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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 25 System Tips Bombing

Chapter 25 System Tips Bombing

“Wait! You have to think clearly! Do you know what will happen if you make an enemy of the Doomsday League? Even if you are strong, compared with us, you are just like a grasshopper that can easily be killed! Besides, you are just a priest! You can’t stay in this world if you offend us!”

Doomsday Law God kept retreating, his head was sweaty, and his eyes were full of panic, but he still threatened Xiaofeng coldly. In his opinion, despite that Xiaofeng could kill dozens of players, he was still no match for the Doomsday League, which had tens of thousands of players.

What’s more, Xiaofeng was just a priest. Strong loose players could indeed make trouble for a major guild, but obviously, the priest was not one of them.

“Make an enemy of the Doomsday League? It seems like an interesting game.”

Xiaofeng smiled and waved his wolf-bone staff and knocked down on the head of Doomsday Law God.

“-112! Crit!”

Doomsday Law God was undoubtedly seckilled. His body flew out, but he did not disappear immediately, instead, he continued to talk coldly.

“You are gonna be chased and killed by the Doomsday League! There is no place for you in the world of Myth!”

“Come on! Let’s avenge our leader’s death!”

Doomsday Law God was killed in a second and the other players were panicked. They looked at each other, summoned up courage and rushed toward Xiaofeng. Luckily, their experience would not be reduced if they died in the Novice Village.

Of course, the result was doomed.

In less than a minute, the entrance of the Novice Village was full of dead bodies, and only Xiaofeng was standing still.

There were a few pieces of whiteboard equipment dropped by them on the ground. Xiaofeng ignored them and walked away while other players looked at him with fear.

Soon, a posting titled “A Mysterious Master in the 9191 Novice Village Killed 30 Players of the Doomsday League” appeared in the official forum.

Although the posting triggered widespread discussion, most of the players who replied did not believe it and thought that the person who posted the posting was just exaggerating. After all, in the novice stage, everyone’s attributes were similar. Without absolute equipment suppression, it was impossible to fight with a group of players alone.

Soon the posting was drowned out by other exchange information.

At this time, Xiaofeng had already arrived in the depths of the forest. In front of him was the territory of the 9th-level creep bloodthirsty ape. If he went forward, he would arrive at the place where he had met the naughty boy Xiao Ma for the first time. Suddenly, he heard the system information.

“Hey! Friend Night Cooer is calling you, do you accept?”

“What do you want?”

Xiaofeng was killing the bloodthirsty apes that were attracted by him. These agile monkeys all appeared in groups, causing great trouble for Xiaofeng who had no attack skills.

“I heard that you had made an enemy of the Doomsday League?”

Night Cooer’s voice came from the other end of the phone, and it seemed that she was gloating.

“Well, you are well-informed.”

Xiaofeng could only use the ordinary attack and kill the apes one by one. At the same time, he also needed to avoid counterattacks.

“One player in our Novice Village fought against 30 people and killed all of them. Besides, he’s also a priest. It must be you. How could you confront the Doomsday League? They are all bad guys.”

“Yes, I confront them, so what?”

Xiaofeng didn’t care about it and he continued to move forward after killing several apes.

“Hey, stop playing dumb with me! In recent years, online games have developed rapidly, and the major forces in the game world have become famous. For example, the Doomsday League is one of the top 50 guilds in the Huaxia District! They had more than 300,000 core players! This figure will multiply if you add the resident players and peripheral members in! Are you afraid?”

“Oh, it seems amazing.”

Xiaofeng still spoke in a calm tone. It sounded awesome to have hundreds of thousands of players, but they still could not be listed in the top 50 guilds in the Huaxia District, which had billions of players.

It showed that the real guilds and powers were spectacular organizations.

“Hey, are you afraid? Would you like me to help you settle this? I promise that the Doomsday League will never bother you.”

“Why are you so kind?” Xiaofeng asked strangely.

“Of course it won’t be that simple. My condition is that you must join our Midsummer Guild. Our ranking is higher than the Doomsday League. As long as you join us, they dare not give you any trouble.”

Xiaofeng knew that Night Cooer would not talk to him for no reason. Of course, she had ulterior motives.

“Well, I refuse. I’m used to being alone.”

“Hey! I am not just kidding. The Doomsday League is really a big force. You can’t go against them by yourself! Only the Midsummer Guild can give you a shelter, and my cousin has promised me to give you a management position as long as you join us. The benefits are good!”

“Well, thank you.”

Xiaofeng was not impressed by the welfare or the benefits. He hung up the call directly and looked ahead.

The game world is my home field! And I’m the God in my home field!


This was where Xiaofeng had met Xiao Ma. He didn’t move forward at that time, but he thought that the destination was right ahead.

The environment at this moment was very dark. There was no light coming through the forest, and even the surrounding trees and plants became lacquered black, and the air was also filled with a rancid smell.

The creaking sound.

Xiaofeng stepped on the decomposed and fragile leaves and branches. The vivid and horrible environment did not make him scared and he was still calm. He was surprised only because he walked out of the forest.

Xiaofeng stood at the end of the forest and then stepped out of it. Without the tall trunks, he could see the slight light, but it was still dark around.

It was swamp. The rancid smell that Xiaofeng had smelled before was exuded by this black swamp, and it became more intense than before.

“Hey! You’ve found the poisonous swamp.”

Xiaofeng didn’t know the depth of the swamp, so he didn’t dare to step on it. Looking around, he found a tree bridge made up of several large tree trunks that led to the depths of the swamp.

These trunks were relatively rotten and it seemed dangerous to step on. However, Xiaofeng had no other choice but to set foot on it.

The trunk was thick and half of it sank inside the mud, but it was very stable. When Xiaofeng just stepped on it, he heard a reminder.

“Hey! You’ve affected by the poison of the poisonous swamp and you’ll lose one Health Point per second.”

The swamp was poisonous. Xiaofeng looked at his Health Point that already begun to fall and clearly knew that he could not stay here. He walked forward quickly on the tree bridge.


However, a mass of mud suddenly appeared in the swamp next to Xiaofeng before he had gone far. And then a large bloody mouth appeared and wanted to bite him.

Poisonous crocodile

Level: 9

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 120/120

ATN: 29

Defense: 11

Skills: strengthen tearing (with both bleeding and poisoning effects)

Introduction: crocodiles contaminated by poisonous swamps are more ferocious

Features: attack with poisoning effect, constantly reduce your Health Points, fear of fire

Xiaofeng escaped quickly and then used the advanced scouting. And then he saw the attributes of the monster that suddenly jumped from the swamp. It was a black short-legged crocodile, the 9th-level creep with strong attributes.


Its sneak attack failed. The poisonous crocodile that had jumped up dived into the swamp once again and disappeared into the mud.

Xiaofeng ignored it and continued to move forward, but soon another poisonous crocodile would jump and sneak up. Although it was a big barrier for ordinary players, it had no effect on Xiaofeng.

However, the crocodile appeared for a short time, and then it would dive into the mud. Even Xiaofeng, who had a strong ability to attack, could only reduce its HP instead of killing it. So he had no option but to let them jump around.

Xiaofeng could only walk faster. Luckily, the poisonous swamp was not so big. If it was as big as the forest, Xiaofeng would turn around and leave.

After passing through the poisonous swamp, Xiaofeng also found his destination. It was a central island surrounded by the poisonous swamp.

He used a holy light to increase his HP which was reduced by the poison. He lost over 70 points of HP throughout the journey and ordinary players would not resist it even if they took drugs all the way.

Standing on the central island, Xiaofeng found that the annular central island was actually very big and you could arrive here from all directions, including the forest. The other side seemed to be the plain.

That was to say, this map was the wild junction of the Novice Villages. The original environment should be a big lake, but then it turned into a poisonous swamp.

At the same time, a group of secret cave zombies also appeared. They were scattered and they wandered around the central island.

Xiaofeng, who had attacked them once, was familiar with the attack methods of these secret cave zombies. With a little attention, he quickly made a way and then came to the middle of the central island.

Here was a collapsed and broken statue, which was larger than that in the bind of the Novice Village. While a hole appeared in the base of the statue after it had collapsed. The hole was dark and Xiaofeng didn’t know where did it lead to. And there was a glowing magic array that was slowly turning above the hole.

It seemed that this was the seal that the priest had mentioned. Xiaofeng put his hand on it, and he heard a series of system tips.

“Hey! You’ve found the trial mission – the underground hole!”

“Hey! You are below level 10, and you can’t enter the trial mission under the influence of the magic array of the seal.”

“Hey! You have the Ring of faith, do you want to remove the effect and open the magic array of the seal? Tip: This effect can be activated once a day and you have an extra opportunity to enter the instance zone.”

“Hey! You are the first to activate the instance zone. You get 10 honor points for your battlefield. The system is about to announce it to everyone in the server.”

“Hey! You’ve activated the instance zone and we are about to announce it to everyone in the server, do you want to conceal your character name?”

“Hey! Because your character name doesn’t conform to civilized norms, it’s automatically concealed.”

Xiaofeng was stunned. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

The hidden task was to activate the instance zone?

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