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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 3 Myth

Chapter 3 Myth

“Myth will officially open service at 12 o’clock tonight! I believe that countless players all over the world are looking forward to playing it! Today we have the honor to invite the editor of this game, Xia He, to give you a public interview for this game. Hello teacher Xia!”

“Hello host, hello to the players who love Myth across the world!”

The interview was being played on the TV. The one being interviewed was a Chinese man with gray hair. He looked very spiritual.

“Mr. Xia, as the chief designer, how do you view the sensation caused by Myth? The global players are looking forward to it and the United Nations also publicly issued a statement to fully support the promotion and popularization of Myth around the world.”

“This is a simple question. As we all know, nowadays, our resources are becoming scarcer and the population is growing. Therefore, the living environment is constantly being compressed. In order to reduce the excess resource consumption of human beings, we have to take these historic measures. It is the conception of the second world.”

“And after so many years of efforts made by various countries, we find that the most effective way is an online game. It can almost let the player reach a state of suspended animation. From the perspective of energy consumption and space utilization, it is the most ideal measure to reduce human activities.”

“So, as the epoch-making second world of human, Myth was born under the joint efforts of all countries!”

“It can be said that Myth bears the epoch-making task. Whether the contradiction transfer, economic transfer, or resources transfer, it has the ability to change the world!”

“In fact, many years ago, different countries have already attached importance to the virtual world of online games. Do you remember the global competitive games that once flourished?”

The Chinese old man was energetic and became more and more excited and then he asked the host.

“Of course. Many years ago, competitive games have overtaken the Olympics and become a symbol of the country’s strength, especially the global finals five years ago. It seems that I can still remember every detail of it! I believe that every Chinese will never forget that! That battle has influenced China for five years!

The host was lost in memories and said without hesitation.

“Yes, five years ago, a rare vein was discovered in the Antarctic. All countries were extremely lacking resources and almost launched a war to snatch it. Unfortunately, no country can afford the economic pressure to wage war.”

The old man threw a blockbuster, which was actually not a secret.

“So at that time, after discussion by various countries, they decided to make the resource allocation of the Antarctic vein through various events. Is that global competition one of them?”

Obviously, the host was also an insider.

“Yes, but very few people know that the world’s e-sports account for the largest proportion. On behalf of their own countries, numerous teams tried their best to defeat others!”

The old man lamented, and then his face showed pride.

“But our Chinese team won the finals. They were a group of children, but they carried the hope of the whole country. This honor belongs to the Chinese team and belongs to them.”

“Yes, I’m especially impressed by the captain of the Chinese team. In the final, with the hero named after him, Alleria achieved the Penta kill all by himself, which shocked the world. And he also became the focus of the whole country and got a lot of honor. Even I want to ask for his signature, but unfortunately, he disappeared after the finals.” The host said with aspiration.

“Yeah, I don’t know why the child suddenly disappeared. He may not know what it meant to lead the Chinese team to win the championship. China is overpopulated, even if we got the runner-up, the mineral resources allocated to us would not be enough to support such a big country, and the economy would go backward. But he did it! The resource brought by the champion not only solved the survival needs of countless Chinese people in the past five years but also achieved the steady development of the national economy! It is not an exaggeration to say that he is a hero of the country!”

The old man still wandering in the past, but fortunately, the host realized that this was a talk show, and quickly interrupted.

“So Mr. Xia, we already know the reason for the sensation caused by Myth, let’s talk about the gameplay of it. I don’t know whether you can disclose some information?”

“Of course! Myth will start the open beta tonight and these are not secrets. There is also an expansion pack on our official website. Let’s first talk about the server system of Myth!”

“It adopts the model of single server and this is the first time in history! This means we can provide a unified online server for players all over the world! There is no longer the division of districts, but only a unified district. The game will separate players from all countries to different battle fields according to their nationality. There are Huaxia District, Dongying District and so on!”

“Is there any server in the world can deal with such huge data processing?”

The host asked once again.

“This is what I want to say. Myth has created two epoch-making milestones. In addition to itself, the other is its server. You must be familiar with its name: Noah!”

“The world’s first artificial intelligence that can grow and learn?”

The host exclaimed.

“Yes, after so many years of growth, Noah’s ability is beyond human imagination. It is easy for him to deal with the second world of Myth alone. Of course, I can’t say more about this topic. Let’s talk about the multi-racial and multi-professional gameplay. It has NPC with an independent personality and completely autonomous game content...”

He had to admit that the promotion was very successful. Combined with the vivid game scenes and dynamic music, Xiaofeng was attracted and immediately took the bag beside him.

The bag given by Sister Hong was not small. There was a square package inside. It had the propaganda mark of Myth. Xiaofeng quickly opened it. It was like a helmet of the motorcycle racer, but there was no foreground window. It was completely enclosed and had only two venting holes.

The helmet was blue and had a data cable access port on the side. Xiaofeng looked at the manual. As long as you accessed the network port, it would work. Fortunately, although the apartment building was old, it still had the network port.

“Wow! Is this the game helmet? When did you buy it? Let me try it first!”

Xiao Ling, who was still watching propaganda animation on the noticed Xiaofeng’s hand. First, she slammed his eyes. After confirming that she was not mistaken, she immediately rushed over and grabbed it.

She urged Xiaofeng to quickly complete the connection. Xiao Ling couldn’t wait to put the game helmet on her head, but she took it off in less than two minutes.

“Damn! Minors Protection Treaty! I can’t log in with my identity information!”

Xiaofeng laughed, took the helmet from the unhappy girl, then leaned on the sofa and put it on.

The interior of the dark helmet suddenly lit up. Xiaofeng was surprised to find that he was already in a palace, and it seemed that he had entered another space!

“We are scanning identification information...Chinese citizen Zhang Xiaofeng! ID: xxxxxxx! Do you want to log in Myth?”

An electronic sound rang in the hall, and Xiaofeng naturally chose “Yes”.


The snoring of a dragon opened the prelude to the war. Xiaofeng found that he was on a huge battlefield. A group of dragons roared in the sky, but in the ground, there was an army composed of orc, dwarf, human and elves. They rushed forward with the sound of shouting. There were several striking light groups above the army. The name “God” emerged in his mind when Xiaofeng saw them. Xiaofeng was drowned in the incomparable battlefield. When he realized, he found himself in another magnificent hall!

“You’ve logged in successfully! Welcome to the Myth world! It is detected that you haven’t created a character, do you want to create a game character first?”

A pleasing female voice suddenly appeared in the hall, although there were synthetic fluctuations in her voice, it was more lovely than the electronic sound.


After Xiaofeng finished, the hall changed again. Many models based on his looks appeared around him, like the elves with pointed ears and orcs with long ears, and he was shocked.

“Please choose the race. In Huaxia District, you can choose human, elves, orcs, dwarfs... Different races have different racial talents. Human’s hidden attribute Savvy+1, elf’s hidden attribute Charisma +1, Orc gets one point free attribute once they upgrade...”

The lovely female voice continued while Xiaofeng asked suddenly, “This game has hidden attributes?”

“Yes, there are three hidden attributes in Myth. Savvy influences the learning of skills and upgrading, Charisma influences NPC’s impression, Luckiness influences drops and special events.”

Although there was relevant information in the official website and Xiaofeng did not look at it carefully, the lovely female voice explained to him with patience.

“I choose human.”

Xiaofeng was surprised. Although the attribute points in Myth were very important and the extra attribute points of the orc family were attractive, the image of the animal with the tail and ear of the beast made him feel disgusting.

“You’ve chosen the human race, then you can choose to fine-tune the character, including the height and appearance, but the range of increase or decrease must be kept within ten percent!”

Another Xiaofeng wearing leather appeared in front of him. He was good-looking as Xiaofeng and it seemed that he had huge explosive force in his slim body.

“Increase the age by 10 percent, and increase the body shape by 10 percent. No, not the height, change the width. That’s right.”

Xiaofeng thought for a while and his face showed a poor taste. Suddenly, the man in front him became rough and older. Xiaofeng looked at it and then nodded with satisfaction.

“Next, please choose the profession! The initial professions that can be selected here are warriors, archers, mages, thieves and priest...!”

The characters suddenly replicated and lined up in a row in front of Xiaofeng. They had different poses, some holding the shield and sword, some holding the arrow, and some holding a dagger or the wand.

Xiaofeng’s eyes contracted slightly and he looked at the man holding daggers in front of him with complicated expressions. He moved his eyes and finally looked at the character with a wand.

“I choose the priest.” Xiaofeng signed in a very small voice.

“You’ve chosen the race and profession, please name your character!”

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