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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 6 Onlookers

Chapter 6 Onlookers

“This BOSS seems difficult to kill. Let’s work together and share the drops. What do you think?”

The bloody wolf was huge and strong like the rhinoceros. The name on its head was Bloody Wolf King. There were four white wolves guarding it. Besides, it was also guarded by a group of black wolves.

Xiaofeng had not studied scouting, so he did not know the rank of the Bloody Wolf King. But he thought that it was difficult to deal with, so he immediately encouraged Night Cooer to cooperate with him.

At this moment, Night Cooer was hesitating. He used scouting to see the attributes of the Bloody Wolf King and found that players who just came out of the Novice Village couldn’t deal with it. Even for him, it was still difficult to kill a white wolf guard.

However, he turned to look at Xiaofeng, and immediately made up his mind. For Xiaofeng, the white wolf guard was easy to kill but the attacks of the Bloody Wolf King may send him back to the Novice Village. Even if Xiaofeng was tough enough and could deal with the Bloody Wolf King, then he himself could complete the final blow!

Based on the decision mechanism of Creep in Myth, the reward belonged to the one who made the last blow. So he would never be at a loss in all conditions!

“What do you think? This may be the first wild BOSS in Myth, and it must drop a lot of equipment after being killed. Don’t worry! I’m the priest and we can definitely kill it by working together!”

Seeing that Night Cooer was still hesitating, Xiaofeng patted his chest and continued to say.

The eyebrows of Night Cooer were uncontrollably twitching. His eyes swept over the wooden sticks in Xiaofeng’s hand which were still dripping with the blood of wolves and he gave Xiaofeng a scornful look.

Priest? Do you think you are qualified?

However, Night Cooer also intended to shoot. He ignored Xiaofeng and walked carefully into the group of wolves, and then cleverly pulled out a white wolf guard.


Xiaofeng couldn’t help praising. He was afraid that these four white wolves might besiege them and they couldn’t focus on the Bloody Wolf King, so he encouraged Night Cooer and wanted to find a helper. But he didn’t expect this trick.

Night Cooer had pulled a white wolf guard to a remote place and killed it, and Xiaofeng followed him to gain aggro of the white wolf guards.

However, Xiaofeng did not accurately keep the distance. He pulled two white wolves guards at a time. Fortunately, the Bloody Wolf King was very majestic. There were no other black wolves and gray wolves near it except the white wolf guards. And for Xiaofeng, being attacked by two white wolf guards at the same time did not put too much pressure on him.

The white wolf guard was obviously different from the ordinary black wolf and gray wolf. The Health Point was 100 and its ability of defense and speed were also improved. Xiaofeng did not test its attacking power. But it was obvious that the white wolf guard was already the elite creep.



Xiaofeng was still good at attacking but the knocking sound of the stick was magical and Night Cooer who was not far away staggered once again.

“Hey! You killed the 6th-level elite white wolf guard and gained 42 points of experience!”

“Hey! You killed the 6th-level elite white wolf guard and gained 42 points of experience!”

Soon, the two white wolf guards were killed by Xiaofeng and it also dropped a piece of green equipment.

White wolf arm guard

Quality: excellent

Equipment type: hand

Equipment level: 5

Equipment requirement: all professions


Defence: 2-3


Agility +3

This was his first green dress, and its attribute was very good. Unfortunately, he could only equip it after upgrading by one and a half levels.

Night Cooer also killed his white wolf guards quickly. He looked at Xiaofeng who spent less time than him in killing two wolves. Then walked forward and pulled away from the last white wolf guard and left the lonely Bloody Wolf King to Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng was moved by Night Cooer’s sacrifice for others and then he also rushed to the Bloody Wolf King with a wooden stick. The knocking sound started the BOSS fight.



The huge roar of the Bloody Wolf King reverberate through the forest, and its huge body slammed into Xiaofeng with the fishy wind, and the ground seemed to be shaking when it landed.

Xiaofeng calmly retreated to avoid the attack of the Bloody Wolf King. At the same time, he looked at the Health Points on its head and he was shocked by the figure.

The Bloody Wolf King actually had 800 Health Points! It was 10 times that of a normal black wolf! And its defensive power was also high and amazing. With the high attack power of Xiaofeng, he could only cause a few points of damage!


Xiaofeng was not ready yet. The Bloody Wolf King missed and then it waved the claw once again after landing. With huge size, its range of attack was large. Despite that Xiaofeng had tried his best to avoid its attack, he was still be scratched by the wolf.


Suddenly, Xiaofeng’s Health Points went down by more than half, and he was almost seckilled!

This immediately made Xiaofeng concentrate all his attention. He clenched the wooden stick and went to the side of the Bloody Wolf King to knock him.


The damage was still very low, but he just broke its defence, which meant that he had the chance of killing it. Xiaofeng was not in a hurry. He calmly evaded the attack of the Bloody Wolf King while constantly looking for opportunities to knock back.


The Bloody Wolf King was about two thirds the height of Xiaofeng, but it was huge and it was faster. Xiaofeng was forced to dodge by him, and its attack frequency was higher than that of Xiaofeng. What’s worse, its slamming could reach a large space and Xiaofeng had to retreat. Generally speaking, it attacked twice and Xiaofeng could counterattack once.

However, no matter how high the attack frequency was, it was useless if it missed Xiaofeng. Instead, Xiaofeng had reduced its Health Points by 70 and it became more furious.

On the other side, Night Cooer, who was attacking white wolf guard gnashed his teeth in anger. He didn’t expect that even the Bloody Wolf King was no match for this guy.

However, Night Cooer was not in a hurry to kill the white wolf guard and came to help Xiaofeng. He was waiting for the Bloody Wolf King to use skills. All BOSS had skills and this one in Novice Village was no exception.


Sure enough, when Xiaofeng reduced the Health Points of the Bloody Wolf King by 100, he saw it suddenly screaming at the sky, and its body was surrounded by boiled bloody gas. Then, it immediately turned into blood, and instantly slammed into Xiaofeng.

Blood Spur!

Xiaofeng concentrated all his attention when the bloody gas was rising in the Bloody Wolf King. He avoided the sprint and he barely escaped with his life. After this, even his head had a cold sweat.

“Hurry up, the sound is coming from this direction!”

“Be careful, here is the 6th level creep district and don’t gain aggro of it.”

A noise of feet approached from the periphery of the forest, and then Xiaofeng saw the figures of several players. They seemed to be attracted by the roar of the Bloody Wolf King.

“My God! It’s BOSS! Someone is attacking BOSS!”

“Send a message to our leader!”

“Am I mistaken? A person wearing a novice suit is attacking the BOSS by himself?”

Several players immediately found the huge Bloody Wolf King, and exclaimed. Someone sent the message quickly.

Night Cooer who was not far away frowned. He didn’t expect the Bloody Wolf King attracted other players, which was not good.

After killing the white wolf guard, Night Cooer rushed toward the Bloody Wolf King immediately. He estimated that it was no match for Xiaofeng. Xiaofeng was more powerful than he thought, so he decided to kill the Bloody Wolf King before the arrival of a large number of players.

The reward for the first killing of the wild BOSS in Myth was really attractive.



Night Cooer’s damage was not high, but the damage made by both of them was totally enough. The hatred of the Bloody Wolf King was all in Xiaofeng, so Night Cooer could make DPS boldly if he was careful. His agility was higher than Xiaofeng, besides, he didn’t have to avoid the attack of the Bloody Wolf King at any time, so his DPS frequency was higher than that of Xiaofeng.

“Where is BOSS? Is it in this direction?”

“Boss in the Novice Village! This may be the first wild BOSS of Myth! We War Spirit must get it!”

“Hurry up! Be careful not to gain aggro of the little monster! If you gain the aggro, let’s solve them together rapidly! Don’t get dragged!”

“Hurry up! The BOSS is here!”

But the speed of Xiaofeng and Night Cooer who were reducing the Health Points of the wolf was still lower than that of other players who were rushing toward them. After all, the attack of the Bloody Wolf King was dangerous and they did not dare to buff the DPS with all their strength. They also needed to pay attention and avoid skills.

In addition, the players who were killing creeps and leveling up had reached level 2 or level 3 and the refreshing points were also pushed nearby, so when the Health Points of the Bloody Wolf King fell to 600, a large number of players already arrived at the forest periphery.

“It’s actually BOSS! But why there are only two players attacking it?”

The first batch of players obviously belonged to the same force. Their name was preceded by a unified “War Spirit” prefix. The leading young man was called War Spirit Knife. He noticed the Bloody Wolf King, Xiaofeng and Night Cooer and his face darkened.

“They are masters! No wonder they dare to attack BOSS by two of them!”

“Bro Knife, do we grab it?”

There were more than a dozen players following him, and some people couldn’t wait to ask questions.

“Don’t hurry. Let’s wait and see.”

War Spirit Knife shook his head and resisted the impulse. On the one hand, the Bloody Wolf King still had many Health Point. With few people, he wasn’t sure that he could kill it. On the other hand, the players who were present belonged to various forces.

“Hey! BOSS! 6th level Bloody Wolf King? This is a piece of breaking news. It’s surprising that some players are killing BOSS!”

After he said, more than twenty players who were from the same force arrived. Their names were prefixed with Doomsday, and the leading Doomsday Law God looked at War Spirit Knife frivolously.

“Hey! Bro Knife from the War Spirit Hall! Do you want this BOSS? Just grab it! Are you afraid of killing BOSS?”

“Bro Law God, don’t be kidding. The two masters had found the Bloody Wolf King earlier. Our chairman often warned us not to make enemies with masters and we don’t grab the BOSS of other players.”

War Spirit Knife gave him a fake smile and said. Do you want me to take the lead? No way!

Doomsday Law God snorted and did not pay attention to War Spirit Knife any more. In this Novice Village, Doomsday League had more players than War Spirit Hall, so he wanted to have an edge on War Spirit Knife. But he could do nothing else since War Spirit Knife mentioned their chairman.

Rustling sound.

“It’s here. Hurry up.”

“Who attracted the wild wolf? Let’s kill it quickly and don’t waste time.”

When they talked, more and more players entered the periphery of the forest. There were already hundreds of people here and more players were coming. It seemed that the news of the Bloody Wolf King was abroad in Novice Village in a very short period of time.

Hundreds of players surrounded half of the forest. They were all dressed in ragged clothes, which were the low-level equipment of the whiteboard. But there were wild monsters of more than the 5th-level and players who came here must have some strength. At least, no one was wearing the novice suit.

And these hundreds of people were also divided into different camps. Groups which had a large number of players belonged to guilds, like the War Spirit Hall and the Doomsday League. Moreover, there were also small teams consisting of two or three players. Creeps above level 5 were active and aggressive and players who just came out of the Novice Village didn’t dare to attack them without forming a team.

“6th level BOSS Bloody Wolf King! My God, 800 Health Point! Its attack was over 60 points! So terrifying!”

“They’ve already reduced 25 percent of the Health Points! Are there only two of them attacking?”

“Oh my God! They are awesome! They can attack the Bloody Wolf King without the help of other players!”

“Who are they? Are they masters in the Hall of Fame? They can resist the attacks of the BOSS! If we fight with the Bloody Wolf King, we would have died.”

“Look at their positions, the Bloody Wolf King did not attack them, and their attack power is too high! The Health Point was reduced quickly and they can definitely kill it!”

“Gee, am I mistaken? The player who was knocking BOSS with a stick was a priest!”

“Gee. You are right! Why does a healer fight with BOSS so closely?”

“And his attack power is higher than that of the assassin! Wait! Is he wearing a novice suit?”

“Oh my God... Does he add all the points to the strength?”

“What? A healer with all his attributes added to the strength? It’s ridiculous!”

“Look at his name. He’s really ridiculous...”


Hundreds of players were talking, but their attention was quickly attracted by the BOSS battle. They were all concerned about the Bloody Wolf King which may be killed, and two players who dared to challenge BOSS.

Then more people looked at Xiaofeng, who was wearing a novice cloth gown and holding a wooden stick. All the players froze when they saw the eye-catching Dad in his head.

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