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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 409 Xiaoxue

Chapter 409 Xiaoxue

Xiaoxue, who was in Faerie-level, had high property now. Her skill had also undergone a significant upgrade. No wonder Xiao Feng had over 100 properties without equipment. It turned out that Xiaoxue’s skill helped him to improve 72 points. According to the amazing addition, Xiaoxue deserved to be a Faerie-level Pet.

In addition, Xiaoxue also had a new skill, Hurricane Rush, which actually had the effect of damage and control. This was a magical skill because in the setting of Pet and Mount, only Pet had the function of assisting combat. Mount could only be used to be a mean of transport. As a result, at Faerie level, Xiaoxue had broken this setting and also had combat capabilities as a mount.

Of course, the strongest aspect of Xiaoxue was speed. She had improved her grade to Faerie-level and her Transitional speed had reached an outrageous point. Although the speed would be much lower than being on the ground when flying, Xiao Feng still could only feel the sharp wind beside his ears and the scenery on the ground was receding at a rapid speed. Within a few minutes, they had traversed half of the Forest of Night.

“Haven’t you found him yet?”

At an entrance to the Forest of Night, Satan frowned and asked. This was the largest map entrance to Forest of Night. The one guarded here was an entire elite group of Empire of the Galaldur. And, it was led by Satan, the president of this guild.

A large group of players blocked the entrance tightly and closely. Li Xianyun was also in the crowd. Looking at Forest of Night, her eyes were slightly complicated.

“We found his trace half an hour ago. But the players were all killed by him. When the players around came over, he had disappeared again,” A member of Empire of the Galaldur reported.

“Idiots! Don’t they know he is the first person of Huaxia District! How can they beat him! Can’t they track him far away? Why did they have to trigger the fight! Idiots! Now, we have to find him all over!” Satan roared. Of course, he didn’t know those several players did as he wished, but unfortunately, they still couldn’t run away.

“He must have entered the center of the Forest of Night. Haven’t our people been in there yet?” Satan asked another player, who was the commander of the elite group present.

“We have been in the center of Forest of Night. We found there is a 50-level Golden BOSS. But we haven’t found his trace,” The player who was reporting said nervously.

“What! Leave the BOSS aside. Are you sure you haven’t found him in the center? Haven’t you searched this map all over?” The commander was startled, while Satan looked over suspiciously.

“Yes...” The reported player was sweating nervously because they had searched the entire map. But apart from the encounter half an hour ago, they could no longer find him.

“How is it possible?!” When the commander was about to say something, he was interrupted by another player who came to report.

“President and commander! There is urgent latest news!” A player rushed out of the entrance of Forest of Night and shouted.

“Have you found the first person of Huaxia District?” Satan immediately cheered up and asked.

“No, we found a hidden map!” The player answered.

“Hidden map? Haha! No wonder we can’t find him after searching through the entire Forest of Night! He must have hidden in that hidden map! Hurry up! Send more people immediately! Get close to the hidden map!” Satan laughed.


“Have our masters in Hangul District come? Have you informed them?” Satan asked again.

“Yes. They are already on the way and are coming to Forest of Night. But we can’t get in touch with Master Kim Jonghan.”

“You can’t get in touch with Kim Jonghan? Oh, forget that. Only if other masters of the List of capabilities get there, with the assistance of us, the first person of Huaxia District is unable to escape today!” Satan said viciously.

However, as soon as he spat out the words, “unable to escape today” the sharp wind over his head came suddenly. The dead leaves at the entrance of Forest of Night were blown up. The strong hurricane sandwiched the dead leaves, causing Satan and Li Xianyun to cover their eyes subconsciously.

“What’s going on? How can there be such a strong wind!”

“What’s that?”

“Too fast! I can’t see clearly!”

“Look at the sky!”

“Oh, my gosh. That’s Tenma!”

“No! That’s Holy Light Unicorn! It’s the No. 1 Faerie mount of mount ranking in the server!”

“Oh, sh*t!”


A chaotic shouting rang around. Just like others, Satan and Li Xianyun immediately looked up, and then became dull.

They saw over the Forest of Night, something was like a hurricane, passing by horizontally. The dead leaves were blown up and formed a long dragon. In the forefront of the hurricane, a tall and mighty white shadow flashed by and disappeared with only the storm that triggered by it behind.

That was a Holy Light Unicorn, a Faerie mount ranked first of mount ranking in the server!

There was a person sitting on the back of Holy Light Unicorn, whom they were familiar with. He was the goal of their Gangbang Kill this time. And he was also the player who owned the Holy Light Unicorn, the first person in Huaxia District, Master Healer!

“Pre...president...” The player who came to report stuttered, watching Satan and not knowing what to say.

Satan was also in a daze. In order to gank this first person in Huaxia District, they had set out the whole Hangul District. Hangul players in this advanced map, Forest of Night, had already been over tens of millions. Besides, there were a group of hardcore players of Hangul District on the way urgently.

However, just after he had just said that the first person in the Huaxia District could not escape, in a blink of an eye, the target of their gank flew out on the Faerie mount, whose speed was as fast as the light, and he even could not react at all. It took less than a few seconds to break through the encirclement formed by tens of millions of Hangul players!

But when Satan was in a daze, the Holy Light Unicorn, who had already flown away, actually turned around and flew back, and the destination was them.


The huge wind pressure caused Satan and the people around him to be pushed away involuntarily. The dead leaves and dust were rolled up, and the snowy and mighty Holy Light Unicorn landed among them.

“Oh, excuse me. Could you please tell me what’s the name of your imperial city?” Xiao Feng sitting on Xiaoxue’s back reached out and touched the soft mane on Xiaoxue’s head. He asked Li Xianyun. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

Originally, Xiao Feng had already left Forest of Night, but he realized that he didn’t know the location of the imperial city of Hangul District, because only imperial city had arena.

He saw an acquaintance below just in time, so he turned around to ask.

As for the large number of players who came to gank Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng never took them seriously. Because Lance Longinus was in cooldown, it would be troublesome to be entangled by them.

Now that Xiaoxue could be summoned, he could ignore them directly. With the speed of Xiaoxue, no one could keep Xiao Feng if he wanted to go.

“Shou’er City...”

Li Xianyun was still in a daze. Hearing his words, she answered subconsciously.


Xiao Feng nodded and patted Xiaoxue’s neck. Immediately, Xiaoxue stretched her wings again, vibrated and flew into the sky.


“Quick! Attack him! Attack the Holy Light Unicorn with the control skill! Beat him down!”

At this time, Satan reacted as if awaking from a dream and then ordered madly and loudly.

The Hangul players who were densely guarding this entrance all around immediately fought back. Countless skills were thrown at Xiaoxue who was in the sky.

But it was too late. Only a blink of an eye, Xiaoxue had been 100 meters away, leaving the sharp sound of wind echoed in everyone’s ears.

Moreover, Xiaoxue’s talent ignored control skills and negative skills. Vertigo and deceleration were useless to her and couldn’t shoot down Xiaoxue or Xiao Feng.

This time, Xiaoxue didn’t stay any more. She opened the Wind Spirit to increase the speed. The air seemed to be torn up. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in the distance.


All the Hangul players at the entrance of Forest of Night were silent, watching the white shadow going far away from the sky and being unable to say a word.

They made much ado and sent out tens of millions of players to gank. But the one they ganked just left freely without even giving them a glance, as if he never took them seriously.

Li Xianyun moved her lips but couldn’t say anything. Was this the first person in Huaxia District? Was this the person that could dominate among more than 1 billion players in Huaxia District? Even if he hadn’t logged in for one month, and in the condition that his level and equipment were both far behind, he could still defy the millions and millions players!

“Pre...president... It occurs to me that...that first person in Huaxia District owns the first mount of mount ranking in the server and the first pet of pet list in the server... And his pet is in mythical level, who seckilled hundreds of thousands of players in Huaxia District with one skill! Fortunately, he left with only his mount. If he had summoned his pet, we might have been killed now...” That commander suddenly reacted and said.

“F**k off!”

Satan kicked him off with anger. He felt the flames of fury were burning him inside.

“Notify the whole Hangul District! Put him in the public enemy of the whole district! Kill him unscrupulously! Never let him continue to be arrogant in our Hangul District! Does he regard our theater as a playground?!”


The commander who was kicked dared not to speak, but had to respond. Although he wanted to remind that with the property of Faerie mount, even if the entire Hangul District went to gank Xiao Feng, it would be useless. However, he dared not to speak any more at this moment.

“Xianyun! What’s wrong with you? Why did you tell him the name of imperial city when he asked you? What if he has a conspiracy against our imperial city?” Satan then turned to Li Xianyun and queried.

“Do you think that he can’t find the name of our imperial city in Hangul District online?” Li Xianyun told Xiao Feng subconsciously, and she was not intentional. At the moment, she was questioned by Satan which made her unhappy. She was not a subordinate of Satan like that commander. With that, she turned directly and left.

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