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You Have To Pay More

The unprecedented mental might he felt made him believe in this.

This was a qualitative improvement!

“Sadly, my cultivation knowledge is too shallow…”

He completely had no idea regarding the levels of dao hearts. He only knew that a spirit heart wasn’t something ordinary people had.

After all, the vast majority of first-realm experts would merely have mental strength at around 400 to 500 points.

As for himself, he had double their points alone, let alone the qualitative difference in level between a mortal heart and a spirit heart.

Just when he wanted to enter a simulation again, he abruptly halted.

“The simulation this time around will cost $10,000.”

The system simulation’s price had increased.

He stared at the description box: Host’s cultivation base is at the Zero Realm, and Dao Heart is at the Spirit Heart level. Every time you enter a simulation now will cost $10,000.

Lin Chang`an was helpless. As expected, the price had increased, and it increased by 10 times!

The next simulation would require $10,000.

However, it was very normal if he thought about it. In every realm, the degree of consumption to the system would be based on the difference in one’s dao heart.

“However, if this continues, I can only simulate five more times?”

$10,000 for a single time. He felt some heartache the moment he thought about it.

Currently, he still hadn’t opened his spirit sea and become a legitimate cultivator, so there weren’t many ways for him to make money.

It wasn’t easy for him to capture a criminal, but he merely earned $70,000.

Before this, he had done 13 simulations that cost $1,000 each time, so his balance now was $57,052.

“If I could improve my talent through five simulations, it would absolutely be worth it!”

Lin Chang`an pondered as he decided to start a simulation. He also felt some impatience, wanting to see some results.

[You entered the dungeon. The surroundings were pitch-black as though the area was enveloped by fog.]

[A long sigh suddenly drifted past your ears. You remained motionless.]

[A little ghost seemed to be lying on your shoulders, but your expression remained unchanged.]

[Someone then whispered in your ear, but you had a look of disdain on your face.]

[After that, you entered your own room and glanced at your reflection in the mirror as you started a game of rock, paper, scissors.]

[Your reflection showed scissors while you in reality showed rock. You won.]

[Now, your reflection had an expression of terror. It then began screaming mournfully and transformed into a puff of smoke as it vanished inside the mirror.]

This time around, the simulation gave Lin Chang`an a feeling of security.

His spirit heart was a level above mortal heart and in addition to his Mental Defense, which was 1.61x more than ordinary people, all sorts of illusionary-type attacks would cause no damage to him.

[You continued heading inward and discovered that the white-collared workers in the building next door had all turned into ghosts.]

[This place didn’t seem to be so simple.]

[On your journey, you saw the spirit-passage grass. It was over 100 years old and you collected it.]

[The various eerie illusionary tricks were useless against you.]

[In a naturally-formed underground house, you found an underworld jade.]

[The owner of the house returned. He was two meters tall and had a half-a-meter broad face. When he saw you, he grinned and let out horrifying laughter.]

[In his mouth, you could see torn flesh and organs that had yet to be chewed completely.]

[“There’s someone who entered here before me?” This was your final thought before you died.]

After he regained his senses from the simulation, there was a look of joy on Lin Chang`an’s face.

This trip finally yielded some harvests.

Spirit-passage grass that was 100 years old and above was pretty rare. Its value could be considered extraordinary with regards to cultivators who opened up yin-attributed spirit sea or those who specialized in cultivating ghost-type cultivation arts.

“A single stalk can be sold for over $10,000. I wonder how many stalks are within the dungeon.”

Once there was something, it only meant that there would be more of the same thing.

It was like if one discovered a cockroach, it meant that there were over ten thousand cockroach eggs in your house.

“The underworld jade is evidently very valuable, but there’s some danger.”

“In addition, who was the person that entered the dungeon before me? He actually managed to explore so far but was eaten up by the giant.”

Lin Chang`an pondered for a moment and stared at the cracks on the ground’s surface.

Since Chu Li could obtain the pass, it meant others could as well.

“So, that person is an unlucky fool? But how did that unlucky fool manage to bypass the spatial turbulence?”

He depended on his A-Grade Talent (Ignoble Life), so he could enter every time with the most optimal luck. But what did this person have to depend on

Lin Chang`an decided to activate the simulation again. He rapidly entered and didn’t pause while he was traveling inside. He wanted to see if he could find clues relating to that person.

Could he secure this dungeon using four attempts

He had to make it work even if it couldn’t…

As he was thinking, Chu Li rushed back urgently with a look filled with joy on her face.

Upon entering the car, her beautiful face had an expression of pride as she took out a card. “There, take the pass!”

It was unknown what methods she used to obtain one.

Lin Chang`an glanced at the card but didn’t take it.

He lit up a cigarette. “Boss, I went to make some inquiries, and I heard those guards saying that according to the initial inspection, this dungeon might be D-Grade or C-grade. It’s not those ordinary E-Grade dungeons…”

Chu Li was clearly surprised.

D-Grade? C-Grade

Dungeons above the D-Grade were too dangerous. They could be described as only having a 10% survival rate.

“So, you are not going?”

But if Lin Chang`an didn’t go…

However, that was a huge sum of money!

Chu Li even wanted to jump inside herself.

Besides, she had spent tens of thousands to obtain this pass. She couldn’t let this investment go to waste.

“I’ll go,” Lin Chang`an calmly said. If he didn’t go, he would have wasted his simulation attempts. He had spent over $20,000.

“You will go?”

“Yes, I’ll go.”?Lin Chang`an puffed out a smoke ring. “However, you have to pay more.”

Chu Li started as disbelief and reluctance appeared on her face. “Y…you, how much more do you want?”


Lin Chang`an’s request wasn’t too overbearing.

Usually speaking, the gains should be split 50-50. Chu Li was responsible for her connections and selling the goods later on. If not, it would be very hard for Lin Chang`an to sell the opportunities and various treasures in the dungeon on his own.

His lady boss was still very reliable in a place like the black market.

Not worrying about consequences was something very important. Lin Chang`an had no wish to be targeted because he sold these treasures.

After hearing Lin Chang`an’s words, Chu Li heaved a long sigh of relief.

He only wanted an additional 10%, so it was very reasonable!

In fact, it was much better than what she had imagined.

After that, she caressed Lin Chang`an’s face before rushing forward. “Little Chang`an is so good to elder sister! You can’t possibly be in love with me, right?!” 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

As she spoke, she pulled him to her chest.


Lin Chang`an’s voice sounded cold.

Now that he thought about it, he had no idea why, but this boss had always treated him like this.

She was incomparably cold when dealing with ordinary people.

However, she always seemed as if she didn’t mind letting him take advantage of her every day…

Her level of passion was simply…

“Heh! You don’t have to hide if you like elder sister! It’s fine! Elder sister is so beautiful, so it’s very normal if you like me.” Chu Li had a serious look on her face as she heaved her chest up.

Lin Chang`an surveyed her from top to bottom.

One couldn’t help but say that her features were exquisite, and she exuded a charm that would stir the desires of those who looked at her.

A melon-shaped face, fox-like brows, a tall nose, and cherry-like lips.

He continued glancing downward. She had a pair of straight beautiful legs, and the black-colored lace she wore further accentuated her beauty and the shocking temptation one would feel when glancing at them.

He guarded his mind and spoke with a straight face, “Okay, let’s set the agreement like this.”

He took the pass. After that, he gritted his teeth and activated the simulation that cost $10,000 per try. When he clicked the button for activation, he could feel his heart bleeding.

[Simulation starts.]

[In the dungeon, you continued traveling ahead and didn’t delay. Very swiftly, you arrived at the naturally-formed underground house.]

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