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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 5 Bang Bang Bang

Chapter 5 Bang Bang Bang


The gray wolf mourned and its Health Point was emptied. It died and fell down unwillingly. From the beginning to the end, it only attacked Xiaofeng once when he was careless, and the rest of the attacks were avoided by him.

“Hey! You’ve killed the 5th-level wild wolf and gained 50 points of experience!”

With the pleasant system sound, Xiaofeng’s experience rose by half. After all, Xiaofeng was still level 0 and this meant that he jumped 5 levels and killed the monster.

“The experience is not bad, but the gray wolf is too poor and only drops a few copper coins.”

Xiaofeng picked the copper coins dropped by the wolf with dislike and he found nothing else. It was only several cents if calculated based on the exchange rate in the game.

Xiaofeng shook his head and looked for the next gray wolf. For its Health Point, he could knock it down with a stick in less than 10 times, and the high experience was very suitable for him to upgrade. He only needed to pay attention and avoid being hit by the gray wolf, which was easy for him.

Xiaofeng had the high level ability of attack, defense and agility brought by the full basic attributes. In addition, he could easily dodge the attack of the gray wolf. So he was able to level up here.

If someone else did it, maybe they didn’t even have the ability to attack the gray wolf. What’s worse, they may be sent back to the bind by several attacks of the wolf.

Besides, maybe he was the first priest who added all the free attributes to his strength.

“Hey! You’ve killed the 5th-level grey wolf and gained 50 points of experience!”

“Hey! Congratulations! You’ve reached level 1, and gotten 1 free attribute point to allot.”

Soon, the second gray wolf was also knocked to death by Xiaofeng. He leveled up with the faint white light. And this gray wolf dropped a piece of equipment.

Wolf fur armor

Equipment type: jacket

Equipment grade: ordinary

Equipment level: 5

Equipment requirement: all professions


Defence: 1-2

Agility +2

Although it was a whiteboard, it was much better than a novice cloth gown. However, he could only equip it when he reached level 5. Xiaofeng picked it up with satisfaction.

At the same time, he looked at his attributes after leveling up. The attribute points in Myth was very important because each time the player leveled up, their 5 basic attributes would increase by 1 point and they would get 1 free attribute point.

Health Point and defense would only increase with the improvement of the constitution, and would not increase with their leveling up.

That was to say, the 1 point free attribute point obtained after leveling up was particularly important. Xiaofeng looked at it with struggle and then he checked the introduction of the attributes.

Strength: With 1 point, ATN increases by 1 point

Constitution: with 1 point, the upper limit of Health Points increase by 2 points and defence increases by 0.5 points

Agility: with 1 point, the transitional speed, the speed of shots, crit rate and dodge chance will increase.

Strength: With 1 point, INT increases by 1 point

Spirit: with 1 point, the upper limit of Mana Point increases by 2 points and the speed of mana regeneration increases by 0.5 points

“Alright, add it to the strength. It can help me upgrade more quickly in the earlier stage.”

Because it was the first time for him to play online games, and he didn’t know much about this profession. He was not sure how to choose the attributes. But he didn’t want to think about it and decided to add it to strength. In this way, the damage was higher, and he could level up faster in the earlier stage. Then he continued to find the gray wolf to upgrade.

He glanced at his experience and found that the upgrade experience of level 1 was actually 10 times that of level 0. He was shocked and realized that the fast leveling of level 1 was just a boon to novice players.


After half an hour, Xiaofeng reached level 3. He still added all his attribute points to his strength. Although he still wore the novice suit, his ATN reached 20 points which were terrifying. He could knock the gray wolf to death by hitting three or four times. And he also found that there was the chance of crit when knocking them on the head, so he killed them more quickly.

However, the experience of the gray wolf was not enough for him, so he was going to the depths of the forest while killing the monster. And when he picked up the copper coin dropped by a gray wolf, the rustling footsteps came from behind him.

Someone was coming. And there would be other players in this leveling point.

Xiaofeng turned his head and saw that there was only one person who entered the forest from the other direction. He also went forward while killing the wolf, which was the same as Xiaofeng.

This player should be an assassin and the character name on the head was Night Cooer. He was short and thin, holding a small iron knife in his hand. What he wore was not the novice cloth gown but the night clothes of ancient Chinese killer. His whole body was covered in black and only his eyes were exposed.

Xiaofeng paid more attention to him. This was not because of the skills displayed by him. Both Night Cooer and Xiaofeng could kill the monsters without being hurt and both of them could escape the attacks of the gray wolf. It was not surprising that they could arrive here alone.

What really attracted Xiaofeng was his equipment. His night cloth an iron weapon were much better than the novice cloth gown and the wooden stick of Xiaofeng. So Xiaofeng looked him with envy.


“-8! -9!”

Night Cooer attacked the gray wolf with his knives and avoided its counterattack. His attacking ability was not as good as Xiaofeng. It seemed that he added part of his attribute points to agility.

Night Cooer also noticed Xiaofeng. But he only glanced over him and then continued to focus on the gray wolf. Xiaofeng was wearing the novice suit and he regarded him as a lost newbie.


A gray wolf just spawned between Xiaofeng and Night Cooer. Night Cooer decisively took a step back, away from the gray wolf’s hatred range, and the gray wolf looked around and then rushed over to Xiaofeng, who was closer.

Night Cooer didn’t leave after giving the gray wolf’s hatred to Xiaofeng. Instead, he clenched the knife and followed the gray wolf. It seemed that he wanted to kill the wolf after Xiaofeng was killed by it.

“Thanks, dude. But you don’t need to give it to me. The creeps here are enough for us to attack.”

However, Xiaofeng didn’t notice anything wrong. He thought that Night Cooer was giving creep to him. He thanked Night Cooer friendly. Then he picked up the wooden stick and hit the gray wolf heavily on its head.


“-42! Crit!”

Along with the muffled sound of the stick, a scarlet number appeared on the gray wolf’s head and its Health Points was reduced by more than 50 percent.


Night Cooer staggered and was stunned after watching Xiaofeng knocking the gray wolf to death by using sticks. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

Then he looked at Xiaofeng more carefully and paid more attention to his striking name. Then he turned around and killed the wolf in places far away from here.

Xiaofeng was not embarrassed despite that Night Cooer was reluctant to talk to him. He picked up his wooden stick and moved slowly into the forest while killing creeps.

“Bang bang bang...”

The consecutive knocking sound seemed to be magical and made the agile body of Night Cooer become stiffened for several times. He was almost sent back to the Novice Village by the gray wolf, and he turned around and stared at Xiaofeng angrily.

However, Xiaofeng who was knocking the gray wolf happily did not pay any attention. Instead, under his great efficiency, all the nearby gray wolves were almost killed by him, and they had to move forward.

At this point, they had entered the periphery of the forest. The surrounding creeps also changed from gray wolves to more powerful black wolves. Their level should be higher and Xiaofeng could not kill them so easily.

Night Cooer was more distressed. Because all the gray wolves had been killed by Xiaofeng, he had to move forward with Xiaofeng and tried to kill the black wolf. However, his ability to attack was low and the damages were very limited. It took so long for him to kill one black wolf and their efficiency was reduced.

Looking at Xiaofeng who had rushed into the black wolves, Night Cooer was angry and stopped killing creeps and walked toward the black wolves. After a while, he led seven or eight black wolves and walked straight to Xiaofeng.

“Dude, you didn’t need to find creeps for me! They are enough here! Or we can form a team and kill them together”

Night Cooer was skillful with his blocking and left all the hatred of the black wolves to Xiaofeng and then turned around and left.

Xiaofeng was moved, and he sent a team application to Night Cooer. However, Night Cooer ignored him. He just stood in the distance watching Xiaofeng besieged by eight black wolves with satisfaction.

Xiaofeng thought that this thin and short assassin was too kind to him, and he wanted to catch up with him and make friends. But the eight black wolves had come and he couldn’t ignore his kindness. He had to kill these wolves at first.


The eight black wolves rushed to Xiaofeng in all directions at the same time.

The black wolf was one level higher than the gray wolf. When they bit Xiaofeng, he would lose 20 points of health. That was to say, if Xiaofeng were hit by four wolves at the same time, he might be sent back to the Novice Village. At this moment, eight wolves were rushing toward him simultaneously, which was very dangerous.

However, Xiaofeng was not flustered at all. His eyes were calm and he escaped the attacks from eight directions by his relaxed blocking. Then he easily walked between the eight black wolves, while picking up the stick and knocking the wolves cheerfully.

“Bang bang bang...”

Night Cooer was covered in black, and only his eyes were exposed. At first, he looked at Xiaofeng being surrounded by wolves happily. But then he came angrier when he found that Xiaofeng killed all the eight black wolves.

It was very difficult for him to deal with two black wolves at the same time. Four wolves would definitely kill him, let alone eight wolves at the same time. Was this player with newbie suit a master?

He was the top 100 players in the Hall of Fame. He was also familiar with the other top players, but he couldn’t match this man with any one of them. It seemed that this person was not young. Was he one of the old masters?

Night Cooer didn’t know the detailed information of Xiaofeng. He turned and walked away. He also knew that it would be boring for him to stay here, but he was stunned after turning around. He stared at the thing standing in front of him.

There was an oversized bloody wolf, and there were four white wolves guarding it. Wherever they went, the black wolves retreated.

Is this the Boss?

Night Cooer immediately grasped the knife in his hand, and carefully glanced behind him. He didn’t know whether the bad guy had noticed him or not.

“Ha! Is this the boss? You take the creeps away because you find this big guy, right?”

However, to his disappointment, Xiaofeng stood silently beside him, looking excitedly at the bloody wolf BOSS in the group wolves and he seemed to want to have a try.

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