slowly lifted his head with a look of arrogance on his face.

His Bloodslaughter Blade Art had reached minor-completion. Although his spirit qi didn’t have the blood attribute, the power of this spirit technique was already great, so normal first-realm experts wouldn’t be a match for him.

He then looked at Chu Li and Su Xi`er with exceptional complacency.

He felt that these two were gifts from the heavens.

At the start, he didn’t know how to attract their attention. However, who would have thought that the black fog would directly descend

This opportunity was godlike!

Chu Li had a look of disgust on her face. “A toad wanting to feast on swan’s meat? Scram.”

She had always been ice-cold to outsiders. It was very normal for her to scold her customers in her hotpot shop.

If not, she wouldn’t have failed all the businesses she had started.

Only toward Lin Chang`an did she have a different attitude.

Right now, someone actually wanted her to become his vassal? This made her heart fill with an incomparable sense of loathing. She wanted nothing more than to rush over and give him a slap.

As for Su Xi`er, she had the same look on her face, but she didn’t say anything.

She quietly shifted her steps and moved closer to Lin Chang`an.

Ever since Lin Chang’an had rescued her from the security guard in the wealthy suburbs, she would always feel an incomparable sense of safety just by being beside him.

Chu Li’s words caused a look of astonishment to appear on Scar-Face’s countenance.

(You…? Are you crazy?)

(I’m a first-realm expert!)

A look of humiliation and anger appeared on his face. He then punched out at the near distance!

Blade light flashed. It was very conspicuous in the darkness and several skeletons in the distance immediately turned their heads over.

Inky darkness flowed from their hollow eye sockets as they directly rushed over!

At this moment, the mall’s ground surface trembled as the group of skeletons charged over. It seemed about to collapse.

“Hehe…” Scar-Face had a sinister look on his face, revealing a smile that resembled an evil hunter.

(Not willing to be my vassal? Sure, no problem!)

(Didn’t you want to find a place to hide? I’ll let you hide!)

(This attack attracts over half of the skeletons on this level. Where can you still hide?!)

(When you guys sink into despair, you will have to agree to my terms no matter if you are willing or not!)

After that, he looked at a skeleton rushing at him and cleaved it into two instantly with his blade.

When Lin Chang`an saw what was happening, anger shone in his eyes.

Although this wasn’t murder, it could be considered as such!

At this moment, he wanted nothing more than to rush over and crush this person with a single punch.

But before he could react, there were already skeletons swaying as they ran over, exuding the aura of the black fog as they tumbled forward.

“Hide behind me!”

Lin Chang`an’s qi and blood churned wildly as an understanding of the fist art appeared in his mind.

His qi and blood were so vigorous that they were akin to the blazing sun!

After that, he punched out. His punch brimmed with the overwhelming might of the sun, smashing into the skeleton.

At this moment, it was as though he himself was a blazing sun. His punch brimmed with qi and blood, and his fist art that was at the minor completion level directly allowed him to erupt forth with 1.5x his qi and blood value!

A thunderous bang then echoed out and his punch directly penetrated the skeleton.

After that, the blazing yang energy exploded and the skeleton shattered instantly!

It was as though it had met its bane and directly evaporated from within.

As his qi and blood flooded inside the skeleton, the skeleton opened its bloody maw as though it wanted to scream. It then melted within the yang energy!

At this instant, everyone on the scene was stunned.

They had their mouths wide open as shock clouded their faces.

Was this qi and blood

With just reinforcement from his qi and blood, he could actually throw out such a fearsome punch

Looks of disbelief could be seen everywhere.

Prior to opening the spirit sea, just pure qi and blood could actually be so powerful

Under his punch, that skeleton directly turned to ashes, melting into non-existence!

Everyone was stunned, and Scar-Face also had an astonished look on his face.

Why would someone be so powerful even before they opened their spirit sea

He looked at Chu Li and Su Xi`er. (So, geniuses of this level can hug two beauties at one go?)


His expression turned to the color of pig liver. It looked extremely ugly.

In truth, even the puncher, Lin Chang`an, was stunned by himself.

“How did I become so powerful? The skeletons seemed like tattered pieces of cloth…”

In his perception, the extremely durable skeleton seemed like a piece of thin paper. His punch seemed to be using a cannon in a knife fight.

Besides, his aura of qi and blood turned this skeleton into cinders.

He then glanced at the fights far away.

Some people continued clashing against the skeletons, causing numerous sparks to fly from every blow.

The tough-looking black sword only caused a faint scar when it landed on the skeleton’s body, and sparks would fly as though metal had clashed on metal.

“Could it be that my fist is tougher than the sword?”

He had a look of surprise on his face as he saw another skeleton charging his way.

Lin Chang`an didn’t even think about it and directly tossed out a punch again!

He was like punching a thin piece of paper. The moment his qi and blood stirred, the skeleton was burned to ashes.

“I’m really very powerful!”

Lin Chang`an confirmed this.

This was the first time he fought after his qi and blood value had undergone an explosive increase. This could also be considered the first time he fought in an ordinary battle.

The fight he had with the criminal posing as a security guard before was him performing sneak attacks.

Only this fight could be considered normal. Hence, he finally could confirm that he might be even stronger than ordinary first-realm experts!

“Yes, the majority of experts would choose to open their spirit seas the moment they hit 1,000 points in their qi and blood value. But I currently have 1,620 points, and my qi and blood is yang-attributed. I’m a natural counter for these zombies!”

Although spirit qi was something from another level, his yang energy had also greatly enhanced the might of his qi and blood.

As he pondered, he continued punching and destroying yet another skeleton.

Some skeletons barged over and knocked into his body. But the moment they came in contact, pain appeared in their expressions as they were directly incinerated by his yang energy.

Even Chu Li and Su Xi`er were both stunned.

“How many days has it been, yet he’s already so much more powerful?” Su Xi`er had a look of astonishment on her face.

Wasn’t this improvement a little too much of an exaggeration

“Little Chang`an actually wasn’t bragging?” Chu Li’s chest was heaving up and down violently.

As for Scar-Face who saw this scene, he had long since been stunned silly.

Who would have thought that this ordinary-looking youth would be so powerful!

As he was distracted, he suddenly felt a burst of wind gushing at him.

Hence, he stomped down heavily and borrowed the momentum to evade, but he could feel a stinging pain on his skin!

When he turned and glanced over, he saw a giant skeleton appearing at his original location.

This skeleton was completely different from the ones before. Not only did it have a large stature, but it also wielded a bone sword in its hands!

After that, he lowered his head and glanced at his body. At this moment, a wound could be seen on his skin, and there was a strange energy slowly corroding his body.

In the blink of an eye, he felt dizziness overtaking him, and it felt hard to exert any strength.

His weapon that was in his hand trembled. After that, a beam of blood light erupted forth as he slashed out!

The skeleton wielding the ancient sword also slashed out and instantly dissipated the blood light.

After that, it didn’t wait for Scar-Face to react. It leaped forward lightly and slashed out horizontally with its sword.

Scar-Face wanted to evade it, but at this moment, his spirit sea abruptly felt extremely sluggish. It was like that strange energy from earlier had invaded his spirit sea, so it became very difficult for him to use his strength.

Now before he could do anything, he already saw the sword smacking over.

An instant later, intense pain gushed forth and he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

The force of the smack directly caused him to sink in and got trapped by the flooring between the levels!

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