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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 23 The Hidden Task in the Forbidden Land

Chapter 23 The Hidden Task in the Forbidden Land

“Are you kidding me? Don’t you know the current exchange rate?”

Xiaofeng said with anger and he was sure that woman would play tricks.

“Is that OK if I owe you? I don’t have much money this month.”

Si Yejing’s voice became smaller and she asked weakly.

“What do you think?”

But Xiaofeng were not convinced by her explanation.

“Well, you are so touchy. Wait for a moment.”

After saying, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hey cousin, lend me 10,000 yuan... Yes, buy the silver dagger... I’ve shown you the attributes...”

After a while, she walked over with arrogance and gave Xiaofeng 8,000 yuan without hesitation.

“Who are you calling?”

Xiaofeng, who had received the money, was curious. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

“Oh, my cousin, you have seen her. She’s Midsummer Rose.”

“The chairman of Midsummer Guild is your cousin? No wonder...” Xiaofeng nodded.

“I’m leaving and let’s meet in the game. You’d better level up quickly and you can get a lot benefits and earn money if you can transfer professions earlier.”

Si Yejing left first. Xiaofeng checked the inside and outside of the doors and windows, and then sat down next to Xiao Ling on the sofa.

He reached out his hands and touched her soft blond hair. Then he said with a low voice.

“Xiao Ling, we need to move.”

Xiao Ling was holding the sofa pillow and watching TV. Her petite body trembled after hearing what he had said. Then she suddenly threw away the pillow and threw herself it into Xiaofeng’s arms. Her white tender little hand clutched his clothes.

Xiaofeng was silent and he gently touched her golden hair as if he was soothing a little animal.

“Brother... you won’t leave me, right? ...”

It was a faint voice with a strong sense of uneasiness. It seemed to be the balderdash, coming from Xiaofeng’s arms.

“No, forever, forever...”

Xiaofeng’s voice was low and he looked at the dark night outside the window and the cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Dad... Mom... don’t leave... don’t leave me alone...”

Xiao Ling had lain in his arms for a long time before her petite body became relaxed. She was holding Xiaofeng and her sound was low and inaudible. Then she breathed slow and evenly.

The coldness on his face disappeared and was replaced by boundless self-blame.

He was not qualified to blame others.

He took a deep breath and gently picked Xiao Ling up and put her in her bedroom. Then, he walked out gently and returned to his room.

First, he turned on the computer and browsed some good residential rental information. He quickly found a two-storey villa with a courtyard, but the high price made Xiaofeng silent for a while, then he shut down the computer and lay on bed and wore the game helmet.

“Welcome to the Myth world! May you write your own myth in this world!”

The screen changed, Xiaofeng appeared on the plain where he had logged off. It was night in the real world, but it was still daylight here and you could see the blue sky and white clouds.

There were a lot of players around who were leveling up. The environments in Myth were beautiful, and some of them had already disappeared in the real world. It also allowed disabled players to have a healthy body in the game. The above reasons have made more and more people join this game, and the daily player growth rate was a horrible number.

It was very close to the Novice Village, and Xiaofeng thought for a while and went directly to it to find the bind.

Novice Village was more peaceful, and there was basically no player in the quiet bind. However, Xiaofeng saw three people when he arrived today.

But all of them were npcs, including the priest, Hunter Ma and the naughty boy Xiao Ma.

“Respected warrior, you are here! Xiao Ma has woken up!”

Hunter Ma said excitedly when he saw Xiaofeng.

“Warrior, thank you for saving me.”

Xiao Ma seemed to be weak, but he still smiled at Xiaofeng gratefully.

“The warrior who saved Xiao Ma is this devout trainee priest. Brave trainee priest, the god will care for you.”

The old priest recognized Xiaofeng and made a courtesy to him.

“Hey! You are blessed by the light, and your killing experience will be increased by 10% for an hour.”

Xiaofeng was slightly surprised, and Hunter Ma immediately said to the priest gratefully.

“He’s naughty and always ignoring my advice and taking risks. This time he walked into the forbidden land and without your help, he might be corrupted by the evil forces.”

“You are welcome. The temple sent me to stay here and spreading the glory of God is my job.”

“Don’t you say that hunters should have a heart of adventure? The most dangerous place in our village is there.”

The naughty boy Xiao Ma protested.

“Oh, it is a good thing to have a brave heart of adventure, but in the face of an overly dangerous situation, you still have to learn to protect yourself. Then you can become a smart hunter.”

The old priest laughed kindly, turned to Xiaofeng and became serious.

“Pious trainee priest, I’ve heard that you had fought with the chapel chasing Xiao Ma?”

“Yes, what kind of place is that?” XiaoFeng asked.

“Trainee priest, I’m deeply impressed by your strength, but it’s a forbidden land...”

“You adventurers call this place the Novice Village while we call it the land of exile. It is independent from the mainland of God. It is a quiet and peaceful paradise. Many mainland residents who are tired of disputes would choose to live here.”

The old priest began to tell him the story. The land of God in his mouth was the full name of the map of the Myth world. In the introduction of the expansion, it was not smaller than the earth, and there were also many sections.

“The land of exile becomes the birthplace of your adventurers because it was peaceful and quiet, but it is a curse for the inhabitants of the land of God. Because the condition for entering this place is to reduce your own strength. Only when your level is below level 10 can you enter this cursed land.”

“This is also one of the reasons why the land of exile is so peaceful and quiet.”

“But one day, there was an accident.”

“That was a war initiated by the temple. When chasing a defector, the defector who was chased was seriously injured and his strength was reduced. By coincidence, he found the entrance of the land of exile.”

“With the protection of the curse, the chasing troops of the temple could not enter the land of exile. Although two great paladins sacrificed their strength and entered the place, they were no match for the defector who had recovered a lot. So they sealed him at the cost of their own life and sent a priest to this cursed land to protect the seal left by these two great paladins.”

Xiaofeng remembered that the old priest did say that he was stationed here. It seemed that he was the priest responsible for the seal.

“Although the defector was sealed, as his injury improved, his power had recovered to the limit beyond the land of exile, so the power of evil leaked out and the surrounding creatures were demonized.”

“That’s the forbidden land of the Novice Village.”

The old priest said slowly and Hunter Ma and his son were shocked. It was clear that they did not know this story.

“I am responsible for guarding the seal and preventing anyone from destroying it. The people in this village have never been close to the forbidden land, but recently, I felt uneasy.”

The old priest turned to Xiao Ma and said, “Especially after this child returned from the forbidden land yesterday.”

“Is it caused by the player... No, by the adventurer? They came suddenly in recent time,” Xiaofeng thought for a while and said. The appearance of the players was the only change in the Novice Village.

“Yes, the adventurer’s action is not something we can control, not to mention that there are so many of them,” the old priest nodded and said, “so I need to check whether the seal is firm more frequently. I should have gone in person, but I still need to hold the resurrection ceremony before the statue.”

“So devout trainee priest, I find bravery, kindness and the power to fight against the monster in you, so can you do this for me?”

“Hey! Do you accept the hidden task to check the magic array of the seal? Tip: This task is extremely difficult. It is recommended to receive it after reaching level 10.”

It was also a hidden task. Xiaofeng was happy and nearly jumped up. He accepted it immediately without considering the difficulty.

“I accept.”

“Devout trainee priest, I’m deeply impressed by your courage. But it must be a difficult trip and you will not only face a monster. So I give this ring to you and it’s also the key to the seal. Hope it can bring you strength.”

The old priest showed his approval and handed a white ring to Xiaofeng.

The hidden task was highly rewarding!

Xiaofeng accepted the ring excitedly and her gaze sharpened after seeing the attributes.

Ring of faith

Quality: silver

Equipment type: ring

Equipment level: 5

Equipment requirement: priest, paladin


Health Points +50

Mana Points +50

Sacrifice – Active: Lose half of your current Health Points to increase the target by the equal amount of Health Points. The cooldown time is 30 seconds

Release – Passive: An extra opportunity to open the magic array, but only the wearer himself could enter.

It was a silver ring!

It increased his Health Point and Magic Point by 50 points! And it also had two skills!

Although Xiaofeng could not understand the passive skill, he could notice that the attributes of this ring were amazing!

Xiaofeng immediately wore the ring of faith and suddenly, his Health Points had reached an astonishing 215 and the Mana Points were increased to 225!

After saying goodbye to the old priest, Xiaofeng immediately rushed to the direction of the forest without hesitation. If he was right, the forbidden land was in front of the place where he had met Xiao Ma. It was nearly out of the forest.

However, after he had left the Novice Village, he was stopped by a group of players who had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Stop! Do you think you can stay in this Novice Village after offending our Doomsday League?”

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