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Transformation of Mortal Heart

[You lifted your hand, and your reflection in the mirror did the same.]

[A flash of inspiration appeared in your mind and you started to play rock, paper, scissors. You decided to go with scissors.]

[Your reflection went with stone.]

[Your expression froze.]

[Your reflection cheered and then lifted his hand to pluck off his own head.]

[The you in reality had no control. You mirrored his actions and also plucked off your own head. You died.]

Lin Chang`an was shocked awake.

This time around, the feeling that the simulation gave him was simply too genuine.

Although it was just a literal narrative, he felt that all the scenes had happened before his eyes. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

At this moment, he even had an impulse of wanting to pluck his own head off.

Back when he was in the simulation, he was playing rock, paper, and scissors. Evidently, it was because his mind had been unconsciously influenced by something.

“Despite my Mental Defense ability being 1.61x that of ordinary humans, I am still so easily led astray.”

Lin Chang`an shook his head.

He knew that ultimately, his mental energy was still considered too weak.

Even if his mental control ability was 1.61x that of ordinary people, because his mental energy value was too low, this was still considered a flaw.

“But luckily, this dungeon seems to be a mental-type dungeon, so I still have a chance.”

If it was the commonly seen ferocious monsters, it would be very hard for him to gain any opportunities no matter how many times he simulated.

Although he had the emulator and could soon open up his spirit sea to become a cultivator, the process of opening up a spirit sea was too slow.

Even if he could do it at the fastest speed, he would require several hours. For long cases, he might even require several days.

At that time, the dungeon most probably would have completely formed.

Besides, Lin Chang`an didn’t wish to open his spirit sea so simply.

Qi and blood value of 1,000 had only reached the basic requirements for opening up a spirit sea. If he opened one, it would merely be the most common inferior-grade spirit sea.

At this moment, he took a look at the system interface.

Dao Heart: Mortal Heart (Mental energy: 594)

Lin Chang`an changed his line of thoughts again and decided to turtle things through.

[You didn’t attempt to enter the dungeon.]

[You concealed your strength in the unified examination and had an average performance. In the end, you were recruited by a C-Grade Academy.]

[Su Xi`er registered for the same academy as you.]

[In order to celebrate, Chu Li opened a spirit tea shop beside your university.]

[At age 19, you began your life in university.]

[You started turtling.]

[You got retained.]

[You got retained.]

[At age 26, your hard work and persistence paid off. You depended on the resources you had accumulated through these years at school and finally opened up your spirit sea, stepping into the first realm and graduating smoothly.]

[In order to celebrate, Chu Li opened a martial training class, and you once again became her employee, earning a monthly pay of $50,000.]

[You planned to get married.]

[On the day of your wedding, Su Xi`er came to look for you, and you guys had a long chat through the first half of the night.]

[After she left, Chu Li visited you, and you spent the latter half of the night having a long chat with her.]

[You felt a little sorrowful.]

[You married someone, but your wife was just an ordinary person.]

[You started living a flat and dull life.]

[At age 39, the beast tide attacked. As a first-realm cultivator, you were mobilized and sent to the frontlines.]

[Unexpectedly, you survived for quite a long time in the beast tide. There seemed to be someone helping you but ultimately, you still died.]

He had harbored the same turtling mentality in this simulation, so he thought that the result would be the same as the previous one. However, he never thought that his boss would be a variable factor.

But although the process had some differences, the ending was still the same.

Right now, as he exited the simulation, he instantly felt that his brain was extremely clear, and his mental energy was rapidly being enhanced.

He lived for 21 years in the simulation and received a total of 252 points of enhancement to his mental energy. Right now, his total mental energy was at 846.

“I already have enough to support 3,300+ qi and blood value…”

He glanced at the system interface.

[The simulation this time around has ended. Please choose one of the rewards.]

[One: Dull and Ordinary Talent. (C-Grade talent. You can conceal yourself better in the crowd.)]

[Two: Cultivation realm at the time of your death (Strength of spirit qi: 1,422)]

[Three: Combat experience at the time of your death. (Fist art at minor completion, movement arts at perfection, and defensive skills at perfection)]

[Four: Cultivation insights at the time of your death (Insights on opening up your spirit sea)]

[Five: A partial memory fragment.]

Since he had yet to open his spirit sea, Lin Chang`an naturally didn’t dare to choose the second option.

He stared at these options and due to caution, he eventually chose to choose the combat experience reward.

Although this dungeon was most probably a mental-type one, it would naturally be for the best if he had more combat strength to protect himself.

As for the cultivation insights of opening a spirit sea, he still couldn’t make good use of it now.

Moreover, he could casually exchange for it in the future. There was no need for him to be anxious.

As he chose the reward, various comprehensions instantly flooded his mind.

After that, he stared ahead and punched out!

A sonic boom echoed.

“Si~’ Lin Chang`an was startled. He didn’t expect that a fist art at minor completion would actually be so powerful.

He could feel that this punch of his exerted 1.5x of his qi and blood value!

“Back then if I had this method, it would be much more relaxed for me to fight against that skinny monkey.”

His movement art and defensive skills were also clearly etched in his mind.

However, it was a pity none of them were spirit techniques. They were merely ordinary methods.

“Yes, spirit techniques of the first realm would cost $100,000 at the very least. I would definitely feel heartache and not be willing to buy them. In the simulation, I kept thinking of turtling and didn’t have many intentions to improve myself. Besides, my talent is inferior, so I might actually have attempted learning a spirit technique but failed to master it in the simulation.”

Lin Chang`an was actually taking this pretty well.

To him, this had no difference from raking in free profits.

Right now, he had undergone simulations tens of times, but he had only spent $10,000+.

However, the things he obtained, if quantified by value, would be at the very least $1,000,000 and above.

Although $10,000 was a huge sum of money unimaginable to the previous him, when compared to the value of what he obtained, this sum of money was insignificant.

He then continued to simulate.

He once again experienced the exact same life he had simulated just now.

After the simulation ended, Lin Chang`an felt his mental energy rapidly increasing, as though it was evolving!

Various comprehensions and insights then flowed into his mind. A feeling of icy clarity and scorching hotness kept mixing together, spreading from the back of his head and instantly enveloping his entire brain.

After that, an intent that seemed capable of seeing through the myriad of things suffused his mind!

Lin Chang`an’s body started trembling intensely.

He only felt that his mind was about to break through the limit of his body, wanting to freely roam around this world independently!

Terror flashed through his mind. If his consciousness left his body, would he die

He hurriedly guarded his mind.

His talent Mental Defense was immediately put into effect. With a thought, he managed to suppress this strange feeling.

An icy intent instantly enveloped his entire body!

Lin Chang`an then looked ahead and felt that he had changed somehow.

After that, he glanced at the system interface.

Dao Heart: Spirit Heart (Strength of mind: 1,098)

When his mental energy broke through 1,000 points, his dao heart underwent a qualitative transformation!

“It transformed into a spirit heart?”

Lin Chang`an couldn’t explain the specifics. His cultivation knowledge had always been lacking. But right now, he could sense that his mind was on a different level compared to before!

Clearly, the numerical value only had a difference of a few hundred. Yet, this difference gave him the feeling of the distance between heaven and earth!

Various extraordinary feelings gushed forth, and his mind was enhanced.

“This bizarre dungeon doesn’t seem to be difficult anymore somehow?”

Lin Chang`an didn’t really dare to confirm this, but he knew that the dungeon to the current him, absolutely had its difficulty lowered by more than one level!

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