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Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 5: The Dream

5 The Dream

He was with her in the enchanting garden, the great view of the sea, the sound of the waves. The rays of the moon and stars reflected from the coast to her, making her beauty indescribable. Emery didn't want to let go of the smooth and soft hand of the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes upon. His heart thumped against his chest.

The footsteps of the handmaidens and guards neared and Gwen released her grip on him.

"Princess Gwen? We could get in trouble."

"Oh come on, Emery. You don't have to call me princess. We'll be fine. Anyway, the ceremony is over and I felt like suffocating there. I needed a breath of fresh air. Please, will you accompany me please?"

Unbeknownst to her, Emery was actually more concerned about how he would get scolded by his father, but he couldn't possibly refuse a request by the princess, could he? Besides, the view here with the jewel of the kingdom, how could he say no to that?

"Give me one second. I have a surprise for you," said Gwen as she turned around.

"Surprise? It's me who is supposed to—" Emery grabbed his pouch but Gwen wasn't listening to him one bit.

She found what she was looking for and said, "Look at this, Emery."

"Is this?" Emery's eyes shone, recognizing what Gwen took out from him.

"That's right!" approved Gwen with a smile. "This one below is called Africa. And the one on the farthest is China. It's like the story from parchment we had read before!"

Emery and Gwen had known each other for quite some time now. When all the other kids were riding horses and hunting, Emery loved to spend his time reading. He had finished all the parchments and scrolls he could find in his father's library. So, whenever his father had matters to attend to in the Lioness's castle, he always forced his father to let him come.

He had spent a lot of time reading the various stories found in the royal library. And that was where he had often met with Gwen.

Although they didn't often meet, they got along so fast probably because they had two things in common. The first was they both loved to study and read about the various history, places and curiosity of the world, and the second was both of their mothers had died when they were young. Although much of it all thanks to the princess friendly attitude.

That evening, they talked for almost an hour about the places on those maps they had only heard in stories.

"I am sure you can. You are a princess, you can do anything you want!" said Emery.

Without realizing it, the princess's dream of exploring the world became part of Emery's dream too. Whether it was because he, himself, was interested in all the wonders of this world or because he would love to go on an adventure with her.

Gwen turned her face on Emery with a big smile and said, "That's very sweet of you to say. Thank you."

Before turning dark and added, "Thank you again. I feel really great now that I have talked with you, you really are a good friend."

Emery's heart slightly prickled. He liked her, but when he thought about it more, being labeled as a friend of the most beautiful lady in the kingdom was a fortune in itself. Maybe that was all they would ever be.

He then realized he still hadn't given the thing he had worked on for months. Reluctantly reaching his hand into the pouch, he embarrassedly said, "Gwe-Gwen... I also have something for you..."

"What is it?" asked Gwen, tilting her said on the side.

Emery handed out the pouch before pulling it back. He laughed.

"What's the hesitation? Is that for me? Thank you," said Gwen.

"What box is this Emery?"

Before she was able to open up the box, however, sounds of step got closer.

"Ehem!" coughed a big man wearing a luxurious coat, two men walking toward them.

"Father, Sir Fantumar," said Gwen.

Emery was shocked to see the king right next to him, and Fantumar the highest noble of the kingdom.

"Your Highness!" exclaimed Emery, bowing before the king.

The king recognized him. "You are Geoffry's boy aren't you?"

"Yes, My Lord," replied Emery.

"I've heard many things about you from my daughter."

The fat noble interjected, "Your Highness, I suggest you stop the Princess from playing with this boy."


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