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Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO

Chapter 173 [Bonus ] 29: Playing In Story Mode! Haha!

The wailing cry of a dying wolf resounded across the grassy plains.

[Main Quest Complete!]

-Slay Meddling wolves: 17/7

Zell was standing in the centre of the grasslands to the southeast of the city; his eyes were dull and void of life or enjoyment, and neither his dreadnaught raiment nor magic knight weapon deployed as he simply used the black gauntlet to kill them with a punch.

At first, he used his flame spell to target a small pack of 10 wolves; nothing but burnt flesh and charcoal remained, which caused Zell to lament losing the proof of hunting.

'I am too overlevelled... This is like playing new games in story mode... My life has no meaning...'

Some would understand his feelings, that emptiness of easily completing quests, no sense of challenge, now sitting on the edge of the dirt road, waiting for the follow-on quest to trigger so he could move forward.

"I wish there was a hard mode.... or maybe nightmare..."

Thinking back to the old games he would play on his dad's old, chunky computer where you fight against the great evils in the world, devil man would revive every game, yet he enjoyed each of the instalments, except the third one. That sucked ass, before the fifth, was released in VR, but it was shortly banned after an x-rated exploit added 18+ scene's into the game.

'That was the first time I saw a naked woman... Although it was a game, still... Did that hairy paradise corrupt me at such a ripe age? Now I love women with a nice thick fur patch...'

While Zell was thinking of mundane shit, the sound of a wooden carriage began to rattle down the dirt path; its speed was great, with one of the four pulling horses missing, blood and flesh staining the dark brown wooden frame.


The sound drew Zell's attention as he finally relaxed; there was a huge golden exclamation point above the driver, whose face was deformed; some creature had clawed along his face, torn off the man's nose as he did.

He bled profusely, body swaying as he struggled to hold the reins before falling to the side, only to wake himself up at the last moment as the carriage began to spin, sliding towards Zell's location, just like he remembered.

Rapidly, the carriage approached the crossroads as several players were all standing around; some wanted to speak to the random guy who looked badass in his black pants and tight muscular body.

Especially the women.

Zell was used to fighting with his own body as the capital, covering himself with his dreadnaught clothing, so when he fought without it, he would normally wear nothing but a loose-fitting eastern-style pair of pants to hide his posture and stance, a soft cotton pair of shoes that would slip into his high-steel boots when they manifested and a single black gauntlet, that stretched along his arm and linked to a single spiked pauldron.

His look was extremely edgy, but his handsome looks, red eyes like a shimmering ruby and messy black hair down to his shoulders made him look more handsome and cool than a geeky weeb wearing a hakama and samurai sword.

As the carriage passed by, Zell stepped out of the way as the wheels screeched loudly, sending a shower of gravel flying through the air; the horses were spooked and jerked their heads away from the pain, the carriage rocking dangerously as it went past.

"What the fuck was that?"

One of the players exclaimed while a few others were trying to calm them down as they watched the carriage crash against a rock, bursting into countless pieces of broken wood and debris; most players rushed towards the old man like Zell remembered in his past life.

'You would speak to the old man, then take a symbol and letter to the forest deep in the south, where the Silvan werewolves live... It was a quest that was supposed to build up to the tension between the vampires and werewolves... I wonder how the game will continue now the vampire is my little slave?'

Zell laughed as he recalled the events, the passengers inside the carriage screaming as they were thrown free of the wrecked vehicle. However, he saw one different person in the corner of his eye, yet no other player seemed to notice her, all heading to the old man and ignoring the lady flying through the air wearing a black and white dress overcoat.


His eyes opened wide, seeing a beautiful girl with long silver hair; as her eyes closed, the features were identical to that of Griselda; he should know it couldn't be her as they were considerably younger, more like a 19-year-old, rather than the 25-30-year-old Griselda. Still, his body moved faster than he could think.


With a deep bassy sound, his body vanished, causing the players still moving towards the "!" of the old man to wonder what class Zell was as he vanished.

Edelgard's eyes spun in circles as her body flung through the air; she couldn't stop herself as the very wind began to cause pain inside her chest from the pressure; with each rotation, her eyes barely saw a group of jagged rocks, people standing around in armour with swords, she tried to make sound, but it was like her lips and lungs were a vacuum only able to suck in a breath and not speak or breath out.

'Is this the end for me!? Without ever seeing sister again?' Her thoughts were chaotic as she tightly closed her eyes, ready to face death, unaware of a man whose body was like a devilish phantom; each time, he would vanish with a deep sound, vibrating across the area, appearing 200 metres ahead.

However, his brow was wet with sweat, and after several jumps, his breath ragged, yet he continued forward as she was only a few seconds from death.

"Y-you bastard..." She finally cried out, screaming her anger towards the traitors who decided to overtake the Silvan forest without vampires; they no longer had anything to fear but the rampant undead.


A hand reached out and grabbed Edelgard's wrist, yanking her into his body, taking the brunt of the impact as they slammed against the ground, smashing into the solid rocks with jagged edges, his back torn like warm butter or silky tofu. Zell grimaced as no matter how strong his body was, the world's environment was built to be demi-god level to avoid any issues with later combat. Edelgard thought she was dead; this was the mother goddess's embrace before the next life began.

His body was warm, but his face was grey, the bluish-purple veins showing through his pale skin.

"Are you okay?" A pained and hoarse voice asked the female, with curly white hair and soft fluffy ears twitching after his lips brushed against them.

"N-no..." Edelgard replied quietly, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tried to lift herself, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

She had thought that everything was over, no longer having to fight against her kin, that the mother goddess would take her away. But the reality wasn't so sweet; the moment she spoke, her eyes opened in a flash, glistening green gemstones peering at the world, a slight daze as she felt dizzy before turning back, seeing the bloody stones, broken flesh and handsome man's face, merely inches from her nose.

"Ahh!?" She yelped, pressing against his wounded chest, where a spike had penetrated his body, almost piercing the girl if not for him holding her tightly on the opposite side.

"Hey, are you hurt? Come on, can you stand?" He gently spoke to her as if not caring about his wounds. This girl was too similar to Griselda not to be related to her, but he did not know this quest had such an event; rather, why did the other players seem to see him no longer the moment he touched her body?

Noticing her dress was torn, however, he noticed something else beneath it. A bloody wound seemed poisoned as some strange weapon or creature sliced or clawed the flesh beneath her plump bosom.

"Who did this to you?" He asked with concern as he lifted himself slowly, his wounds hurting worse than anything he had experienced in his previous life.

Her green eyes blinked before looking around at the players, who seemed to ignore them, only caring for her driver as he started giving them an envelope that should have been inside her bra, protected and addressed to her sister.

"Little lady? Are you alright?" Zell asked again, taking a deep red potion procured by Cynthia, followed by a strange purple potion that would cleanse all potions but was a sticky fluid that needed to be rubbed on the wound.

Sometimes he wished he could use healing magic; even though he knew the mana cost was far too high, he would still have preferred using it instead of this messy solution.

"Yes... Just give me a second." Edelgard answered weakly, reaching for her breast and grabbing the letter, handing it to him as she coughed, her breath becoming short. "S-sister... I... I'm sorry..."

Zell was confused as he noticed the letter was the same as the game, but rather than a blank header and address, there was a name, and it was written in gentle, feminine handwriting.

'Strange... they seem to be the same, but why are they so different?' He again looked towards the players, who repeatedly accepted the same letter. This would lead to a quest about informing the guards in the south about a problem in Silvan forest, something to do with the undead wiping out the werewolves and their princesses.


Edelgard's body fell onto Zell's chest; he placed his hand upon her forehead, feeling this girl burning up; not only was her health dropping extremely fast, but her eyes also began to close as she seemed to whisper words, and language wasn't common. Zell couldn't understand the whimpers and barking sounds.

'Fuck it! There's no time to care about permission!'


Because her dress was matted and sticky with her blood and sweat, he was forced to split the opening even wider, the modest breasts flopping down, a rocket shape with cute pink tips, swaying with a little bounce after losing the support of the dress. Zell looked for a few seconds before pouring the sticky purple slime onto his hand and mixing it, removing the chill.

"Forgive me; you look like a woman I deeply care about; I cannot let you die..."

Edelgards's body shuddered, still in a strange fever like a dream as a prince with dark hair, a black werewolf, saved her.

Despite being enemies since the dawn of time, his powerful red eyes and strong body held her tightly, healing her wounds and touching her naked flesh; the dream lasted a few minutes before falling into a deep sleep, only remembering his bronzed muscular body, perfectly shaped, black hair swaying in the wind. At the same time, his shimmering gauntlet enveloped her body, holding her tightly, making her feel secure, and his ruby-red eyes stared at her with passionate concern.

"My Ravencrest hero..." Edelgards last whisper in the Silvanwolf's tongue echoed with the wind, followed by a series of messages that Zell had ignored.

[Entering Solo Instance]


[Alternate Main Quest Accepted!]

[Nightmare Difficulty]

- Save the youngest Silvan princess (Complete)

Edelgard affection/loyalty greatly increased

Griselda's happiness greatly increased


[New Main Quest!]

[Nightmare Difficulty]

- Heal and Escort the wounded princess to the Silvan Forest

Reward: ???

Solo Quest, Assault team and Raiding party disabled.

"Well... I just had to fucking jinx it..."

He looked down at the beautiful girl in his arms, her chest now covered after using his spare jacket to cover her body and placing one of his guilds masks on her face. Too many stories about players getting attracted to NPCs and following them endlessly to force the events to make a marriage bond.

'This girl is too cute for that fate; let's take her where she needs to go; maybe when I am done, I can ask Griselda for more about her past...'

Zell tried to contact the others, be it his cute Yinfra, Tessa or Cryska and Elizabeth, who were in a different district.

"I can't contact them in the game? Can I log out?"


[Logging out will abandon the current quest and end the life of Edelgard Silvar??n instantly]


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