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Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 711 - Tomb Raiding

Chapter 711: Tomb Raiding

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According to Alexei’s words, Song Junlang and Xiao Lin were not the first people who studied that object. There had been many people who had researched the bead before this, and it had existed within the New World throughout its history. So, other than those of them from Earth, even those immensely strong people among the natives had coveted it for a very long time.

Regretfully, no one had managed to find out anything. Even those in history who had powers beyond comprehension could not discover anything.

Now, Xiao Lin and Song Junlang knew that the reason was that the object was not born of this planet’s laws, and did not have any energy that the world knew of. The experts that studied objects that were only produced with this planet’s laws naturally had no way of solving it.

They still had plenty of time.

Xiao Lin had enough time to continue with his experiments, so he used another way, and tried to use the Shards of Creation in his body to get closer to the mysterious substance in the bead.

In truth, he no longer knew how to summon the Shards of Creation within his body. Before this, he needed his body to be at a certain strength and skill for the shards in his body to react, and that strength required him to use Ruin at the very least, and it only had the largest reaction when he used Myth.

However, Song Junlang reminded him that Xiao Lin was different from before. After directly interacting with the power of law, even for just an incredibly short amount of time, it did not mean that the power of law was gone forever. Based on Song Junlang’s thoughts, once a person had that power, it would leave an imprint, and it was just a matter of how deep that imprint was.

Of course, that was just his own speculation, and how they would test it out would fall on Xiao Lin’s shoulders.

Using his power, which was his Black Iron-ranked power, the shards were as heavy as rocks submerged in the ocean, and did not react at all, so that path was closed off.

“Let’s try meditation!” Xiao Lin said.

Song Junlang went along with it, and the two of them found an empty corner. Xiao Lin then started meditation under the veil of the night, while Song Junlang kept watch.

Despite losing his powers, he still easily entered a state of mediation, having learned how to do it before. There was nothing else on his mind other than the world inside.

After using Myth, it was the first time he had used meditation since.

Entering the meditative world, Xiao Lin was shocked. His meditative world had been a vast universe before, littered with countless stars and planets. Now, his meditative world was still a universe, but it was a vast and empty one, like a dead galaxy.

The stars around him seemed incredibly far away, at distances that were impossible to reach. He could only see the light, but could not feel the warmth. Even though he tried to throw his mental strength over there, there was no way for him to interact with those stars that represented the elements at all.

It caused Xiao Lin to feel a little depressed. He had thought that he would quickly be able to get back his former strength through training, but if he could not even reach his mental strength out, then it would be impossible for him to get back to even a regular level in a short amount of time, at least magically.

After a moment, Xiao Lin exited the meditative world, and he looked exhausted. He was no longer in the same state he was before, and his current mental strength could not support meditation for too long.

Xiao Lin shook his head at Song Junlang, indicating that there were no results.

Song Junlang was not surprised. He did not hold out much hope anyway. He added, “Actually, we don’t have to research anything. We’re not scholars, so we just have to find the thing. So, let’s go to the place where this thing was dug out!”

When Xiao Lin was meditating, Department Head Song had already made his own plans.

Frontier Town was a key city in the ancient Weier Kingdom. Other than the buildings that were visible on the surface, there were countless buildings that had been buried under the ground in its long history. Other than those ancient and abandoned buildings outside the city, there were also incomplete records that indicated one or two ancient tombs in Frontier Town.

Before the colonizers arrived, the tombs had already been looked at before. However, due to the lack of information, there was no way to get any more information about it, such as the tombs’ locations and the tombs’ owner.

It was only after the colonists arrived, bringing more advanced techniques, did the excavation of the tombs start progressing. However, thanks to the special nature of the Weier Union, only the British and the Americans had been allowed on that project. The two academies continued for over ten years before announcing that they were indefinitely suspending the excavation, and prohibited anyone else from doing it in private.

However, just as Song Junlang said, rules were made to be broken. Just like those forbidden objects they stole from the museum, after Judge Academy and Royal British Academy’s restrictions, it actually ended up attracting even more people out of curiosity. It was not a stretch to say that Frontier Town’s rapid development was a large part because of them.

In recent years, private excavations never stopped, but because private excavations had limited capabilities, very few people were actually able to explore whole tombs. Most of them stopped after a bit, and what they managed to excavate mostly ended up in the black market for a wide range of prices. If they were lucky, they might stumble upon something like an ancient potion recipe, and they would profit greatly. If it was just some shattered vases, then they would be very unlucky.

Alexei’s museum was like a fence for objects of that nature, and Alexei relied on those ancient items to make his fortune.

“So you’re telling me that you know where this glass bead was from?” Xiao Lin said after listening quietly.

“I do! I even have the map.” Song Junlang pulled out the map, pleased with himself. Needless to say, it had also been swiped away from Alexei’s museum. However, there were traces of blackened blood on the corner of the map, filling Xiao Lin with an uneasy feeling.

Xiao Lin looked at the map, but did not really understand it. However, it was obviously made in the style of a modern map from Earth, so he curiously asked, “Who made this map?”

“That’s not important. The map maker’s already dead.”

“How did they die?”

“I said it earlier. These underground tombs are not safe at all. Even the natives of the world know to place many traps around their deathbeds. Even though we still don’t know why the Americans and the British stopped their excavations, my guess is that they wanted to avoid those dangers,” Song Junlalng answered.

Xiao Lin was stunned. There was no need to mention it, but their next stop was definitely going to be tomb-raiding.. If even the combined forces of two academies felt that it was dangerous, then the two of them were definitely far too weak to attempt it.

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