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Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 10: Opening Ceremony

Chapter 10: Opening Ceremony

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With that last sentence, the man became emotional and his face turned red. He knew very well how important a world record was to Dawn Academy, especially since the academy had been surpassed by foreign countries in almost all aspects in recent years. As the head of the Admissions Department, the eventual credit for recruiting those new students would end up going to him, which was more than satisfactory.

The department head then said, “I’ve sent word of Gu Xiaoyue to the student union, and before I came, I got the news that the president would leave the New World for the time being and return to the school to personally host the freshmen assembly!”

The instructors looked at each other. After the admission test was the freshmen assembly, which was usually hosted by the head of the Admissions Department. The student union of Dawn Academy was different from those of ordinary universities in that the council president had more than just supreme authority. The position also represented an extreme power and was the kind of existence which the instructors could only yearn to achieve.

After a brief moment of surprise, however, they reverted back to being calm. They received far too much earth-shattering news that day and felt a bit out of sorts. In light of the freshmen creating a new world record, it was understandable that the student union’s president would show up and host the freshmen assembly.

“Okay, let’s not waste any more time. Everyone, head back to your respective classes and make arrangements. I’ll meet the president first...” The department head got up, but his cell phone rang from his waist barely two steps later. He mumbled a few words, “Who is it now? Don’t they know that I’m at a meeting?”

Getting out his small and nifty cell phone, his expression changed dramatically as soon as he looked down. He placed the device on the table, stood upright, then quickly tidied up his suit and tie before pressing the answer button. A virtual holographic screen popped out from the phone and a gray-haired old man appeared.

“Dean, how can I be of service?” The department head’s tone was humble and respectful.

“I’ll be personally attending the freshmen assembly. Please make the arrangements.” The old man’s voice was low and his words were concise. The screen was cut off with that as the Dean hung up.

“Was that person just now...the legendary dean?” A female instructor timidly broke the conference room’s silence.

“Yes!” The department head was still in a trance.

At that point, everyone was completely shocked. If the president of the student union was someone they could look up to, then Dawn Academy’s dean was the supreme existence that they could not even hope to touch.

The dean’s appearance at the assembly raised the standards of that freshman assembly by a couple of notches. Even if Gu Xiaoyue’s initial intelligence value set a world record, she was still a talentless ordinary student and did not warrant the dean’s in-person attendance at the assembly.

The instructors who left the meeting room were still shocked and confused. They could not figure out the reason, but it was certain that the dean made an exception to attend the assembly because of Gu Xiaoyue. Although there were 13 talented students in this new intake, the highest talent level was only an A, not an S!


The freshmen were getting increasingly anxious as they waited in the rotunda. Some even began wildly speculating as to whether they had been captured by aliens for experiments...

It was not until the huge metal gate was opened again that Qin Chuan’s figure reappeared, thereby dispelling that rumor. The freshman had mixed feelings, and Qin Chuan’s expression was also similarly convoluted as his gaze finally landed on Gu Xiaoyue and Xiao Lin.

As an instructor, Qin Chuan did not not have the authority to probe into the actual video of the admission test, but he believed that the Central Smart Computer System would do an evaluation of each student.

Gu Xiaoyue came as a pleasant surprise. After all, she was someone with an intelligence score of 36. Qin Chuan was actually quite shocked during the health screening, so much so that he could not help but pity her for not being a talented student. Nevertheless, none of that mattered since the girl did manage to attract the attention of the student union and even the dean.

Indeed, despite being unable to wrap his head around it, Qin Chuan decided to treat the girl well, as he might get to ask favors from her in the future.

As for Xiao Lin, however, Qin Chuan frowned again. It could not be helped that he had a lasting impression of that boy since there was no way a person with an initial attribute value of no more than 10 could still be standing there. It was a fact that could not be forgotten. Dawn Academy’s student admissions were strictly screened, and although he dared not say anything in front of the Admissions Department head, he could not avoid criticizing internally.

Xiao Lin was also one of the 15 people who received Grade S, but Qin Chuan never expected someone with a loser physique to possess the strength that corresponded to earning a Grade S. If Gu Xiaoyue relied on her 36 intelligence points to get that grade, then what did Xiao Lin rely on to achieve the same?

Qin Chuan’s flickering eyes made Xiao Lin feel very uncomfortable. There was no doubt that his basic physique was slightly inferior, but he never expected Qin Chuan to be calculating so many things in such a short period of time.

After some time, Qin Chuan spoke calmly, “The Smart Computer has already sent you the scores for your admissions tests. You can get the results by asking for it in your minds.”

Xiao Lin made a mental plea and the Smart Computer’s voice appeared once again.

[Name: Xiao Lin]

[Student ID: 201235]

[Comprehensive evaluation in the admissions test: S]

[Reward: 40 credits, 800 redemption points]

Xiao Lin’s eyes widened with surprise. The reward was clearly obtained by adding up the three tasks, but he distinctly remembered fainting after the Zombie King was killed and could not reach the safe area to complete the required tasks. He could not help but turn to look at the expressionless Gu Xiaoyue, and was a little surprised that the cold girl had actually helped him.

Xiao Lin opened his mouth to thank the girl, but Qin Chuan’s loud voice rang again and silenced the noisy hall at once. “Now, will anyone who obtained Grade F please come to the front.”

Everyone was surprised. No one dared to step forward even after a few minutes, and none of them knew what would happen. Some people mumbled, “Didn’t you say that there wasn’t a punishment in the admissions test? What is this!”

Qin Chuan smiled slightly, though he did so in a rather cold manner. “Don’t worry, this isn’t a punishment. If all you got was an F in this easy test, then losers like you aren’t suitable to continue your studies at Dawn Academy. So, anyone who got a Grade F can leave.”

“We can really leave?”

“Aren’t you afraid that we’ll leak this to the media?”

Some people were still in disbelief.

Qin Chuan snorted coldly, “Don’t worry, you won’t remember anything that happened here after you leave. This will all be just a dream. Right, I don’t want to waste my spit speaking to losers anymore. Hurry up! I have the test evaluation sheet here, so don’t even think about trying to fool me!”

Everyone noticed that Qin Chuan was holding a stack of papers that resembled reports. After exchanging glances, someone finally walked forward with reluctance. With one person taking the lead, the rest soon followed suit. Qin Chuan took the list and cross-referenced them one by one until it was confirmed that all the people who obtained Grade F were there.

There were more than 30 people. Xiao Lin noticed that those who got Grade F were mostly the girls who hid in the teaching building, were afraid to go out, and ended up being tragically killed by the Zombie King.

Xiao Lin then began thinking: ‘If Grade F was given to those who did nothing, then would Grade S means that the person completed all three tasks at the same time?’ He wondered how many people actually got Grade S.

Soon a few men in black uniforms came in from outside the gate and left the metal hall with the frightened girls. The rest remained silent for a while. No one knew where they would go or whether they would really return to their normal lives.

There were more than 60 people left. Qin Chuan clapped his hands and his expression relaxed considerably, “I can now formally congratulate all of you for being the provisional students, now officially Dawn Academy’s freshmen. Some of you might envy those who can leave and return to the real world, but believe me, that thought won’t last long. They’re the ones who will truly be regretting everything! In fact, those who failed the test don’t even have the chance to regret it!”

Qin Chuan became friendly all of a sudden. There was no longer his initial arrogance and domineering attitude, taking everyone off guard. They had just only arrived at that mysterious academy, and the only staff they came into contact with was the instructor in front of them. Soon, however, they would come to understand that the instructors were actually the least valuable throughout the entire academy.

“In another half an hour, we’ll gather in the auditorium for the freshmen assembly. This time, the academy’s dean will attend and might even give a speech, which is unprecedented. Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that you’ll belong to Freshmen Class Seven, for the entire freshman year at least. At this stage, you’ll be an inseparable group as a class. Whether it be the monthly exam or the final exam, you’ll be grouped as a class.”

Xiao Lin did not feel very pleasant. After graduating from university, the one thing he rejoiced was that he no longer needed to take exams. After thinking that he would have to take exams every month in the future, he felt that he would have been better off if he slacked off in the admissions test and got sent back.

Everyone could finally leave the metal hall and headed for the auditorium to participate in the assembly. However, Xiao Lin noticed that Qin Chuan asked Gu Xiaoyue to stay back. They seemed to be talking about something.

Outside the hall was a very wide corridor. On the metal wall were computer screens inlaid on each side, with arrows pointing toward the direction of the auditorium.

There were several halls on both sides of the corridor, similarly filled with girls and boys who had experienced the same experience as them. Qin Chuan said that they were in Freshmen Class Seven, so the others must undoubtedly be freshmen from other classes.

Xiao Lin counted carefully and came to a total of 12 halls, meaning that there were 12 classes. More than 30 people in their class had been eliminated and about 60 people were left. If every class had a similar number, then the entire freshmen year would have 700 or 800 people. It was no small number, and he became more and more curious about the mysterious college.

At the urging of several instructors, the students did not have time to chat. They spent ten minutes hurriedly passing through the long and winding corridor before finally arriving at the auditorium. The moment they stepped in, gasps were heard and nearly everyone felt their eyes go blind.

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