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Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 14: Uniform

14 Uniform

The fountain was located in the center and there were some paths heading toward ten buildings in different directions. The place had some arches, trees, bushes, benches, and small pagodas where there were already some people sitting and chatting away.

Emery noticed that the edge of the plaza seemed to be an empty space except for the fences and when he went to the edge he found out that they were in a location where everything was floating.

"That building over there is building seven. Class 70 to class 79 will be staying there for the next 7 days," said another nearby man in the same suit of armor.

Emery counted the number of buildings in front of him. "...Six, seven, ten. Looks like all of us will all be living in this place together."

"Wow, this place is so beautiful," said Klea as she sat on one of the stone-white benches that had a tree nearby, providing it a shade.

"Let's go!" said their guide.

They were then led to one of the floating paths After entering, a large hall with a long table welcomed them.

A person who didn't look that much older than them greeted the new arrivals. He was wearing a tight long black suit that covered up until his neck, it appeared to be some sort of a uniform. "Welcome new acolytes to sky island seven. Call me Uriel, I'm a rank 6 acolyte.

"All the facilities in this place are open to all of you. That includes a place to eat, baths, training rooms and also a bed. All are provided for free, in return we ask that all of you do your best in your classes for the sake of humanity. Uniforms are required to be worn at all times and you will find them once you've arrived in your rooms. The residence is divided according to the information that can be seen in the symbol on the palm of your hand. Access to the institution of your choice will be opened tomorrow morning."

Hundreds of young people began to move toward a hallway, ascended several stairs and passed through some passages until finally arriving at their residence.

They followed the direction provided they found on their palms. Emery and his friends then came to a large door. Julian stepped forward, placing his palm on the surface of the door, it glowed and hissed open. Inside the room was an additional five more rooms with beds that had a simplistic design. Each room had a large window giving a beautiful view of the sky.

"Wow, I love it," said Klea.


[I am your room attendant, I can answer all questions about this place or prepare your needs according to the level of your access.]

These five young people couldn't be stopped being amazed by the new world they were living in. It was like they were in a world built by the gods.

[Kindly wear your acolyte uniforms first.]

The empty space in front of them slightly distorted and a cloak appeared. It was the same cloak that Uriel was wearing but there was a badge on the side that had different numbers .

"We have to wear this – this weird dress?" said Thrax, as he waved it around.

"Typical barbarian, you'd certainly want to go around naked," replied Julian.

Emery sighed as the two started argumenting again. But the two suddenly stopped their exchanges as their eyes widened in surprise. Chumo also slightly coughed.

"What's up Chumo?" Emery asked before shifting his gaze where Chumo, Julian and Thrax were looking.

Then he found Klea casually removing her accessories and dress. She had her back facing them but the three boys were transfixed as they stared at her smooth flawless bronze skin and curves as she tried on the clothes provided by the room attendant. The room became silent, only breathing, gulping and the rustling of the clothes Klea was trying to wear could be heard.

"Wow, what a beautiful outfit. The fabric feels so cool and the air passes through easily. You guys should also try it," said Klea, after finishing wearing the clothes.

Julian and Thrax were used to living in a vulgar environment but the things they have seen couldn't be compared to Klea's natural charm. As for Emery and Chumo, they had just seen a sight for the first time and they were still feeling hot from what had just happened. Klea acted as if this was a normal occurance to her.

The other boys went inside their rooms first and changed clothes and went back to the middle of the room where the little crystal explained common things as well as information from all the institutions they could attend tomorrow.

Even though Emery got access to participate in the four element institutions, he did not receive any invitation from the destiny path.

Same with Julian, Thrax and Chumo. Not one of them had received any invitations yet except for the elemental path school. It was their first day after all so whatever their expertise wasn't yet known to the destiny path school.

"You'll be fine, Emery. Why don't you come with me tomorrow? We both have an affinity for Earth" asked Julian.

"Huh for me combat is everything! but I should try fire first" exclaimed Thrax.

Chumo was still silent, this man really didn't say much, even though everyone realized that Chumo was following their conversation closely.

"What about you Klea?" asked Julian

"Actually" Klea looks confused while checking the information from the crystal

She was a little bit surprised to see she has 5 invitations from 5 different destiny path institutions and with the three elementals she has, a Total of 8 institutions in 7 days. She is now confused about which one she wouldn't take.


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