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Cultivator’s Vassal

“Hello, older sister,” Su Xi`er greeted her politely.

She was so sweet and foolish that she didn’t realize that Chu Li might be a love rival.

All of a sudden, the human shadow sensed a special aura. She looked at Chu Li and thought in her heart, “Why do I feel that she has some kind of motive toward that kid...”

Chu Li smiled in response and then looked at Lin Chang`an. “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

Lin Chang`an said, “They were burned earlier. I’ll go to the mall to buy clothes and have a meal too.”

It had been three years since Lin Chang`an transmigrated here, but he hadn’t been to the mall more than twice.

He then sighed and went up to the second floor.

Lin Chang`an picked out a relatively gender-neutral white shirt and black leisure pants from Chu Li’s closet. After putting them on, he felt that there was some space in front of his chest.

This shirt was made from D-Grade material, golden silk cotton, but it was stretched out and deformed,

The golden silk cotton was soft and comfortable, with good elasticity.

There was only one possibility on why it had been stretched out: This woman’s tianchi acupoint area(chest) exceeded the material’s elasticity.

Lin Chang`an glanced at Chu Li, having a further understanding of this woman.

“So scary!”


The three of them arrived at the mall. After that, Lin Chang`an went to a shop selling fast-moving consumer goods and purchased a standard set of clothes.

The instant he put it on, he felt a faint aura coming from around him.

This was the first time Lin Chang`an wore such mid-range clothing. It came with a small formation that could slowly take in heaven and earth spirit qi. Moreover, it was yang-attributed and was very useful for him.

Lin Chang`an sighed at the thought of how one would never be able to experience the joy of having money when one was poor.

Just one piece of clothing alone made a huge difference.

He looked at the passersby in the mall and could see quite a number of first-realm cultivators,

Almost everyone had more than one person by their side.

Regardless if they were male or female, they had a companion in their embrace.

“These are all people who have chosen to become cultivators’ vassals. This woman has a slender waist and a well-embodied behind. When she walks, her bum is perked up and twisted frivolously. Little Chang`an, are you envious?”

“I’m not envious,” Lin Chang`an replied coldly. He then looked at Chu Li. “Speaking of which, Boss, you’re almost hitting 30, right? If you don’t reach the first-realm...”

He thought to himself. (On the account of our relationship, I won’t stand aside and not do anything.)

(I’ll close my eyes.)

If one couldn’t reach the first-realm before the age of 30, they must have to participate in the task of childbirth.

Choosing to become a cultivator’s vassal meant that they didn’t have to be forcibly paired with someone and be made to work on giving birth.

Moreover, there’d be many benefits as well.

For example, if the black fog came, they could receive protection.

Another example was that they could obtain part of the rights that the cultivator had, which was disseminated to them from the cultivator.

Of course, becoming a cultivator’s vassal would mean that one had to lose their personal rights to a certain extent.

Most vassals were just ‘machines’ used to vent the cultivators’ s*xual desires.

However, this wouldn’t stop the enthusiasm of the weaklings in this world toward surviving.

In the entire Huaxia, countless people chose to become a cultivator’s vassal.

After all, it was difficult for ordinary people to survive...

As a result, countless people chose this route.

Becoming a cultivator’s vassal was very simple. One just had to sign an agreement out of their own volition and then upload it to the Huaxia government’s cloud server. The officials would then verify through a smart system to check if the signing of the agreement was out of one’s own will.

As long as it was, the vassal relationship would be validated.

Lin Chang`an almost had to take this path.

And upon hearing Lin Chang`an’s words, Chu Li was stunned for a moment.

She then punched him. “Pui, pui! I just turned 18 years old yesterday! You’re the one who’s turning 30!”

Su Xi`er secretly chuckled next to them.

Lin Chang`an clutched his head, feeling a little baffled.

His qi and blood value was now at 1,601, but he didn’t manage to react to her blow? To think that he was punched in the head by his boss just like that.

And it actually felt a little painful.

“I was considering opening up my spirit sea so I can protect you. But since you don’t appreciate it, forget it.”

In actuality, Lin Chang`an wasn’t sure if Chu Li had made a breakthrough to the first-realm either.

She definitely had a qi and blood value above 1,000 because she was definitely older than 22.

However, he wasn’t sure if she managed to attain a breakthrough and become a cultivator.

“You’re such a croaker. I’m not going to become anyone’s vassal.” Chu Li turned her head away.

The three of them then headed into the mall and many people looked over.

After all, the two ladies’ appearances were too exceptional, having fair skin, great beauty, amazing figures, and transcendent dispositions. There wasn’t anyone in this small city that could match them.

“Who is this guy?”

“He’s so young, but he’s a cultivator as well?” Everyone was surprised.

Why did Lin Chang`an look so much like a student

He must be a genius to be able to open up his spirit sea at such a young age!

“I’m so envious! They are too beautiful!”

“F*ck, as expected, those who are this beautiful would definitely not be put through forceful pairing. They’d all be chosen to become a cultivator’s vassal. Sigh!”

On the way, Chu Li felt all these gazes.

“Little Chang`an, did you see that?”


“If you want to woo this elder sister, reaching the first-realm is far from enough.”

Given Chu Li’s looks, how could ordinary first-realm cultivators have the right to have her as their vassal

She was so alluring that second-realm and third-realm experts, or even powerful cultivators who were at fourth-realm or higher at the top of Qindao City might be willing to promise her something.

Lin Chang`an was speechless. “Don’t flatter yourself.”

The truth was, he was also considered to be amongst those with a good disposition and amazing looks.

However, in this world, there wasn’t much use for men to look like this.

When strength was revered over everything else, one’s appearance could bring disaster instead.

Take the incident with the second young master of the Rong Clan for example!


The three of them arrived at a barbecue shop on the third floor of the mall. Su Xi`er then went ahead to order all sorts of spirit meat.

“Give us one serving of lakewolf meat, one serving of greenback turtle, two servings of ancient ox’s tongue, and as for the greenhill fox meat, give us…”

“I don’t eat fox meat.” At this moment, Chu Li interrupted. “I’d advise you not to eat them in the future either.”

She then turned and looked at Lin Chang`an. “Little Chang`an, you aren’t allowed to eat them either!”

For one, she gave it as advice; for the other, it was just not allowed.

Su Xi`er felt a little curious. “Why?”

“The little fox is so pitiful. It’d be too cruel to eat it.”

“Isn’t the greenback turtle pitiful as well?” Lin Chang`an was stunned.


“Aren’t the ancient oxen pitiful then?”


“So, other than the greenhill foxes, the others aren’t pitiful?”

“They all aren’t pitiful.” Chu Li nodded and then gave it some thought. “Mn, the other foxes are also very pitiful.”

Lin Chang`an: “?”

They were all demonic beasts, so what was with this differential treatment

Lin Chang`an felt curious. “Why?”

Su Xi`er clearly had no intention of arguing. After the order was placed, the few sets of spirit meat were quickly served.

The meat slices emitted a fragrance of spirit qi while sizzling in oil. Lin Chang’an then stuffed a piece of ancient ox’s tongue into his mouth and continued the discussion with Chu Li.

“What are the differences?”

“Foxes can understand humans.”

“Nowadays, which demonic beasts can’t?” All of their intelligence was improving in leaps and bounds.

If things continued to progress like this, it would probably be very hard for the human race to hold their stand.

“That’s different.” Chu Li stuffed a piece of spirit chicken breast meat into her mouth. “You’re just not allowed to eat them.”

“Could it be because Boss is like a vixen* so you’re not letting me eat fox meat...”

Lin Chang`an thought to himself, (Looking at your s*ductive allure, you really seem like you are reincarnated from a fox.)

“Sss, Little Chang`an, you...!” Chu Li’s lips twitched. “What’s wrong with a vixen?”

Out of Lin Chang`an’s expectation, she didn’t warn him to not call her a vixen. Instead, she asked what was wrong with a vixen.

Lin Chang`an suddenly didn’t know how to continue the conversation from there.

He fell silent for a moment and then stuffed a few more pieces of meat into his mouth. His qi and blood value was rising endlessly.

He was about to continue to say something when the mall’s broadcast system suddenly changed.

It was originally playing soothing music but was instantly changed into an electronic voice.

“Warning, black fog is descending!”

“Warning, black fog is descending!”

The robotic electronic voice had no emotions at all.

Upon hearing this voice, all three of them were stunned.

“Warning, black fog is descending! There’s still one minute and thirty seconds!”

“Warning, black fog is descending! There’s still one minute and twenty seconds!”

The instant this voice rang out, countless people shot up in horror, wanting to flee.


[1] 狐狸精 can be interpreted as vixen or fox spirit.

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